Friday Five 2.0: Food for Running

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This week, the topic is: Food.

So what would someone who doesn’t cook much and whose post-run fuel is usually ice cream write about??

I am going to share what I use for energy before or during my runs:

1. GU


It works for me so why switch? They don’t upset my stomach and they are easy to carry on a run.

My favorite flavors are:

  • with caffeine – Salted Caramel, Caramel Macchiato, Chocolate Outrage
  • without caffeine – Root Bear, Peanut Butter

2. Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars

Image result for nature's Bakery fig bars

They come in loads of flavors but I usually eat the plain fig or the blueberry.

They are made with 0g of trans fat, all natural, whole wheat , and are Non GMO, Kosher, and cholesterol-free. Some flavors are even gluten-free.

3. Bananas

runners and bananas

I love to eat them and they are a good source of potassium which is said to help prevent muscle cramping. Plus they come in their own wrapper. LOL.

4. Starbucks Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Image result for starbucks chocolate banana smoothie

I am sure it must be heathier than a Latte or a Frappuccino, right? (This is obviously a pre or post run treat.)

It contains: A nourishing blend of mocha flavored sauce, a whole banana, milk, whey protein and fiber powder, and ice.

5. Larabar Bites

Image result for larabar bites

Are they healthy? Not sure but they do taste good.  Here’s what their website says:

All 4 indulgent flavors are made from just 5-6 simple ingredients and are gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, and dairy free.

Happy Running! What do you eat for energy?




Friday Five 2.0: Running in the Spring

It’s Friday and I’m linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!
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This week, the topic that I am choosing is: Five Reasons to Love Running in the Spring.

Ironically, we have TWO FEET of the snow on the ground and it looks far from spring.  But it will melt …eventually…right?

And Spring is my favorite season to run.

1. More Hours of Daylight

I have a hard time getting out of bed early enough to run before work. In the spring, it is still light enough to run after work. I love it!!



2. Less Baggage

I usually run after work so I have to carry all my running gear to work. In the spring, my bag will be so much lighter. No gloves, no jackets, no vests, no tights, no extra layers, etc.





3. Prettier Scenery

Flowers, leaves on the trees. Need I say more?





4. Nicer Clothes

Skirts, tank tops. No jackets over my nice skirts.






5. More Racing Ops

In the spring, there are several races to choose from EVERY weekend.


winter virtual race

spring racing

Happy Running! Are you anxious for spring? What is your favorite season to run?




Friday Five 2.0: Fitness Trends

It’s Friday and I’m linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!
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This week, the topic is: Fitness Trends

Well, I tried to think of one that I do participate in but I could not.

I guess I am a pretty traditional runner.

So  here are FIVE trends that I will most likely never participate in:

1. Ragnar Races

Image result for Ragnar races

I know that they are popular and everyone says that they are so much fun.  But…

  • I don’t want to run at night…by myself
  • I don’t enjoy sleeping in a van or a tent
  • I don’t think my body can handle all that mileage in one weekend

2. Challenges

Image result for planking challenge

They always seem like a good idea but I have a hard time motivating myself to run a few times a week never mind running or planking EVERYDAY!!

3. Color or Themed Runs 

Image result for color run

I am a competitive person by nature and when I run a race, I want to do my best.  I know it sounds like fun to have color or foam thrown at you, but it’s just not something I want to pay to do.

4. Warrior or Spartan Races

Image result for warrior dash

I am way too old and too clumsy to do one of these races.  I know for sure that I would get injured.  Plus I am sure that I could not climb the wall, jump over fire and complete most of the obstacles.

5. Virtual Races

Image result for virtual races

I know that it’s fun to get the bling.  Plus they raise money for great causes.  But if I spend the money, I want to compete in a race with other runners.  What I enjoy most at a race is the competition and the camaraderie among the runners.

Happy Running? Which trends do you participate in?  Are there any that you would not?


Friday Five 2.0: Sick During Your Training?

It’s Friday and I’m linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!
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This week, the topic is FREE so I am appropriately choosing:

What To Do If You Get Sick During Half Marathon Training

I have run 23 half marathons.  And it’s inevitable that I would get sick during a training cycle.

I mean, your body is working hard and using resources for your workouts and recovery, some of which would normally be used to bolster your immune system. As a result, your immune system is weaker than usual.

Plus, in my job, I come in contact with a lot of people.

And yes, this time, the bug hit me.

Did I panic?  Of course.

But it’s not the end of the world.   Here’s some advice:

1.Don’t Run. Rest.

The general rule of thumb says you can start running again if you don’t have a fever or a cough.  Some experts say you’re OK to run if your symptoms are from the neck up. If your symptoms are from the neck down, then rest until they’re gone.

But the most important factor to base your decision on is simply how you feel. If your body feels dead, then it’s telling you it’s not ready for training.

Image result for rest day no running when sick

I bought some Skirt Sports clothes and then registered for 3 races while I was NOT running.

2.  Don’t let getting sidelined by illness destroy your confidence.

A couple of days off should not hurt your training.

It takes an extended period of time for you to see a drop in your fitness level, usually two to three weeks.

3. Adjust your training intensity when you return to running.

Any longer than a few days missed, you should make adjustments.

They recommend trying about a 20 percent reduction initially.  So rather than a 30 mile week, try a 24 mile week. This may mean a 10 mile long run would be only a 8 mile run.

But remember, this is an individual thing just like running and training.  Illness affects everyone differently.

4.5 instead of 10

4.5 instead of 10

4. Listen to your body and be as active as you can handle.

Don’t do anything intense or very long. The best exercise to fit your needs when you’re sick is walking.

