Friday Five 2.0: Winter Actvities

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This week, the theme is Favorite Winter Activities

I’ll say it up front.  I hate the cold!!

If I didn’t run, I would never go outside.

I don’t ski, snowboard, ice skate, sled, snow shoe…nada!

Keeping that in mind, here are my favorites:

1. Running (only cuz I sign up for races & winter half marathons to make me get out there)



2. Tennis (Indoors) – I play doubles once a week.


3. Knitting – I am not very experienced but I have made socks, hats & scarfs.




4. Cooking (on the weekends) – I love to make soups & chili.


5. Reading  I always read every night before I go to sleep.

These two are recent favorites:

Image result for man called Ove

Image result for all the light we cannot see

I just started this one:

Image result for small grea tthings

Happy Running! What are some of your favorite winter activities?


There’s Hope

Image result for hope after injury running ecard

This post is for those runners who have experienced serious injuries.

This post is also for those runners who approaching those advanced years. (You know over 50 or 60…)

I only started running at age 55.  In the beginning, I didn’t run in the winter nor did I run many miles at a time.  It took me several years to even attempt a half marathon.

But on December 29, 2011, I thought it was all over.

enjoying a very cold run on the bike trail (on my day off)

I fell going around a patch of ice and broke my left tibia and fibula. I had to have surgery and they put in a plate and 6 screws on one side and 2 long screws on the other side.  (I still have them in today.)

wore this boot for almost 4 months (non-weight bearing for 2 months)

I was told that I probably would not be able to run again and if I did, maybe just short distances.

Image result for hope after injury running ecard

Well, I set out to prove the doctor wrong.

Image result for hope after injury running ecard

It wasn’t easy because I overdid and wound up with a 2nd metatarsal stress fracture in my right foot that October.

back in the boot

I did heal and I did run some races including one half. But then 8 months after the stress fracture (in June), I broke the 5th metatarsal in my left foot.

good thing I kept those critches

no boot – just this fancy shoe

PRs Before the Injuries

5k – 27:30 (2010)
4 mi –38:02 (2011)
5 mi – 47:03 (2011)
15K – 1:36:08(2011)
13.1 – 2:22:39 (2011)

2012 and 2013 were obviously not good years for running.

Eventually, I did heal and have been healthy ever since. At the time, I promised myself that if I could ever run again, I would be satisfied with whatever speed I could muster.  I mean, I was told that I could not run again.  I was 60 years old now!  Being injury-free was much more important than PRs…

Image result for hope after injury running ecard

Well, if anyone knows me, they know that I am competitive and stubborn. I became determined to see if it were true.  Would that serious injury prevent me from running fast?  Would getting older slow me down, as well?

PRs After the Injuries

5k – 27:11 (2014)
4 mi – 37:27 (2015)
5 mi – 45:26 (2015)
10K – 57:03 (2014)
15K – 1:31:25 (2015)
10 mi – 1:38:45 (2014)
13.1 – 2:08:59 (2016)

As you can see, the answer was NO!

So I am writing this post to show runners that you shouldn’t give up nor should you always listen to what others say. Because sometimes if you believe you can, then you will.

Remember though that there are injuries that will prevent you from running and there will be a time when age will be a factor in your speed.   Only you will know when.

Image result for hope after injury running ecard

yes, this will happen but hopefully not for a few years…

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thinking out loud

Happy Running!


Winter Series #3 10K Race Recap

As I have mentioned before, the Hudson Mohawk Runners Club sponsors FREE races throughout the winter for its members. The course is pretty boring but free is free.

This weekend, they offered distances of 3M, 10K and 25K. I haven’t really started training for my March 5 half yet but I am trying to keep a 6 mile weekend base distance.  So the 10K would be perfect.

For some reason, I didn’t run this race last year but I did in 2015 & 2013.

post race

after the 2105 10K race

I have run a fair amount of 10ks and my PR is 57:03.  I haven’t been particularly successful on this course. In 2015, I finished in 1:00:24 and 1:08:18 in 2013.

As per my “relaxing” theme for the year, I wouldn’t be trying for a PR. I planned to just run and have fun.

I got lucky with the weather. It was sunny and a balmy 30 degrees. As usual on this campus, it was windy.

I left early to get parking since these races are often crowded and there could be other events going on at UAlbany. But there didn’t seen to be as many runners as in previous weeks.

What I love about this local race is that you get to see a lot of people that you know.

I immediately bumped into many familiar faces and even some runners that I haven’t seen in awhile. (I met 2 more runners who are doing the Shape Half in April 🙂 )

I wound up talking to Sherri as I did last race and we stayed indoors until the last minute and then made our way outside. However she was running the 3 miler and they lined up in a different location.

When I got to 10k start, I found Judy who was running the 10K also.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous race post, the Winter Series races are very informal – no bibs, no starting mat, no timing chips, etc. So I try to start not too far from the front.

