Weekly Wrap for 10.8.18-10.14.18: Vive La France


I spent last week vacationing in France.  The purpose was two-fold:  to accompany my friend Lisa in visiting her old friends who lived in the Bordeaux region and to run a race in Paris. Yes, both were accomplished,

Last week

  • Monday – Though probably jet-lagged, I had decided that although Karen was no longer able to race with me, I wanted to meet up with her and possibly run with her. She chose Bois de Vincennes which was only a few metro stops from my hotel.  The run was leisurely and it was great to see her again.


Later that day, Lisa & I took the train to Bordeaux where Chantal met us and we rented a car and drove to her home in Sanguinet.

  • Tuesday – My first day in Sanguinet. So of course I had to go for a run. The house where I am staying is a mile from a huge lake. I ran there with no problem. But got lost on the way home. Good thing I speak French fluently and I was able to get directions back home.

We spent the rest of the driving around and getting lost but I did get to see the Atlantic and walk around the town of Biscarrosse. On the way home, we stopped so I could climb the famous Dunes of Pyla. It was one of my favorite activities of the trip.


  • Wednesday- I ran again to the lake and did not get lost this time but ran along a different trail and fell. No injury so all was good.

Today we drove to Arcachon and then took a boat to Cap Ferret. We had oysters (the specialty there) and took a boat tour around the Cap and a train ride to the ocean and back.

  • Thursday – One last run in Sanguinet. Instead of my lake run, I just ran around the neighborhoods. No falls and no getting lost. 😀

Today was a rainy day so we took a train to the city of Bordeaux and took a few bus tours of city and a wine tasting boat ride on the Garonne river. Such a beautiful place.

  • Friday – Rest day. We drove to Bordeaux to return our rental car. After one last wander around the city and a lunch with Chantal, we took the train back to Paris.

We stayed in the same hotel as our first night of the trip. As soon as we checked in, I headed out on the metro to get my race packet. It was a perfect time to visit the expo since it was near closing and not too crowded.

  • Saturday – Another rest day. Instead I put in over 12 miles walking. I took a long walk on the uabove ground walkway where runners go. In the afternoon, we took a BatoBus on the Seine river. This ride allows you to get in and off the boat so we did at the Jardin des Plantes and Tuileries.

  • Sunday – Race Day. I finished the 20km de Paris on a very warm sunny day. It was much harder than I expected but I loved the race. I am happy that I was able to take it slow and enjoy the whole experience.

We celebrated with dinner and walk around the Latin Quarter.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday 4 miles (in Paris)
  • Tuesday  rest day, fly to JFK, train home
  • Wednesday –  3 miles
  • Thursday4 miles
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday10 miles, Ellms Family farm with mentee & sons
  • Sunday – rest day, bridal shower for future daughter-in-law (in MA)

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Any big races on the horizon? Please share.



Weekly Wrap for 10.1.18-10.7.18: Packing My Bags


So I unpacked my bags from my trip to NYC, packed my bags to go to Liverpool for work, unpacked those bags and then packed AGAIN to go on my big trip to France.

  • Monday – My Turkey Trot Training Group run (that I missed last Mon and will miss the next two Mondays) was scheduled for tonight. But it was raining and I wanted to upgrade my phone (before my trip) so I bailed and instead walked around the mall with my BFF.
  • Tuesday – Another rainy day. I drove to Liverpool for work and the rain stopped when I got there. So I went for a run. It was a strugglefest – I was too tired…too hungry… and it was too HUMID (96%) and I was overdressed.

Onondaga Lake (East side)

It was still too early for dinner so I decided to explore and I finally found a way to the other side of the lake.

As soon as I got in my car, it started to rain again. Phew!

  • Wednesday – Finally a day without rain. As usual, I decided to squeeze in a short run before driving home. What a difference a day made. Less humidity and a new route – the west side of lake. I can’t believe it took me so long to find this trail. I loved it!!

Onondaga Lake – west side

  • Thursday – Rest day because I needed a haircut before my trip.
  • Friday – Only a short run after work because I needed to PACK for a my trip to France. I even skipped mah jongg.
  • Saturday – A Sole Sisters 8 mile run before a drive to JFK airport and a long flight to Paris.
  • Sunday – We arrived in Paris…Jet Lagged but excited. A rainy, cloudy day so I dragged myself to visit the Fondation Luis Vuitton, had out first dinner in Paris and then night view of the Eiffel Tower.  Great way to start a vacation.

