Monday Running Update

IMG_4595 Last Week: 

  • Monday – drive home from NJ, 4 2.5 mile group run with FRW training group, GOTR 5K planning meeting


  • Tuesday – rest, tennis
  • Wednesday – 4 3 mile run at lunch, dinner with the tennis ladies

catching up on “Revenge”


ate too much Italian food!!

  • Thursday -rest, walk at work, hair appt.

motivated by free coffee – it has been free all month but took me until April 23 to drag my lazy butt there.

  • Friday- 3 mile run, mah jongg chez moi

another cold windy day and another episode of Revenge

  • Saturday –  rest, pick up race packet, errands
  • Sunday –  5K race + 5 6 miles

27:56 – 2nd in my Age Group award


This Week:  

  • Monday – 4 mile group run with FRW training group
  • Tuesday – rest, tennis
  • Wednesday – 4 mile run 
  • Thursday -GOTR practice 5K
  • Friday- rest, race, pasta dinner, mah jongg
  • Saturday –  15K race
  • Sunday –  rest

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?


Cherry Blossom 5K Race Recap

This was the second year that I have run this race.  I really liked it last year and I came in 2nd in my age group (60-99 group).

The course is very winding and pretty flat except for the last mile which is uphill.

My time last year was 27:51.  Could I beat that??

And should I try?  After all, I just ran a half marathon last weekend. My feet are still recovering.

Nevertheless, I was determined to give it my best shot and not to be disappointed if I sucked (like last weekend.)

The weather was iffy.  Cloudy and cool but not sure how cool so I wore my skirt from last week and a long sleeved shirt.  And for my feet – new insoles, compression sleeves and Feetures socks and moleskin on the sensitive spots.  Fingers crossed.


The race started at 10:15 and I got there around 9:30 and parked a few blocks away on the street. It was pretty crowded – more racers than I remembered – over 500.

I bumped in many people that I knew – Sue, Helen & Brian from the Turkey Trot group, Valerie & Sue – runners in my age group that I meet often at races.

Unfortunately at this Cherry Blossom race, they were absolutely NO cherry blossoms  :(  Longest winter ever!


I wound up starting with Valerie.  We moved toward the front but not too close since it was chip-timed.

As soon as the race started, the sun came out.  I was warm.

My feet felt fine – the whole race. YAY!

But for some reason, I had trouble breathing – I was coughing and out of breath the whole time – maybe allergies?  It’s always something.

I usually have a pretty fast first 2 miles and then slow down but I was tired even during the first mile.

There a small water stand after mile 1 and I stopped to catch my breath and then continued running until the next water stop at the half way point.

It was a pretty interesting course – you just wind your way around the neighborhoods.  I tried to run the tangent as much as possible.

Believe it or not, I had a brief stop again at the first water stop and then tried to run non-stop to the finish.

Nope, I had to walk again!!

I wanted to make it through under 28 minutes.  But I did not. It was chip-timed so I really did.


At least the refreshments were better than my half marathon – fruit, yogurt, granola, bagels, cupcakes and chocolate milk.


I had 2 milks and 2 cupcakes

Valerie & I hung out to see if we won any awards,

And I won 2nd.


Not a PR nor a course PR but still a decent race.  I was happy.


Race Splits:

mile 1- 8:57
mile 2 – 9:17
mile 3 – 8:59
.1 – 7:57


A. Course PR (under 27:51)  – NO
B. Age Group Award. – YES
C. Under 10 min pace for each mile. YES
D. No blisters. YES
E. Enjoy and finish! YES

Since I have another half marathon in a month, I had planned to run anther 6 miles with Judy on the bike path which was nearby.


my jacket did not stay on long

We decided to head 3 miles east and then turn around.


It was a nice day for running. Again the sun came out and I was too warm.

I did my usual run faster and stop and walk while Judy ran her steady pace.


It wasn’t long before I realized that the moleskin protecting my foot had come loose and the blisters on the bottom on my left foot were coming back with a vengeance.

Like with the half marathon, it hurt with each step I took.

Now they actually hurt worse but my right foot this time is fine.  It may be time to rest my footsies.

I’m linking this post up with Tara at Running n’ Reading for her Weekend Update!

Happy Running! How was your weekend?


No Time for Training

May 24, 2015

Yes, that’s less than a month away.


But I am training for the Freihofer’s Run for Women 5K with group runs on Mondays and Saturdays.

I plan Tennis on Tuesdays.

Wednesdays I volunteer with STEMDomestic Violence Survivors Couch25K group.

