TOTR: Running Guilty Pleasure

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Today’s Topic is: Your Running Guilty Pleasure

Many might say mine is clothes because I always have to match but truth be told, many other runners buy much more running clothes than I. I don’t need to try every new item out there and I don’t like to spent my money on running clothes.

I have NEVER gotten a massage nor have I ever seen a chiropractor.

But I am a sucker for FOOD!!

Yes, I plan my runs by location near a desirable food locale like Starbucks coffee

or any ice cream establishment.

If someone mentions food after a run, I’m there!

I feel lucky to have found a bunch of women who feel the same way! You’ll never see any empty place in front of me after a run (only an empty plate LOL).

I am especially drawn to races with good post-race food options.

Yes, I know I most likely add back more calories that I have burned running.

Life is too short!

Image result for run all the miles eat all the food

Happy Running! What is on your running guilty pleasure?



Friday Five 2.0 – Favorite Fall Foods

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My topic for today is: Favorite Fall Foods (It was the topic a few weeks ago so I’m just late to the party.)

1. Pumpkin anything

Here are some of my purchases from past years:



And I’ve lost count of how many of these I’ve had:

I’ve even cooked with pumpkin:


pumpkin chili


2. Apple Pieespecially when it is homemade with local apples (warm with vanilla ice cream is the best)



2. Sweet Potatoes



4. Butternut Squash Soup


5. Cider Donutswarmed

Happy Running! What are your favorite Fall foods?



Friday Five 2.0 – Summer Treats

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Today’s topic is: Summer Treats

 1.  Outdoor Dining

I love being able to eat outdoors.  I don’t do it at home but I do when I eat in a restaurant or at our marina.

2. Soft Ice Cream

Well, I like any kind of ice cream  But open soft ice cream stands are a sign that “summer” has arrived.


3. Cute Clothes

Let’s face it, who likes to wear all those layers… sweaters, scarves, coats, boots….

Just give me a sundress and flip flops!!

4. Racing Opportunities

In the winter months if you don’t like in a warm climate, it is slim pickings.

But in the summer, I can pick from a number of races each weekend.  I can make my decision based on location, distance, type of course, day, etc.

one of my favorite summer races (it’s this Sunday!)

5. Sunshine and Longer Days!!

This always makes me feel better.  I hate cold weather and it seems to last longer and longer each year.  or maybe I have less patience dealing with the ice an snow.

Without snow and ice to deal with, my choice of running locations open up.  Check out some of the places I run here.  Plus it is no longer dark when I get out of work.  I can run anywhere I want!!

on the rail trail


Happy Running! What is your favorite summer treat?


Friday Five 2.0: Food for Running

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This week, the topic is: Food.

So what would someone who doesn’t cook much and whose post-run fuel is usually ice cream write about??

I am going to share what I use for energy before or during my runs:

1. GU


It works for me so why switch? They don’t upset my stomach and they are easy to carry on a run.

My favorite flavors are:

  • with caffeine – Salted Caramel, Caramel Macchiato, Chocolate Outrage
  • without caffeine – Root Bear, Peanut Butter

2. Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars

Image result for nature's Bakery fig bars

They come in loads of flavors but I usually eat the plain fig or the blueberry.

They are made with 0g of trans fat, all natural, whole wheat , and are Non GMO, Kosher, and cholesterol-free. Some flavors are even gluten-free.

3. Bananas

runners and bananas

I love to eat them and they are a good source of potassium which is said to help prevent muscle cramping. Plus they come in their own wrapper. LOL.

4. Starbucks Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Image result for starbucks chocolate banana smoothie

I am sure it must be heathier than a Latte or a Frappuccino, right? (This is obviously a pre or post run treat.)

It contains: A nourishing blend of mocha flavored sauce, a whole banana, milk, whey protein and fiber powder, and ice.

5. Larabar Bites

Image result for larabar bites

Are they healthy? Not sure but they do taste good.  Here’s what their website says:

All 4 indulgent flavors are made from just 5-6 simple ingredients and are gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, and dairy free.

Happy Running! What do you eat for energy?




Loving/Not Loving


I haven’t done this in awhile so here it goes:

Loving: Noosa Yogurt  ( I also add granola -usually gluten-free)

Image result for noosa yoghurt
Not Loving: It’s expensive.  The cheapest place to buy is Walmart.  Not a fan. I prefer Target.  But it is $.40 more there.

Loving: Getting out of work at 4 pm and it is still light outside.  Soon I will be able to get my whole after work run in. I used to work until 5 pm in my old job (So I ran in the dark most of the winter).


Not Loving – My Job. It is what it is.  And It’s not my cup of tea.  But it pays the bills.  Soon I will be traveling…ugh!!  So far only scheduled for once or twice a month…

Loving – Our lack of snow.  Sorry if  you are a skier.  But it’s great for us runners.


hooray for clear paths

Not Loving: My lack of motivation to work out. I haven’t gone to gym or done any strength training at home. I need a workout buddy. Plus the clothing.  It’s cold out (when I run) and then it’s warm in the gym. How many outfits can I bring to work???


this photo was taken back in July

Loving: My Running Buddies. Alyssa had been busy for awhile so I was solo. Judy usually does not train in the winter.  But they’re both back.  I do short runs with Alyssa during the week and long runs with Judy on some weekends. Running is better with friends!!

Not Loving: Having to skip runs. If I’m not training for a big race, it really doesn’t matter but if I am (like for March 5 half marathon), I like to run 3 times during the week.  This will be complicated with work responsibilities.

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and Wild Workout Wednesday with Nicole, Annmarie, Jen, and Michelle.

Happy Running! What are you loving or not loving right now?


Friday Five 2.0: Holiday Foods

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Today’s topic is Favorite Holiday Foods.

Warning. None of these are healthy.

1.  EggnogPreferably with rum.

2.  Starbucks Snowmen Cookies 

3. Squash Soup I make it with leeks and apples. YUM!

4. Pumpkin pie

5. Sweet Potatoes With marshmallows, of course

So now you know why I race so much. 

Happy Running?  What are your favorite holiday foods?


TOTR: Post Race Rituals

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Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice
and Patty @ My no-guilt life

This week’s topic is Post Race Rewards/Rituals:

Here are my top 3:

  • Food

Chocolate Milk is my favorite post race reward.  Next comes Bagels, Danishes, Donuts or some kind of Carb. Finally, there can be Fruit such as Bananas.  (Of course, pizza and ice cream would be great but you don’t see them too often.)


Now this is perfect!

  • Results and Awards

Of course, I always check the race results. Then I’ll wait for awards if I think I or a friend is getting one. Lately it’s been ME!!

  • Run More

Usually my races (except for half marathons) are part of a long training run so I either stay and run some more miles there OR drive to another location.

Happy Running! What do you usually do after a race?