A 30-minute walk on days when you’re not able to run should be enough. The main reason walking works as an activity to do when you can’t train is that you are continuing to use your legs.


working the arms and then a one mile walk

5. Accept that you might not perform at the level you were hoping, and move on. There will be more races to PR in in the future.

Run to have fun.  Adjust your goals. Rejoice in the fact that you crossed the finish line rather the time that you crossed it.

Image result for focus on finish times not finish lines
So I hope you all stay healthy and do not need any of the tips above!!

Stay tuned…my Runfessions will be posted tomorrow.I have more than 5!! LOL

Happy Running! Have you ever gotten sick during your training?  Any other tips to share?



Image result for podcasts

Yes, I am late to the party but when I run alone, I used to listen to music. But I got tired of the same old same old tunes and decided to try listening to podcasts – running ones, of course.

They are GREAT! Why did I wait so long?

Here’s five reasons why:

  1. It’s like talking to a friend but they’re doing all the talking.
  2. It’s educational.  You learn a lot by listening to other runners.
  3. It’s makes the miles go by faster. I guess it’s like listening to an audio book while driving your car. You get so engrossed in the story that you forget the time.
  4. It’s free.  You don’t have to buy anything and if you don’t like the one you’ve downloaded, just delete it.
  5. There are so many to choose from. Just go to itunes and search for running and you’ll find one or ten to your liking.

Image result for podcasts while running

So here’s are five that I would recommend:

  • Ali on the Run Show – It’s fairly new. I’ve always loved her blog and I’ve enjoyed all the guests that she has interviewed so far. They last over an hour and I’ve used them during my long run. She will soon be adding shorter ones for weekday runs.

Image result for ali on the run show

  • Run This World – this one is done by Nicole DeBoom who is the founder of Skirt Sports. Her podcasts last as long as the average 5k run and her guests are so varied and yet motivating.

Image result for run this world podcast

  • I’ll Have Another – I can’t wait to listen to Lindsay’s guests – she interviews only women – some are well known but many are not. I am sure they all have a story to tell (about running.)


  • The Runner’s  World Show and The Human Race – both put together by Runner’s World magazine. I haven’t listened to any yet but looking at the topics, I definitely plan to soon.

Image result for runner's world show Image result for runner's world show

  • Another Mother Runner – The Podcast I’ve met these two women in person and they were very entertaining so I am sure that their podcasts are as well.


It’s Wednesday so I’m linking up with  Nicole and AnnMarie and Jen for the Wild Workout Wednesday

and with Susie and Rachel and Debbie and Lora for the Running Coaches’ Corner.

Happy Running! Do you listen to podcasts while you run? Do you have any others to recommend?


Friday Five 2.0 – Winter: Grumble Grumble Grumble

It’s Friday and I’m linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!
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This week, the topic is: Winter Fitness Rants

I have many but I’ll limit it to FIVE:

  1. It takes so friggin’ long to get dressed to run outside!! Shirt, vest, jacket, tights, two pairs of socks, gloves, hat, etc.

2. And you look fatter wearing all those layers. No arguing that winter running clothes are sexy.

3.  There’s nowhere safe to run. All my favorite paths are covered with ice or snow or both.

4. There aren’t races every weekend. Just ONE real race in February. I am going through withdrawal.

5. I don’t own a treadmill so I have to run in the cold, wind, ice and snow.  Wah…wah…wah. Poor me!!

Happy Running! Any more complaints that you can add to my list?


TOLT: Flexibility, Lady Gaga, Work, Giveaway, etc.

Since it is Thursday,  I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

thinking out loud

Here’s what I’m thinking about today:

  • Are you flexible?

I’d like to think that I am.  But if you are too flexible, do people take advantage of you?

The latest is that a running friend asked me to run a half marathon with her.  She didn’t want to run it alone.  It wasn’t one that I wanted to run (TWO loops around Central Park) and the timing wasn’t great (right before I leave for a Florida tennis vacay). But I said that I would if she could find an affordable hotel so we could split the cost.

She found a hotel and I registered for the race (non-refundable.)

The race is in NYC so there’s still meals, transport, etc. but I started looking forward to running it with her.

Now she sprung it on me that she cannot go.  Her son wants to go a show that day.  I total get it.  Family is much more important than running.

So am I stuck running and spending a weekend in NYC alone and spending $250 on a hotel room???

Initially I freaked.

Sometimes things work out.  Remember my crazy NYC weekend with the Russian girls.

I FB messaged someone whom I met at a local race who had mentioned that she and a friend (whom I don’t know) were running this same race.

I asked her if she knew anyone who needed a roommate.  She said no but I was welcome to be a third person in her room.

Guess who’s sharing a bed with a runner that she’s never met?  That would be flexible Darlene.

Image result for more half marathon

April 30, 2017

  • Ok. Who didn’t love Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance? I’ve always been a fan so I was in heaven.

Image result for lady gaga super bowl

But now people are talking about her pot belly!


I should be so lucky to have my stomach look that good.  Just sayin.’

  • Working is tiring!!!

At the end of the day, my brain feel like I’ve run a marathon.  But then at night, I can’t sleep. (Age, hormones, stress???)

I am pooped.  I was too tired to run on Tuesday and too sick to run on Wednesday. (It could have been standing all day or lifting 80 lb laptop cases in and out or maybe the headache, sore throat and cold that invaded my body.)

Missing runs is not like me.

  • Have you entered my giveaway yet?


I am giving away TWO free entries to run the Utah Valley Half Marathon (or any of the race distances -marathon, half marathon, or 10k) on June 10, 2017. Click here for your chance to win or you can use the code dc15 to get a 15% discount.

Happy Running! Do you get taken advantage of?  What did you think about Lady Gaga?  Did you enter my giveaway?  Does work or sickness interfere with your running?  Spill.  What’s on your mind today?