Capital Region

This Thursday, I am running a practice 5K with my GOTR running buddy.

And then there are the races that I impulsively signed up for…




5K – May 7, 2015


May 9, 2015 – 15k on my birthday


with my GOTR running buddy

In addition, there’s celebrating my birthday and Mother’s Day.


with a trip to the Tulip Fest

And my 8 day tennis vacation in Naples, Florida.

group photo on our last day of tennis lessons

My hubby won’t let me forget that our marina opens and boating season will be beginning soon…


Hopefully, my legs will remember how to run because I have no time to train!!!

Happy Running!  Which race(s) are you training for?


Friday Five: Blogs to Love & Runfessions April


Every Friday, three DC area bloggers Mary at Mar On the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC to host the Friday Five linkup.  Anyone can join with their own Friday Five post (yes, it must be a Friday Five!!)  They encourage you to visit other blogs on the linkup, comment, share and engage!

This week, the theme is Blogs to Love.

This is a tough one.  My morning routine is to open BlogLovin’ on my iPad and to read running blogs.  It is so hard to just pick FIVE but know that even if your blog is not listed here, I still enjoy catching up on your running life.

1. Shut Up and Run.


Beth’s blog always makes me laugh.  She is open and honest and discusses EVERYTHING related to her running. She is also an incredible athlete who completes in Ironman competitions and runs faster than women half her age.  You should definitely subscribe to her blog if you don’t already.

2. My Journey to Fit.

I enjoy Shelly’s candid approach to running and staying fit.  She is also a knitter so I love seeing her latest projects. I can identify as an older runner with her training and desire to have more speed.

3. Taking the Long Way Home


As Wendy says, hers is “a running blog written by someone who doesn’t want to act her age.” I totally get that and can relate.  Her posts are fun and interesting as she always comes up with creative images to illustrate her point.  She has endless energy and is quite fast. I love her devotion to yoga.  She is quite inspiring and I hope her speed and yoga routine rub off on me!

4. We Run Disney

Pam, who is also my age, and her daughter write this blog.  Obviously they love Disney races but they also run other races.  In fact, they even ran in Ireland.  So I follow their racing with envy. Even though, Pam is over 60, she is still running marathons and has even BQed!! Check out read her Boston Marathon report.

5.HoHo Runs


HoHo or Holly is another “oldish” blogger who likes to run as many races as I do. The difference here is that hers are mostly half marathons. I love reading her race reports. Maybe she’ll motivate me to run a full.

This month I’m linking up again with Marcia’s Healthy Slice for Runfessions.

I may have confessed these in previous months but here we go anyway:

  1. I planned to go to the gym ONCE a week. I was good the for first 2 weeks and then I fell off the wagon…again.
  2. Thanks to being chosen as a SkirtSports ambassador, I have bought more running clothes.

DSC00621  image

3. I have become a weather wimp.  In the winter, I would go out and run in sub-zero temps.


now when it is 40 degrees, it feels too cold and I run on the treadmill.

4.  I am still in the dumps about my crappy half marathon performance.  It doesn’t help when I keep bumping into people and they ask “How did it go?”   I’ve been saying: crappy, shitty, disappointing, painful, sucky, blisters, achy feet.  Soon, I am just going to say “Fine.”

ap hm

at least I wasn’t fixing my hair in front of the photographer.

5. I am a solo runner. I don’t mind running by myself.  I can run where and when I want and I like being alone with my thoughts and running at any speed I choose. But somehow, I can’t get motivated to walk by myself.  I used to walk everyday with my co-worker but she seems to have broken up with me.  This week, we started a walking challenge at work and I still find myself sitting at my desk all day. Maybe things will change if spring weather ever arrives.

walking last year during our morning break

Happy Running! Which blogs do you love to read? Anything to confess?


April Fabulous Fit Gear Swap and the Race Aftermath


I signed up last month and got some cool gear so I decided to participate again in the  #FabulousFitgear Swap with Renee from Bendiful Blog.

This is how the program works:  you register by the 5th of the month, Renee will send you another blogger, you check out their blog, get to know them and you send them some fabulous fit gear ($20 value) by the 15th of the month.

I love new gear and I love meeting new bloggers.  A win-win.

This month, I got paired with Laura at Fit4Me.

I got her a tank top, a car magnet and some fuel (GU & Nuun). I hope she liked her package.

This is what I got:


perfect after my last half


warm weather is coming…I should try this

Thanks Laura for the gifts!!!

It is also Thursday and

so I am linking up with Running With Spoons

My random thoughts this week mostly center around my last race, of course.

