Weekly Wrap for 8.6.18-8.12.18: A Travel Week


Yup, 3 days in Liverpool for work and 2 days in NYC for fun.

  • Monday – The hot muggy weather continued. After I set up for my job in Liverpool, I decided to go for a run along Onondaga Lake. Well with the heat index at 99 and little shade, it was a sweat fest. But I got it done and returned to the hotel just seconds before the sky opened up.

Eventually the torrential rain stopped and I went back to the park for a sunset walk.

  • Tuesday – Another rainy day but not as hot as the day before. The rain had stopped by the time I finished work so I headed back to the park. It was still very humid and this run felt even harder than the day before.

Again instead of sitting in my hotel room, I took my another sunset walk. The sky was clearer and definitely a worthy of the view.

  • Wednesday – Another rainy day.  Nothing new here.  But the rain stopped so on my way home, I stopped at the same park for a quick run.  Humidity prevailed and I struggled….

  • Thursday – Rainy morning led to a sunny day. Of course, I had too much to do to run.  I declared it a “Rest Day.”
  • Friday – Another Rest Day because I had to get to NYC to meet up with my Russian friend Anna. Her train was late so I rushed to pick up our race packet then we spent the evening catching up and having fun in the city.

Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center and more

  • Saturday – Race Day. Governor’s Island 5k. The logistics were pretty complicated. We had to get up early to take an Uber to where we would catch the ferry to get to Governor’s Island. To make matters worse, A huge thunderstorm hit as soon as we got to the island and the RACE WAS CANCELLED!!! 

Initially we were bummed especially since the rain stopped but we decided to make the best of the day

Brooklyn Bridge, South Street Seaport, Roosevelt Island

and evening.

dinner overlooking the World Trade Center and a visit to the NEW Oculus

  • Sunday – We got up early and went for a 5k run in Central Park, had lunch there and then I had to bid Anna farewell. Rushed for time, I ran back to the hotel and then walked back to Grand Central to take the train home.

ran right in the middle of a 15 mile race LOL

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  train BACK to NYC for work, 4 miles
  • Tuesday   3 miles
  • Wednesday – 3 miles, blogger meet up with Cari
  • Thursday 3 miles
  • Friday – rest day, train home
  • Saturday –  5k Race + more miles or Long Run
  • Sunday -rest day, Boating

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Weekly Wrap for 7.30.18-8.5.18: And the rain continues…


It was a rainy week. I am surprised that I got any running in.
  • Monday – What a humid evening. Though I ran the day before, since it wasn’t raining yet, I decided to go for a run on the local rail trail.

This deer was not afraid and ran along side of me for quite a while. She was unfazed by other runners and bikers on the path.

  • Tuesday – More heat and humidity and tennis on the schedule after work.  Still had time to squeeze in a few miles before the tennis ladies arrives on campus.

at Ualbany

Even met my BFF for a walk in the mall afterwards.

  • Wednesday – Heat, humidity and thunderstorms…oh my! It rained ALL day but stopped right when I got out of work.  I had some errands to do so I decided to give the run a try. 95% humidity. I was wetter than if I got caught in the rain.

I tried to find shade at the Crossings but found bugs instead LOL

  • Thursday – A deserved rest day and more rain, of course.  I instead had dinner out to catch up with a co-worker (French teacher) who I had not seen in awhile.
  • Friday – Another rest day.  Just because I don’t like to run the day before a long run. It was raining AGAIN anyway! Thunderstorms no less. So I stopped off at the gym and then I played mah jongg (and went to bed too late.)
  • Saturday – Finally back to Saturday Long Run Day with my peeps. But at 6:30 am, the time of our scheduled run, it was pouring. Everyone decided to either run later or postpone until Sunday.  Having plans for Sunday, I decided to run locally after the rain stopped and Barbara was nice enough to join me. I ran 7 of my 9 miles with her. She did her 4:2 intervals which I could barely keep up with and afterward we rewarded our sweaty selves with ice cream.

After a tiring afternoon of errands and housework, I went out to dinner with the hubby and friends.

see I don’t always wear a baseball cao.