As usual, when you start up front, you immediately get passed by by it seems everyone.  These races attract all the speedy local runners too.

I just told myself that this was simply a fun run and just take it at your own pace. Having not warmed up, my legs felt like lead and I couldn’t get moving.  Then I looked down at my Garmin and realized that it was dead. I had not charged it!! Duh!

It wouldn’t be so bad if there were mile markers at this race.  But there were none!!

So I just ran.  No idea what my pace was. That didn’t bother me as much as not knowing if I were at mile 3 or 4 or where I was in the race.

The weather was perfect (except for the last few miles where you were running into the wind).  I was a little over dressed. The sun made it feel much warmer than it was.  I was sweating.  I took off my gloves and unzipped my jacket but that was all I could do.

The course is very boring (zero scenery besides office buildings and highway) but it also has inclines. Nothing steep, just enough to keep it interesting.  I wanted to be better about hills and not walk up them. And I didn’t for the first three miles but after that I did walk several times.

There were 1 water stop but I wasn’t sure if it were mile 3 or 4 and decided not to bother stopping or even take the GU that I was carrying.

This race proved that I do need my Garmin!!!  I could tell that I was slowing down throughout the race by the runners that were passing me by. But I had no idea where I was in the race and what my pace was.

The good part was that I felt great during the whole race. No aches and pains. No blisters.


Eventually I did see the finish line and saw a time for the first time in the race.  It said 29:xx.  I sped up and managed to crossed around 29:58.  (Phew! At least it was under 1 hour!!)  There’s no timing chip.  You honestly write down your time on a piece of paper and hand it in. (Without my Garmin, I’m not even sure if I got my time correct.)


I was 120 out of about 175. This is a fast group, as usual.

I chatted with others at the finish line while waiting for Judy to cross.

Then I went inside to warm up and have some soup (red pepper & quinoa), bread, cookies, fruit, hot chocolate. Not a bad spread for a free race. I didn’t eat as much as normal since I would be having brunch later.

They gave awards for the top 2 in each 10 year age group. I think that I was 5th this week.

I was happy with the results. Though it was almost 3 minutes slower than my PR, it was actually a PR for this course.  Besides, I know that I would have been faster if I had my Garmin.

Race splits: NONE

As any runner would, I decided to add .8 miles so I could finish the day with 7 miles.


Then I rushed home to change out of my sweaty clothes.  Judy had invited me and 6 other runners to her house for brunch.  It was lovely.  I am told that the food was even healthy. We chatted about running mostly, of course. I think everyone had a nice time.

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Happy Running! How you are enduring the winter? Did you run this weekend?


TOTR: Favorite Winter Running Gear

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Today’s topic is: Favorite Winter Running Gear

Related image

Sometimes I feel like the photo above.

But as they say:

Image result for no cold weather just the correct clothes

So these items are what gets me through the winter:

  • Wool socksSmartWool are my favorites. If I wear capris, I wear the SmartWool compression sleeves to stay warm.
  • Warm Hat and gloves  – any brand will do – I often wear Under Armour.


  • Light Jacket with layers – I hate to get over heated. I’m a fan of Target running clothes (C9 brand).


  • Running skirt with tights – the tights keep me warm enough and the skirt adds an extra layer – Skirt Sports is my preferred brand.


  • YakTrax if it is very snowy.  They keep you from slipping and sliding.

Happy Running! And you?  What is your favorite winter running gear? Please share…


Running Update – 1.9.17-1.15.17


Last Week:

  • Monday – Another frigid day. But I sucked it up and went for a run.

brrrr – it was 20 not 15 (like Sunday) but felt colder

I decided to get a sub for tennis since I was scheduled to play the next night (Don’t want to overwork this “old” body.)

  • Tuesday – A rest day for me.  A quick lunchtime walk and tennis after work (followed by dinner out.)
  • Wednesday –  Things started warming up so I gladly took a neighborhood run.

It was 52 degrees at lunch time?! Love this weather!

  • Thursday– Another scheduled rest day. 50 degrees with rain. Crazy weather.
  • Friday – I did go for a 4 mile run before my evening mah jongg game. Cold windy weather was back.  Not a fan!

the good news – more daylight, no ice, no snow

  • Saturday – A scheduled rest day to do errands, get things done around the house. The hubby and I did go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary.
  • Sunday – Today I ran the Winter Series #3 10K race. No Garmin! No mile markers! Truly a naked race.  Not a fast one, obviously, but still had fun.

Judy also ran this race and I waited for her at the finish line

Of course, I had to run .8 miles to make it 7 miles for the day.

After the race, Judy hosted a brunch at her house. There were 8 of us – all runners for good food and great conversation.

 18 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days.

