Thinking Out Loud Thursdays: Racing, What Else?

Thursdays are for thinking… so I am linking up with Running With Spoons

I’ve been thinking and I’ve made my decision.

Next year, I will be racing the train.


I just don’t feel ready to tackle 8.4 miles on a hilly trail in the heat.  I don’t want to get injured since I have a  half marathon in October.

If I weren’t signed up for RnR Brooklyn, I would risk it. It sounds like fun and it’s a challenge that I would like to take sometime. Hopefully, it will fit into my schedule better next year,

Instead, I signed up for a 5k on Sunday.


in Chestertown, NY

Not as interesting as  Race the Train but certainly easier. At least, there will be lots of pretty views.

I have friend who lives nearby. I can sleep at her house the night before if I don’t want to sleep on our boat (which is 15 minutes away.)

After the race, I may be able to squeeze in more miles in this beautiful area.

Because I am crazy that way, I signed up for another 5k.


Friday, August 7, 2015 6:30 pm in Schenectady’s Central Park

It’s on a Friday night so it won’t interfere with any weekend plans. I’m not crazy about an evening race especially in the summer. But we’ll see.

Here’s a surprise… I think that there will be no more racing in August.

I have a concert the weekend after…

We’re going on Saturday, August 15 to Xfinity Center in Mass.

and I have to work that morning. Unfortunately, I will miss 2 of my favorite races (that this year have been scheduled on the same day.)


I would have chosen this one if I could run

I will be at my friend’s house on the Schroon River the weekend after that..

We will be playing tennis (though I hope to be able to run at some point.)

Happy Running! So what’s on your mind this Thursday?


Wednesday Word: Friendship

Deb Runs

Every Wednesday, the Deb from Deb Runs will be providing a word about which to blog. Kind of like a nice little blog prompt. Posts can be fitness or health related, but don’t have to be, so really anyone can play along. Just be sure to link up with InLinkz on Deb’s main post, and share the love by reading and commenting on other’s participant’s posts.

This week’s Word is FRIENDSHIP

Besides family, there’s nothing more important than friends. They are there when times get tough. They support your interests and keep you company. You could ask them for a favor because you know they would never refuse. You can’t imagine life without them.

I feel very fortunate to have a lot of good friends.

I am still in contact with a few friends from high school and college.  It is great to connect with them and reminisce (about the good old days.) I have also made a bunch of GREAT friends as an older adult from the activities that I do…tennis, boating, quilting, mah jongg, running, etc.  And I also have several from work (all 3 of my careers.) All of these people are precious to me.

me, Linda, Don, Sue, Joyce & Nancy 20 years later

still friends after all these years (45 to be exact)…wish I would see them more often


good friends from college…we spent our junior year in France together and when we get together it’s like 1974 again


Molly, whom I taught with for 20 years. We go to the track each summer…this being our our 31st year??


I taught with Eileen as well…she goes with me to NYC often and is a fellow Lez Miz fanatic


my dear friend and former French teacher, Michele


also 2 friends from my early teaching days


Cheryl was my colleague at my 2nd job- she likes boating, movies & yoga


Sherrie, from my current job, motivates me to walk more

the whole group minus 2

I play mah jongg with these ladies every Friday and we do other things together, as well


my tennis friends are more than for playing tennis. We travel, eat out, knit and do many more things together.

we always take a picture outside this restaurant each year


some great boating friends


and those wonderful marina buddies who make my summer weekends the best


Judy, on the right is my closest friend. We went to college together and still get together almost weekly to chat. She is the most caring person you could meet.


I know I may have left some people out (Sorry) …. but this post is getting lengthy.

Since this is a running blog, I should mention those runners that I also consider to be my friends…

Camp Chingachgook - August

I met Judy through Facebook. We now run some races together and even weekly training runs


I met AJH in 2010 through her blog. Since then, even though she lives in VT, I think we have run at least one race a year together.