  • Sunday – The weather cooperated for Boating Sunday. Though it was hot and humid, it was nice on the lake.  I can take just so much floating so I walked into land and took a hike to the waterfall…much farther than I remember (and I had too small water shoes on – hence blisters) but it was still worth it.

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  drive to Liverpool- 4 miles
  • Tuesday   3 miles
  • Wednesday – 2 miles, drive home
  • Thursday – rest day
  • Friday – rest day, train to NYC
  • Saturday –  Governor’s Island 5k in NYC
  • Sunday -rest day, train home

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July Report Card

Image result for welcome august

July was basically a hot month. There might have been more boating than running. LOL

Here’s how the month went:

Weekday Runs:

I was able to run at least 3 times outdoors most weeks which is great because I HATE the treadmill. And I didn’t travel as much as other months so I completed quite a few of my run locally.

I ran a few times while on working in Buffalo. My weekday runs were usually around 3 miles (occasionally more and occasionally less). Heat made it tough to get it done.

Long Runs:

Boating, friends and work have sometimes made it tough to get in my weekend long runs. The month started out well but then I skipped the last weekend. Good thing that I’m not training for a half yet.

Total Mileage:

I only ran 72.5 miles so far this month. One of my lowest monthly mileage months. I am also way behind on my 1000 mile yearly goal. But the important thing is that I am feeling healthy so all is good.


I tentatively had several races on my schedule this month. But I decided to only run one of them. I ran one of my favorite 5ks, Silks and Satins. I had a slight course PR and won my age group so all is right with the world LOL.

Cross Training:

I actually played tennis outdoors two Tuesdays this month. I also played during my weekend in CT.

I even worked out twice at the gym. (I just used the arm machines.)

I did walk at lunch once or twice. But found a new route to walk near my house.

Other News:

Despite my job and running, I was able to squeeze in some friend and hubby time. These are usually spent with dinners in a restaurant. 

We have taken our boat out on the lake most weekends including July 4th!!! Woo Hoo!!

I feel very lucky to have a wonderful group of friends to run and brunch with on Saturdays! This is basically why I cut back on my summer racing schedule. I raced to have company when I run but now I have company without racing.

I also have wonderful tennis friends who love to get together for meals, weekends and other fun things.

Feeling healthy so Life Is Good.

Looking Ahead:

Half Marathon #32 is not until September 23.

But I do have some shorter races planned .

This is my list so far for the next 2 months:

  • 8-04-18 – 1st Monster Mountain 10k cancelled
  • 8-11-18 – Camp Chingachgook Half Marathon NYC trip to see my Russian friend
  • 8-11-18 – Governor’s Island 5k
  • 8-18-18 – Jailhouse Rock 5k?
  • 8-22-18 – Hump Day 5k? (signed up but have to work late)
  • 9-08-18 – Malta 5k
  • 9-15-18 – ADK 5k* and/or 9-16-18 – Palio 5K
  • 9-22-18 – RnR Montreal 5k
  • 9-23-18 – RnR Montreal Half Marathon
  • 9-29-18 – Maddies’s Mark 5k?

I am linking to Deb at DebRuns for her July Race Linkup:

Deb Runs
No monthly goals.

This motto worked for 2016 & 2017 so I’m sticking with it in 2018!

I’m linking up with these wonderful ladies:

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs, Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice and Patty @ My no-guilt life for

My Topic is: Give your running month a letter grade.

I’d say overall an A-

Despite the work schedule, I did my best to get in my weekday runs in (even though they were on the short side). I ran all my long runs except one. I did play tennis several times and went to the gym a few times. I only ran one race but it was course PR and an age group win. 🙂

Summer is a busy time and I expect August to be worse on the running front (away two weekends).  Sometimes, life just gets in the way.

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Happy Running! How did your July turn out? Anything exciting planned for August? What grade would you give your running month?


Weekly Wrap for 7.23.18-7.29.18 – Rain Rain, Go Away….


Home again this week because I was working at the Bar Exam for 3 days (instead of my regular job). The weather was not to my liking…bring back the sunshine, please.
  • Monday – It rained on and off all day so I declared it a rest day and went to the gym for a few minutes and then out to dinner with friends.