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday 3 miles (in Paris hopefully with Karen), train to Sanguinet
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  3-4 miles (in Sanguinet and the surrounding area. Optimistic about getting in a run each day…)
  • Friday – rest day, train to Paris
  • Saturday – rest day, pick up race packet
  • SundayLes 20km de Paris race

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Any big races on the horizon? Please share.


Weekly Wrap for 9.24.18-9.30.18 – Recovery Week


Post Race depression with a trip to Liverpool for work and another trip to NYC for a re-scheduled 5k.

  • Monday – I was surprised that my legs were not tired but my back was real achy.  Took a slow run after arriving in Liverpool.

the sun was nice but boy was it windy

  • Tuesday – It rained all  day but stopped by the time I was done with work.  My lingering cold made me want to skip my run but again rain was predicted the next day too so I decided to seek out a new route.  I entered Onondaga Lake State Park at a different entrance and ran from the opposite direction.

saw a red-tailed hawk and Christmas decorations but didn’t have enough energy to get my my planned 4 miles in (even with walking)

  • Wednesday – I decided on a rest day because it was raining but then it stopped so I decided to finish yesterday’s run and then drive home…in the rain (it started to rain again once I finished my short run.)

  • Thursday – Today was a rest day. Still hadn’t had time to unpack from trip to Montreal or my trip to Liverpool and then I had to re-pack for my short trip to NYC the following day…. Oy!
  • Friday – Rest day again since I had to hop the bus after work to get to NYC.  I headed right to my hotel (I still had my bib from when the race was cancelled.)
  • Saturday – Race Day.  Governors Island 5K –This time thunderstorms were not predicted and my hotel was close enough to walk to the ferry. It turned out to be a beautiful day to run and the race was so much fun. I got to spend a lot time in the island (in the sunshine) and even place FIRST in my age group.

might have had a 5K PR if I tried – tied my Gun time one with this Chip timed one – a big surprise!!!!

After the race, I headed back to Manhattan, checked out of my hotel and met Cari to stroll around the Village. We spent a few hours together and it was so nice to have the company.

met at Union Sq, walked around Washington Sq, visited Jefferson Market Library, AIDS Memorial and more…

Still had a few hours to kill before my bus home so I took in a movie (Crazy Rich Asians 🙂 )

  • Sunday – Still needed a long run for the weekend (another big race in 2 weeks!) so three of my running friends agreed to meet me.

Only had enough time for 7.. .it was nice catching up with Barbara & running part of the miles with Sherry. First time in capris – 40s at the start!! Is Fall here to stay?

Of course, It was also Boating Sunday.  Sadly, since I am away the next two weekends, this was our LAST time on the lake.  We went for a ride and then had lunch with friends.

By Bye Lake George. See you next May!

This Coming Week –

  • Monday – rest day (probably skipping my Training Group run)
  • Tuesday   drive to Liverpool for work, 4 miles
  • Wednesday – 2 miles (in Liverpool), drive home
  • Thursday -rest day, hair appt
  • Friday –  3 miles, PACK
  • Saturday 8 miles, drive to JFK and fly to Paris
  • Sunday – rest day, arrive in Paris, recover from jet lag

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Any big races on the horizon? Please share.


Weekly Wrap for 9.17.18-9.23.18: Race Time!!


An exciting week because I did not have to travel except for going to Montreal for my big race(s).

  • Monday – FOMO had me signing up for the Troy Turkey Trot Training Challenge. I cannot go every Monday (due to work) and will probably never go to the Saturday runs but I enjoy the drills when I do go and love my running pals. Last night was the first night and though it was humid and the run hilly. I loved it!!

  • Tuesday – I got scheduled to sub on my former tennis contract. I was hoping to also get in a short run in before (if the rain stopped.) Holy heat and humidity but I did get in a short one at the town park but I was as wet as if it rained (from sweat.)

  • Wednesday – Rest day due to my monthly tennis ladies meet up (of course, the weather was perfect for running.) This month we went to the movies followed by dinner. As usual, lots of laughs.  Love these ladies!!