I met Mary at a race in 2010 and we have been friends ever since. Unfortunately, she moved to CA but luckily I have still gotten to see her each year.

You may have noticed that most of friends do not run. There are just a few overlaps.


MaryPat from tennis actually started me running


Natalie is a mah jongg friend who I inspired to run.

my quilting friend Terry (who I never saw)

Terry is a quilting friend who is also a big distance runner

But all my friends support my running. (They may think I am nuts but don’t say so to my face LOL)

Happy Running! Do you have a lot of friends or just a few close ones? Do you friends share your love of running?


Tuesdays on the Run: Core Strength

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week, the theme is Core Strength

This post is “Do as I say not as I do.”

I don’t do much besides run. I am glad to find time to do that.

It’s not that I think it is a waste of time but for me, it’s not a priority.  I’ve never had any knee or hip pain (yet) so I’ve put core strength exercises on the back burner.

That being said, if I had the time and the money, I would do yoga more. I think it is great for improving flexibility and your core strength.

in 2011, I used to go to classes weekly

So if you don’t have the money to take a yoga class, there are other ways to get  your yoga in:

Online Videos:



Online Resources:

Truthfully, I enjoy going to a yoga class a lot more than doing it at home.  I get a lot more out of it.  There is someone to correct my poses.  It is more social. And there is no temptation to skip it when you are signed up and paying.

Happy Running! What do you do strengthen your core?


Monday Running Update

spring 2015 monday
Last Week: 

  • Monday-  OFF FROM WORK, rest, trip to NYC (8 miles of walking)

lobster restaurant cruise, walk on the High Line & in Chelsea Market

  • Tuesday – 3 mile run after work tennis (work webinar), rest
  • Wednesday – 5 4 mile run after work, dinner out

definitely not feeling it – lots of walking

  • Thursday – rest, 2 mile run at work, dinner out with tennis BFFs

bad food & bad service but great company

  • Friday – rest, walk at work, gym, mah jongg

  • Saturday – 5k race+ 4 miles, graduation party

28:33 or so – 7th in my AG (a fast crowd)

a new place for me – very scenic

  • Sunday –  restboating


This Week:  (Week #2 of HM training)

  • Monday-  OFF FROM WORKproctor NYS Bar Exam, 4 mile run after
  • Tuesday – OFF FROM WORKproctor NYS Bar Exam, 4 mile run after
  • Wednesday – rest, walk at work, gym
  • Thursday – 4 mile run after work, mall walk with BFF
  • Friday – rest, walk at work, mah jongg
  • Saturday – rest, boating
  • Sunday –5k race  + 5 mile runboating

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?


Sometimes you need a change of scenery

After my race yesterday, I really didn’t feel like running anymore.

But I knew I should since I wasn’t going boating and the graduation party that I was going to wasn’t until 3 pm.

So I decided to go to a new running location – Saratoga Spa State Park.

I have raced there but never have run there and never paid attention to where I was running during the races.

I drove to the park (which was the next exit south from the race) and just parked in the first lot that I found.

I wan’t sure where to go so I just started running. I wanted to find a path that would give me 4 more miles.



Saratoga spring water, what else?



a view of the springs from a dirt path


at the end of the trail


bridge over the highway

I found some interesting sights but only covered a mile and never found the path that I was looking for.  Then I bumped into 2 runners who were looking for the same thing.  We went in the opposite direction and found it.







Most of the path was shady and I got to see some beautiful gardens.  And it made a perfect 3 mile loop back to my car.

I can’t say that it was a good run since my legs were tired from the 5K.  I did walk a lot but I got the miles in and that was the plan.

I’m glad that I decided to run in a new place.  I hope to run here again.

Happy Running! Do you run in the same locations or do you look for new routes?


Silks & Satins 5K Race Recap

This was once one of my favorite 5ks.  I ran it in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

in 2008 – my first year of running and I was skinnier

But I haven’t run it since 2010.

in 2010, this is where I met AJH for the first time (I was wearing shorts back then.)