This Week:

  • Monday – Day off from work, 5 mile run with Judy
  • Tuesday – rest day tennis
  • Wednesday3 mile run with Alyssa
  • Thursday –  rest day, mall walk with bff
  • Friday4 mile run, mah jongg
  • Saturday rest day, March
  • Sunday –  8 mile run
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Happy Running! How is your running going?


Friday Five 2.0 – Where would I love to go this winter? Where do I dream about racing?

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This week, the theme is Dream Vacations or Winter Destinations

For a Winter Destination, of course, it would have to be someplace warm and a place that has a half marathon:

1. Key West, FL.

Image result for key west half marathon

I have always wanted to go to Key West. (I mean, I am a Parrothead lol) and I’ve heard that this January Half has a beautiful course.

Image result for key west half marathon

2. New Orleans, LA

Image result for nola half marathon best damnI was in NOLA years ago for a conference and loved it – the food, the language, the atmosphere and it would be cool to go back and run this race.  (I did sign up for this March race but just can’t afford it this year.)

Image result for nola half marathon best damn

3. Bermuda

Image result for bermuda half marathon medal

Blue skies, blue water, white sands…ahhh!

Image result for bermuda half marathon

4. San Diego, CA


I also visited San Diego for a conference and thought it was the perfect city to live.

Image result for san diego half marathon

5. Puerto Rico

Image result for divas half peurto rico

Who doesn’t like an all women’s race where it is warm?

Image result for running puerto rico

Now for Dream Vacations, that would involve more travel (and again, there would have to be a race involved):

  1. Paris

This is my favorite city in the world and I haven’t been there in many years. I love everything about the French culture.

2. Alaska

I’d love to take a cruise there. I’ve heard wonderful things about Alaska.

3. Hawaii

Another place that seems so beautiful that I want to experience it in person.

4. African Safari

I love animals!!! Lions, Tigers, Giraffes….oh my!

5. Iceland or Vietnam

I’d love to visit either or both.



I’m not sure I’ll get to any of these places but a girl can DREAM!

Happy Running! So where do you dream about going this winter or anytime?


A Non-Running Survey

Thanks to Ali from Ali on the Run for her silly little survey. And it isn’t about running but I’m sure I’ll add something about that in one or two of the answers.

Here you go:

Favorite iPhone app:

Instagram is my favorite.  I love to take photos (but most of them do relate to running.)


this is my most recent – you can follow me @dsc59

My second favorite is Facebook. I do not to post about EVERTHING I do but I love to share the interesting things (and they are not usually running-related) that I do such as going to the movies. friend gatherings and trips to NYC. It’s a way great to share and interact with friends that you don’t see often.


Most-used emoji:

Probably the thumbs up one. It shows agreement, encouragement, etc. I use it a lot.

Image result for thumbs up emoji

And then there are my personal bit emojis.  I use them frequently in texting.


Last song you sang in the shower

I don’t usually sing in the shower so I’ll share the last song I sang along with while running. Lady Gaga, Madonna & Shania Twain get me moving.

What is your greatest fear:

Snakes, mice…EEK!!

Somewhere you haven’t been that you’d like to go: 

Alaska, Iceland, African Safari, China, Vietnam, Hawaii

Image result for northern lights in iceland

I want to see the Northern Lights

What would you want as your last meal on earth: 

Pizza and ice cream or a fancy French meal.

yes, please

The TV show you’re binge-watching now: 

My favorite show now is This is Us.  I DVR it.  I still watch Grey’s Anatomy.  I am also waiting to catch Nashville (not sure if I get this channel…)

Deacon ❤ crush

Last person you kissed:

I hope it’s my hubby but it may be my cat, Jerry.

who wouldn’t want to kiss this furry face?

Which living person do you most admire?

Michelle Obama.  She’s such a class act. I will miss her in the White House.

Image result for Michelle Obama exercise

of course I found a pic of her running

Three words that best describe you:

loyal, driven, runner

What’s the craziest thing someone’s said to you on social media? 

“Love your Michelle Obama arms”  I wish I had her arms. I laughed.


who me?

Favorite time of the week:

Saturday or Sunday morning (depending on which day I do not run or race). No work to rush off to. Can relax at breakfast and have a second cup.


Childhood crush:

Paul McCartney of the Beatles.  David Cassidy of the Partridge Family. David McCallum (Ilya Kuryakin) in the Man from Uncle.  (Ok, I’m old if you don’t know who they are?)

Image result for partridge family

Most recent tattoo:

I have none.

Would you rather have a chauffeur, a chef, a personal trainer, or someone to clean your home for you?

Either a personal trainer cuz I cannot get motivated to exercise or someone to clean my house.  I hate to waste time cleaning.

Image result for Personal Trainer Clip Art

a cute one would help too

Happy Running!  Care to share? Answer some of these questions in the comments.