  • Thursday – Last run before my mini race-cation to Montreal and then rushed home to pack.

the uAlbany loop

  • Friday – Drive with 3 of my running buds to Montreal. No major problems besides the torrendous rain and getting lost LOL. We checked into the hotel, visited the expo and walked to Old City to have dinner. More rain so we ubered back to the hotel.
  • Saturday – I signed up for the 5k today and my roomie signed up for the 10k. Mine started at 8 am and hers at 8:30. But we walked to the start together.  The weather was cool and absolutely perfect.  I had planned to walk the 5k but instead I ran it slowly and took in the sights.  The best way to run a race in a new city. I need to do this more often,

After I was done, we all got to cheer my roomie in.  The rest of the day was spend having lunch, walking around town and then carb-loading in the evening with the whole group to get ready for big one.

  • SundayRace Day!! Another perfect weather day.  We were all so excited to run this race.  Unfortunately, the weather and friends were the only good things I could say about this race. But Half Marathon #32 is done.  I actually won 2nd in my age group but was too tired to pick up my award.

Afterward, we had a delicious lunch in the Old City and then drove home. Another short race-cation has come to an end. And it was a fun one (even though the race experience was not what we hoped.)

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  drive to Liverpool for work, 3 recovery miles. 
  • Tuesday   3 miles, Liverpool
  • Wednesday – rest day, drive home
  • Thursday4 miles
  • Friday – rest day, bus to NYC
  • SaturdayGovernors Island 5k, bus home
  • Sunday – Boating Sunday

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Any big races on the horizon? Please share.


Weekly Wrap for 9.10.18-9.16.18: Travel and Tapering


Upstate driving (to Rochester, then to Liverpool) and getting in those post-work miles leading finally to a taper.

  • Monday – A long drive to Rochester and after setup, I was hoping to run along the Erie Canal.  It was raining all day but it stopped when I was done. Lucky Me.

it was actually a little chilly – 60 degrees

I even got to meet up with a fellow Skirt Sports ambassador.

  • Tuesday – Day two in Rochester. Cloudy again and even was raining when I left work but I took a chance and drove up to Lake Ontario.  And it was not raining there. I ran in the sand along the lake and on a trail and then drove to the lighthouse.

still chilly along the water but the humidity is returning

As I drove back to my hotel, it started raining. The weather Gods were on my side!

  • Wednesday – I left Rochester after work and drove to Liverpool. After I checked into my hotel, I headed out to Onondaga Lake State Park for a run. Another cloudy day but the sunset was my reward (and ice cream!)


  • Thursday – Before I headed home, I drove back at Onondaga Lake State Park. I was tired and coming down with a cold, but finally the sun came out so I dragged myself for a run/walk.

85 degrees – summer has returned

  • Friday – Rest Day and feeling sick 😦
  • Saturday – Our last long run before the big race next weekend. Feeling even worse than the day before but I knew that a run with friends would make me feel better. And it did. We chose the Corning Bike Path for our run and then went to our favorite place after for brunch.

It was supposed to be 10 miles but it was just too humid

Aftrwards, my hubby wanted me to go up to to the lake with him and I was tempted but I decided to stay home, do errands and stuff around the house and beat this cold.

  • Sunday – Again it was tempting to go to Saratoga and watch some friends in their race and then go on our boat but it was mah jongg weekend at my friend’s house on the Schroon River. So that’s where I went.  And it actually was a fun time. We did some walking, a lot of eating and some playing of mah jongg.

This Coming Week – RACE WEEK!!

  • Monday –  3 miles (turkey trot challenge group)
  • Tuesday   3 miles, tennis
  • Wednesday – rest day, dinner & movie with tennis friends
  • Thursday 3 miles
  • Friday – rest day
  • SaturdayRnR Montreal 5k (walk)
  • Sunday – RnR Montreal Half Marathon

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Any big races on the horizon? Please share.


Weekly Wrap for 9.3.18-9.9.18 – Holiday Week and Back to You Know Where


A short work week. Yay! And my last trip to NYC until November. This time, I did run there.

  • Monday -Love me a holiday so I can run in the morning on a weekday!!  I thought about a race but the Sefcu 5k started at 9 am which was too late so I opted to run with some newbie runners. They were training for their first half and did 1/4 mi intervals.  Not the best scenario but nice not to run alone.

love running at Peebles

My hubby was nice enough to wait until I got back to head up to the lake. It was too hot to stay home. It was a quiet day since most of our friends had headed home.

views from our marina and Log Bay Island

  • Tuesday – The indoor tennis season has started. Although I decided not to join the tennis club, I got asked to sub and I happily accepted.  Of course, I had to sneak in a short run nearby. The heat and humidity were back. I tried to find as much shade as possible. First I had to move off the path for the boys cross country meet and then later for the girls.  Then I ran (slogged) out of time.

on the Colonie Town Park Bike Path

  • Wednesday – Back on the train to NYC.  I debated where to run to avoid the heat.  I decided to take the subway to Roosevelt Island and run around the whole island. It turned out to be a good choice. The route was shady for the most part and there was a slight breeze from the water.