My MOTG dress came and it just fits (I guess I can’t gain any weight until Mar.22, 2019!!)

  • Tuesday – I worked at the Bar Exam instead of my real job and took advantage of being near enough to run in the park. Unfortunately after 11 hours of work, it was late and I was too tired to do much.

in Washington Park – As I was running around the lake, a kid yelled out “Run faster” and another “You look like a girl from the Walking Dead.” I doubt that was a compliment.

  • Wednesday – Another rest day due to a hair appointment. Besides it was RAINING again.
  • Thursday – Back at the Bar Exam and it was raining but it stopped so after work, I decided to check out the nearby track. After 2 sweaty miles, I left and ran 1.25 more miles in the neighborhood instead.

ACP Track – The track felt good on the legs and I did some sprints but NO shade and distracting shirtless guys panting.

  • Friday – Day 3 at the Bar Exam and Rest Day #3. Not disappointed- more humidity and thunderstorms.
  • Saturday – Weekend Girls Getaway. I headed off early to Conn. with some friends to play tennis, swim, and relax. And that’s what we did including dinner out along the LI Sound and binge watching Nurse Jackie.

  • Sunday – While everyone was still asleep I headed out for an early morning run. The weather was great but boy is CT hilly. When I got back, we played more tennis, hung out by the pool, etc. The weekend was just so much fun.

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  3 miles
  • Tuesday   3 miles, tennis
  • Wednesday – 3 miles
  • Thursday – rest day, dinner with a friend
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday –  9 miles
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Weekly Wrap for 7.16.18-7.22.18 – Here comes the rain again….


Sweating at home this week until the rain ended the week.
  • Monday – It was a scorcher and my goal was to find a shady route and get in some miles while sweating. And I did.

at the Crossings

Afterwards, my cool down was a walk around the mall with some retail therapy. I said “Yes’ to the dress – my MOTG dress for next March.  A long ways away but the bridemaids, bride and MIL all have their dresses. It was just me left.

then found it online in a smaller size (so no alternations) and cheaper

  • Tuesday – A rainy day and a rest day. Hoped that the rain would end and the courts would be dry so I could play tennis. The rain did stop but the courts were too wet. I went home and decided not to waste the cooled down temps and went for a run. The humidity was as high as ever but I took a new route and bumped into a very old friend and some wildlife.

  • Wednesday – I had originally planned a run before meeting a friend at the neighborhood free gym (yes you heard that right – just a few minutes on the arm machines) but decided not to run 3 days in a row. Probably should have since we went out for dinner and I overindulged. I did convince her to also go for a walk before dinner.
  • Thursday – Another local run (actually calling it a run is a stretch – just wasn’t feeling it) and a mall walk to catch up with my BFF.

around the UAlbany campus

  • Friday – A scheduled rest day because my tennis friends and I signed up for a Garden Tour.

8 different historic homes and their gardens/art work

Afterwards we went out to dinner at a restaurant along the Mohawk R..  Always a fun time with these ladies.

  • Saturday – Silks and Satins 5k Race. Hated getting up so early but it is one of my favorite races and many running friends run it. It was not easy but again lots of fun.  Had a slight course PR and won my age group

The original plan was to add 6 more miles after the race but looking ahead to the forecast, I decided to go on our boat instead (and yes, it was a hard decision but life is not all about running.) And no it never gets old on this “Queen” of American Lakes.

  • SundayBoating Sunday was canceled due to rain in the forecast. But then it stopped raining so I decided to try and squeeze in a long run. By myself. In the humidity.  It didn’t go that well. It started to rain and then it stopped and was stifling. There was a lot of walking but I enjoyed the scenery and got to the end of the newly paved rail trail (even saw a train go by.)

This Coming Week – (if it doesn’t rain all week)

  • Monday –  rest day, get ready to work at the bar exam
  • Tuesday   4 miles
  • Wednesday – rest day, hair appt
  • Thursday4 miles
  • Friday – rest day, drive to CT.
  • Saturday4 miles, tennis in CT
  • Sunday – rest day, tennis, drive home

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Weekly Wrap for 7.9.18-7.15.18: On the Road Again


Yup, I was shuffling off to Buffalo…
  • Monday – Today I had a long drive for work but after set up, I went for the obligatory run before dinner. Canalside in Buffalo is beautiful in the summertime.