I met Mary at many races back then including this one in 2010.

It’s funny how things have changed. AJH was trying to convince me to run a longer race.  Since then I have completed 14 half marathons.

My 5k time back in 2010 was 29:34 so things haven’t changed that much.

According to the web site, the course had changed for 2015.

Here is the new course:

I hoped that it was still flat.

They also give out cool medals now as AG awards:

11709437_1140770242605111_6407506313609689112_n - Copy

Yup. I wanted one!

The race started at 8 am (an hour earlier than my last one). That meant that I had to get up at 5:30. (That is earlier than when I work.  The things we runners do!)

This being the opening weekend of the Saratoga Flat Track, believe it or not there was already traffic at 7 am. I was glad to have left early and found parking in a nearby lot.

I saw a lot of familiar faces.  There was over 1000 runners at this race. The weather was nice…in the 60s at the start but pretty humid.


pre-race pose with my new skirt

Judith, a blogger and fellow SkirtSports ambassador recognized me by my skirt. We hung out and started the race together.

She reminded me that this new course would have 15 turns and not to expect a PR. And she was right.  Plus, it was not chip timed from the start.

photo by Stan Hudy

This cost me some time since it was very congested from the start with lots of kids in front of me. All of a sudden, Holly, from my Turkey Trot & Freihofer group caught up to me.  We talked for a few seconds and then she sped ahead.

I tried to keep up with her but I just don’t have her speed and she kept getting farther and farther ahead.

So I just did my thing.  I felt fine…no aches or pains…just not able to push myself to run fast.

I only walked at the the water stop which was around the halfway point…not because I had to but because I was very thirsty.

I continued to trudge along…until I saw the finish line.  I sped up because I was determined not to finish over 29 minutes.

According to my Garmin, I crossed at 28:33 but 28:41 gun time. I was happy with that.



Besides all the turns, it was a pretty flat course. I would do this race again.

photo by Stan Hudy

I immediately found Holly after I finished. We chatted until the results went up.  She finished 6 out 24 and I finished 7th. There was some pretty speedy ladies in our age group.


No AG award this time (even if I PRed)


mile 1- 8:59
mile 2 – 9:26
mile 3 – 9:25
.1 – 7:37

Since I wasn’t getting an award, I had a bagel and some chocolate milk and left.  I got to my car just as they were towing others in the same lot.  Oops, I guess I didn’t park in the right lot.  And If I had gotten an award, my car would have been towed.  (I guess things happen for a reason.)


since I was in Saratoga, I should post a picture of some horses

I was not going up to the lake because we had to go to a graduation party later. So I took advantage of this opportunity to get some more miles in. I drove to Saratoga Spa Park for a change of scenery.  I’ll post pics tomorrow.

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I’m also linking this one up with Jessica at The Silvah Lining–she hosts a Race Recap linkup every Tuesday. Please head over and linkup a race recap you’ve written, new or old. And check out some of the other posts!

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?


Friday Five: Favorite Summer Beverages


Every Friday, three DC area bloggers Mary at Mar On the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC to host the Friday Five linkup.  Anyone can join with their own Friday Five post (yes, it must be a Friday Five!!)  They encourage you to visit other blogs on the linkup, comment, share and engage!

This week, the theme is Favorite Summer Beverages

1. Starbucks Frappuccinos

I do often have them decaf, without whipped cream and with soy milk. And not more than once a week. That’s about as healthy as I get.

2. Water

Yes, this is what I drink most of the time.  Just plain H2O.

3. Root Beer Floats

Especially with vanilla soft serve ice cream.  This is my favorite post run drink in the summer.

4. Lemon-ade-ritas

We drink these on the boat every weekend.  They also come in lime, mango, strawberry, raspberry and apple but lemon is my favorite.

5. Herbal Tea

I love coffee but I gave up caffeine 2 years ago so this is my morning & sometimes before bed drink of choice. I prefer mint but also like different interesting fruit blends.

Happy running! What is your favorite summer drink?