The only negative besides the heat was that I was the only runner on the path. After my run, I took the tram back to Manhattan and then walked all the way back to my hotel.10 miles on the feet for the day!!

  • Thursday – After a long hot day of training, I hopped the subway to run in Central Park because I had planned to meet fellow Skirt Sports ambassador Elizabeth. I hadn’t seen her since the spring and we have never run together. As soon as we met, a big storm arrived.  Luckily we were near a shopping mall to take cover and chat until the rain stopped.  We did get in our run and it was great. The opposite of the day before…so many runners and running groups in the park.

After our run,we continued our conversation over dinner and drinks and then I walked back to my hotel. 10 miles covered again today

  • Friday – Rest Day. I had to catch the train home so no time to run. (Darn. Finally some cooler temps.)
  • Saturday – Last long run. 12 Miles with some of the Sole Sisters.  And the weather was perfect. We chose to meet at Nisky Bike Path and pair up since everyone had different distances to cover. I ran a fast 3 miles with Judy and then the remaining 9 miles with Sherry and Chris.  There were some hills thrown in that didn’t thrill me but we got it done and celebrated with brunch afterwards.

  • SundayBoating Sunday. The temps felt more like fall than summer. So I talked (begged) my hubby into going for a hike first.  He enjoyed the view from Pinnacle Point but did get annoyed when I got us lost on the second trail.

We ended the day with a short boat ride and then dinner with a view.

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  drive to Rochester, rest day
  • Tuesday   4 miles in Rochester
  • Wednesday – drive to Syracuse, 3 miles
  • Thursday – drive home after work, rest day
  • Friday –  3 miles, mah jongg
  • Saturday –  8-10 miles – Taper Time, boating
  • Sunday -rest day, tennis, Mah Jongg on the Schroon River

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Is the humidity killing your running mojo?Please share.


Weekly Wrap for 8.27.18-9.2.18: Lots of Rest Days


Back in NYC but only for 3 days not 5. Heat Wave and not much running (but not because of the heat.)

  • Monday – Took the train to NYC today and normally I would head right out to do a run. But in addition to running, I love tennis so since the US Open Tennis Tournament has started today in Queens, I decided to get tickets. I have been many many times but never to watch a night match.

Anyway the train arrived an hour late so the run was out of the question. So I hopped a subway to Queens and waited on a LONG line but got to see Kelly Clarkson in concert and Serena and Rafa play. So glad I went (except for late bedtime.)

  • Tuesday – Again, you will be shocked to note that I did not run again in NYC. I REALLY wanted to but my co-workers scheduled a dinner and I didn’t want to act anti-social so I went. It was a fun time and I did walk to and from the restaurant rather than taking the subway line the others.

BTW: the heat index in NYC was 107.

  • Wednesday – Rest Day #3. No time to run, I had to catch a train home after work.
  • Thursday – I wish I was a morning runner.  I had a hair appt after work. Life is getting in the way of my running. I was done around 7 pm with finally some cooler temps so I caved and went for a run.

forgot my hat – ugh but ran on a bike path that I haven’t been on in ages.

  • Friday – To run or not to run. I hate to run the day before a long run but I had time before mah jong so I did.

ran in town (which is celebrating Ovarian awareness) and on the rail trail

  • Saturday – Finally able to run with the Sole Sisters. What a difference from last weekend. It was cooler, earlier and I had company which made all the difference. I ran with Judy for 5 miles and then Sherry for 6.  Then the 10 of us hung out for food and conversation.

  • Sunday – Boating Sunday.  After a weekend off, I was happy to get back on the lake. It was the annual Christmas celebration so there were lots of boats in the bay and a live band. So much fun.

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  DAY OFF – 4 miles
  • Tuesday   rest day, tennis
  • Wednesday – train to NYC, 4 miles
  • Thursday 3 miles
  • Friday – rest day, train home
  • Saturday –  12 miles
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Is the humidity killing your running mojo?Please share.