I am trying not to be a Debby Downer about it anymore and focus on the positives ..

  • I finished and did not quit.
  • The weather was perfect…a great day to spend at the beach
  • The course was flat with ocean views.
  • The volunteers and the crowd were super.
  • I had a great visit with my college roommate.

and the lessons learned…

  • Anything can happen.  I couldn’t have predicted the blisters so I wouldn’t have done anything different.
  • Bad races happen.  They can’t always be a PRs.
  • I am human and even got my first bruised toenail.
  • Some runners have problems with their hips, IT bands, knees,…Me, it’s the feet.
  • There will be other races. There may even be worse races.

ap hm1

And believe it or not, I have races every weekend including another half marathon on May 24.

Hopefully, my feet have healed sufficiently to run this 5k.  Being the crazy type A runner that I am, I have goals for this race:

A. Course PR (under 27:51) 
B. Age Group Award.
C. Under 10 min pace for each mile.
D. No blisters.
E. Enjoy and finish!

At this point, I would be happy with D & E and to be able to run some extra miles after.

 5K - 27:51 Last year

Happy Running! Have you participated in this swap? What are you thinking about today? Any races comng up?


Asbury Half Marathon Race Report

Yup, I raced where Bruce Springsteen used to play!

And no, he wasn’t in town. :(

As I mentioned in a previous post, my college buddy lives in NJ and for the 2nd time, I planned a visit around a race.

The race started at 8:30 am. Not knowing the area,  I left my friend’s house at 6 am. I arrived in Asbury Park around 7 am and found parking easily in a lot next to:


where Bruce used to play

From there I walked to Convention Center to pick up my bib. And of course, passed many closer places to park. But that was ok.


very organized..there were real restrooms but no bag check

I had been stalking the weather for the past week.  It went from 40 degrees, windy and rain to 75 degrees and sunny.  I was giddy with excitement to run in the sunshine along the boardwalk with views of the Atlantic ocean.  But as they say “Careful what you wish for.”  More about that later.

So when I arrived it was in the 50s, sunny and no wind.

I had time to kill so I walked around a little before it was time to meet Kim and Jessica, fellow SkirtSports ambassadors.


Then I walked to the Berkeley Hotel to meet them.  It wasn’t too far away. Kim and I took photos and waited for Jessica.


wearing our new skirts

When it looked like she wouldn’t be coming, we started walking to the start line.  And then she called out names.


all together

Kim & Jess headed to the restrooms and I made my way to the start since I had already used them when I was in the Convention Center.

They were about 3000 racers total for the 5k, marathon relay and the half but only about 1600 in the half.


I lined up near the front but not too close and chatted with a couple about races, etc.

As I’ve mentioned,  I wasn’t very confident about this race. My training was just not up to par….cold weather, short races on the weekends, vacation in California, etc.  Nevertheless, I planned to give it my best shot but also try not to overdo and get injured. (I still have 2 more half marathons to run in the next 2 months.) But of course, I really wanted a good finish time.  Who doesn’t?

My usual half marathon plan is to walk through all the water stations which means at least every 2 miles and eat a GU at every 4 miles.

I am not a runner that can run the whole 13.1 miles.  I have a problem running 3.1 miles without stopping.  I have decent speed (for my age) but I do WALK.

Soon we were off. Starting in the front means everyone is passing you by.  But that was fine, I was determined to start slow and keep my pace around 10 minute miles.

As you can see from the map, we left the start and ran for a mile and then ran back to the start before heading north.


By the time the race started, it was in the 60s and probably approaching 70.  But it felt warmer because of the sun.  Quite a contrast from what I have been running in.  It was even warmer than during my Florida half marathon.

After that race where I had blisters for the second half, I have been wearing 2 pairs of socks – one compression and one thin regular.  I haven’t had any blisters since.

Well, it didn’t work this time.  Before we reached mile 1, I started getting a blister on the ball of my left foot.  It was difficult to not run on it and every step made it feel worse. Then, I got a burning pain on the top of my right ankle. Nice.

I was still determined to forget the pain and keep up a decent pace and look at the views. We passed amazing houses and it was lovely.

thumbs up for the cameraman early in the race

I also made sure that I kept hydrated. (Maybe I should carry water?) I stopped for water at mile 1 and mile 2 and then we ran along the ocean (but on the road and sidewalks) until around mile 6 where we turned around. (They played Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run – very cool.)

I was trying to stay positive but it is very hard to run when your feet hurt.