  • Tuesday – Even though I was exhausted from work, I knew that mentally I need to go for a run. I walked back to the hotel, then ran to Canalside for dinner and then walked back.

  • Wednesday – Rest day since I had a long drive home.
  • Thursday – Back home and since I had the morning off from work, I took advantage and went for a run on the waterline behind my house.  I wish I had more time… The weather was perfect again.

  • Friday – Rest day and a big night for mah jongg.
  • Saturday – Run Day Saturday with my “Sole Sisters.”  We actually met close to my home and ran on the Delmar Rail Trail. (and all 9 miles are now paved.) But many were busy with other things so there was only 3 of us and we had different mileage goals. I ended up running 2 with Judy and then 6 solo miles.

  • SundayBoating Sunday. An eventful day on the lake – a surprise meet-up with my mentee and her sons and lots of fun and sun. Hated to see the day end.

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  34 miles
  • Tuesday   rest day, tennis
  • Wednesday – 3 miles, dinner out with a former co-worker
  • Thursday4 miles, mall walk with BFF
  • Friday – rest day, dinner out and garden tour with the tennis ladies
  • SaturdaySilk and Satins 5K + more miles
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Weekly Wrap for 7.2.18-7.8.18: Help Me! I’m Melting…


Another week at home. Woo Hoo! But it sure was a hot one.
  • Monday –  Third day in a row of this heat wave. And a case of DOMs from Saturday’s downhills.  I had planned to run before work and even set my alarm clock but just couldn’t motivate myself to get out of bed.  So that meant a slog after work in 100 degree temps. I chose the rail trail near home because of the shade. I found a penny and didn’t die so all was good.

  • Tuesday – And the heat wave continued. A little cooler. Not 100 but only in the high 90s. While waiting to play tennis, I did a short 2 mile slog and then sweated through 2 sets of doubles before we cried Uncle.

  • Wednesday Fourth of July. A Day Off! Another hot one. My friends were running a 4 mile race and normally I would be experiencing FOMO but no, I was happy to be on the lake… swimming, relaxing in the shade

and watching the fireworks at night.

view from the deck at our marina

  • Thursday – A late night on Wednesday meant being very tired today and it was still hot out.  But then the storms came and they continued. It was still thundering when I left work but not raining. So I drove to the Crossings to run with some others. Of course when I arrived, it started to pour.  I left and figured I would bag my running for the day. But as I approached home, it had stopped raining. The temps had dropped a little but the humidity has increased to like 99%.  I attempted a run even though I could hear thunder in the distance.  It never rained but I was dripping wet and wished it had.

I started on the trail but ran in the neighborhoods in case it stormed.

  • Friday – Another rest day and the temps finally dropped and we got some more rain. I did at least go out to play mah jongg in the evening.
  • Saturday – Run Day Saturday with my “Sole Sisters.” I have nothing planned except for a few 5ks until Sept 23 so I was able to run with whomever and for whatever distance.  So nice… The group decided to meet at Zim Smith Trail so we could indulge at Leah’s Cakery afterwards. The 9 of us started together but then paired up and ran varying distances (from 5-8 miles). I ran with Judy (not this Judy) for 7 miles (at a much faster pace than I would have if I were running alone).

  • SundayBoating Sunday. My hubby decided to play tennis before we left so I couldn’t sit still so ran in the ‘hood.

I decided to run too late and he can back too soon so 1 mile if all I had time for

The weather was absolutely perfect. And so was the scenery. We hung out in the on the boat in the bay all day.

After stopping on the way home for ice cream, I decided to go for a long walk. There a waterline trail right behind my house. Who knew how awesome it was.  I need to run there…

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  long drive to Buffalo for work, 34 miles
  • Tuesday   3 miles in Buffalo
  • Wednesday – rest day, long drive home
  • Thursday4 miles
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday8 miles
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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