I walked again at mile 4 and took a Gu and then again at mile 6. Each mile, I was running (or more like shuffling) slower.


We passed the start and again. I took another Gu. (They actually gave some at the water stop.)


The crowd support was great especially since the rest of the race (miles 8-13) would be run on the boardwalk.

I was looking forward to running on the boardwalk. Well, not anymore.  It hurt my feet…a lot!!!

And the craziest part and we did this twice was running through the soft sand for about 6 feet.  Everyone was complaining.  It was really hard to keep your footing.  I and almost everyone had to stop and walk.

I hate to keep whining but I thought I would never get to the mile 11 turn around.


But I did and I took my last Gu at mile 12.

That’s a fake smile!

Then I literally dragged myself to the finish, walking more and more often.

here I come!!

I did sprint, at least, through the finish line.



I grabbed my medal and limped around in a daze. (Believe it or not, the TV cameras caught me.)


I took some water  (The bananas were already gone) and walked toward the beach.  I took off my shoes and socks and ran into the water.


The warm sand felt good but the water was freezing.  Ice baths are supposed to help but it made my toes cramp so I left.

The strange part was that  I was never out of breath and my legs were never tired during the race. My feet just HURT!!


Now I headed into the Convention Center.  There was an expo (the usual stuff).  I picked up my race shirt and got some food.


long sleeved tech shirt

All they had was potato salad, pasta salad and macaroni salad.  I had some but it didn’t really hit the spot.  What happened to bagels, fruit, etc?


I sat for a while and chatted with a lady who had completed her 2nd half and discussed the race.

Then I decided to drag my achy feet to find something else to eat.

I walked in town a little and then back to the boardwalk and settled for a Nathan’s hot dog and some chocolate milk. I sat on a bench looking at the ocean.

It was so beautiful! I had never run a race on the ocean, so I can check that off my list! (The closest I had gotten was along the Intercoastal in West Palm Beach, Florida.)

I was annoyed with myself that I let the pain get the best of me.  I ran a race on a beautiful sunny day (at this point it was in the 80s) and I didn’t enjoy it.

Anyway, here are the gory details:

mile 1 – 9:18
mile 2 – 9:38
mile 3 – 9:26
mile 4 – 9:53
mile 5 – 10:35
mile 6 – 10:40
mile 7 – 10:48
mile 8 – 11:19
mile 9 – 11:30
mile 10 – 11:07
mile 11 – 12:02
mile 12 – 11:43
mile 13 – 11:03
.2 – 8:58

positive splits and the blister/boardwalk blues


9th in my AG

I knew after mile 6 that I couldn’t PR so I just stopped trying to run fast through the pain. Running is such a mind game.

So how did I do on my GOALS?

A. PR (finish under 2:09:40) – NO

B. Win an Age Group Award  – NO

C. Finish Faster than my previous PR (under 2:18:33 ) – NO

D. Finish under 2 1/2 hours – YES!!!

E. Finish happy & uninjured :) and wearing a medal – Got the Medal.

After my last half marathon, I was on a runner high until… well until this one.  I know I have to get past it.  It’s only a race and I did run 13.1 miles…

I knew my string of PRs had to end…

Well, at least the rest of the weekend went well.  I had a fabulous time with my college buddy and her husband.

Saturday night, we went to a potluck dinner and house concert.  The music and food were great.


she was a great sport despite just having had shoulder surgery

Sunday morning we went for a long walk around her neighborhood.


yes, I am still wearing running shoes – this is Ivanka Trump’s sister-in-law’s house

Then we drove into NYC and saw a show.


Later that night, her hubby cooked us an amazing dinner.

Yes, Life is good!

Happy Running! Anyone have a race experience similar to mine? How did you get past it?


Tuesdays on the Run: Why I Run

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life!

This week’s topic is: Why I Run


  • because it makes me feel good
  • because it makes me feel healthy
  • because it makes me feel active
  • because it gives me time to be alone
  • because it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment
  • because it makes me feel young
  • because it makes my day start better
  • because it makes a bad day end better
  • because it helps me enjoy the fresh air and the scenery
  • because I have met awesome people who are runners
  • to inspire others to become runners
  • so that I can eat more ice cream and desserts
  • so I can listen to music I like as loud as I like
  • as fast or slow as I want
  • until I feel like stopping
  • wherever I choose
  • alone or with thousands of others
  • to support a cause
  • to get a medal
  • to a get a tech shirt
  • because I can

Washington Pk jog   20140111-205831.jpg

IMG_3640  jhr12


Happy Running?  Why do you run?