Running Update: 3.20.17-3.26.17


Last Week:

  • Monday –  Tonight was my first Freihofer Challenge Group run.  It was fun to see everyone from last year’s advanced group. We hugged and chatted and then just ran 30 minutes easy.

  • Tuesday – I don’t usually run three days in a row, but an arctic chill was forecast so I ran a quick one near work before tennis  🎾

  • Wednesday – Spring but felt like winter…9 windchill!!!

Yeah, I took a rest day and went out to dinner with a former co-worker.

  • Thursday – I met Alyssa for a run at the Crossings. As usual it was good one.

  • Friday –  I had planned on a short run but it was damp and rainy so I went to the gym and activated my free 6 month membership.
  • Saturday – I went to the gym for an evaluation, had an orientation and actually used the machines. I have no elaborate plans for working out but I am going to try to use the machine 2x a week.  We’ll see.

 In the afternoon, I went to the movies with friends (instead of the Hot Yoga fundraiser for STEM.)

Image result for get out movie

it’s a thriller but I liked it.

Afterward, we got pizza (another fundraiser for STEM.)

carb loading for my friends running a half marathon LOL

  • Sunday – I ran the Shamrock Shuffle race today. The rain held off until after the race:) and it was a fun 5 miler.  I even won 3rd in my age group.

a medal & Irish soda bread was the prize 🙂

After the race, though I didn’t feel like it, I ran 4 more miles so I could get in 9 for the day. And in the  rain.

I celebrated my successful running day with some wine out with a friend. (No need for a reason for wine actually.)

5 more weeks to go!!

21 miles done with 4 runs and 3 rest days

This Week:

  • Monday – FRW Training Group Run (4 miles)
  • Tuesday – rest day, tennis
  • Wednesday  – 3 miles, dinner with the tennis ladies
  • Thursday – 6 miles (with Alyssa?)
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg chez moi
  • Saturday – rest day, gym?
  • Sunday Delmar Dash race + 5 more miles

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Happy Running! How is your running going? How is your running weather?


Shamrock Shuffle Race Recap

This was my third time running this race.

Previous finish times –  2016: 46:28, 2015: 46:29

So it looks like I have been pretty consistent. Not sure what this year would bring. Most likely not a PR (Delmar Dash: 45:26 in 2015).  But if I finish under 50 minutes, I’d consider it a good race.

Now that I’ve run the race twice, I would be at least prepared on how the course went uphill for the first mile, some rolling hills before it went downhill. See below:


I am always a bit nervous about those hills and trying to run fast. Plus I wanted to have enough energy to run 4 more miles afterward as I am training for another half marathon in 5 weeks.

I was hoping that the weather would be a little more spring-like and I could wear a green skirt. But it was not. It was COLD but as cold as two weeks ago at the Runnin’ of the Green race. So I just wore tights under a skirt and several layers.

The race was about an hour drive from my house.  But it had a late start of 11 am so I was able to sleep in. When I arrived, the parking lot was already full, but I found a spot on a nearby street. Everyone hung out in the gym waiting for the race to start.

another cotton tee for my running buddy

I chatted with some runners that I recognized. I also met some new faces.

Then I bumped into Laurie from my Turkey Trot training group a few years ago. We talked for a while being entertained by bag pipes.

With such a late start (11 am), I was already hungry for lunch by the time the race began so I took a GU.

I was undecided about what to wear, as usual. It was cold and damp and looked like it would start to rain at any moment. In the end, I decided on a hat, 2 long sleeved shirts and gloves. (I left the jacket inside for later.)

Soon, we headed for the start. We waited until the last minute so we didn’t have to stand outside long in the cold.

It was not chip timed so I lined up close to the front.

As I mentioned, the beginning of the race went uphill. I took it slow.

I always look happy when I see the photographer.  The lady behind me is one year away from my age group and is super fast.


over the highway bridge (2015’s pic)

Although it was around 30, it was humid and there was no wind, so I took off my gloves and unzipped my shirt. I could have gone with one less layer.


2015’s pic

At first water stop around mile 1.75, I walked a bit. Then I continued running until we got the downhill portion.

Mile 3’s downhills gave me a boost but again at the second water stop around mile 4, I walked again for a little bit.

After that, I just plugged along and refused to walk until I was done.

Finally, I saw the finish line and gave everything I had.

Of course, I tried to beat that young runner (18 year old) to the finish line. And I did!! (barely)

I crossed at 46:10.

I waited around for Sue and Laurie to cross and then went inside to the cafeteria.

The refreshments were not much to speak. I had a brownie and a banana and chatted with Laurie.

We then waited in the gym for the results to be posted. The previous two years, I got 3rd. I doubted that I would win again but you never know when you’re in the old ladies group. But I did!!

In addition to a medal, you got a loaf of Irish soda bread.

I’m still 63 until May.


2015 / 2016 / 2017

mile 1- 8:55 / 9:10 / 9:13
mile 2- 9:31 / 9:30 / 9:16
mile 3- 8:58 / 8:52 / 9:01
mile 4- 9:35 / 9:24 /9:17
mile 5- 9:19 / 9:27 / 9:18

chip time- 46:09, garmin time – 46:08

I enjoyed the race (I enjoy them all) and was happy about how I did considering I do NOT do any speed work. It was not a PR but it was actually a course PR,  20 seconds faster than last year. I was expecting to be a lot slower. I was glad that I didn’t push myself because I had planned more miles for the day…

Though I was tired and cold, I drove to the Zim Smith Trail. As soon as I got there, it started to rain.  I so wanted to leave but it wasn’t raining hard so I just slowly dragged myself along for 4 more miles.

One of the perks of the trail is that you can park next to a bakery.

So yes, I’ll be back to the run on the trail and back to sample more of Leah’s baked goods. Today, I was cold so just had soup.

So I got my 9 mile training run done. It just had a 1 1/2 hour break in the middle.

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TOTR: My Favorite Local Race

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Image result for freihofer run 2017

This is an easy one for me.  It’s the only race that I’ve run every year since I started running. This year will my 10th time!!!!

Here are some of the reasons why I love this race and why I run it every year:

  • It is ALL women – all ages – all sizes – veterans  – newbies – elites – walkers
  • It is a real USATF race with Olympic runners in it. (Joan Benoit Samuelson runs it most years.)
  • It feels so good to be a part of all the excitement.
  • The results are printed in the local newspaper and even though I finish around 2000, I am happy if I finish in the top half.
  • I always meet someone I know and someone new. Last year, I even met the mayor.
  • Running it in 2008 made realize that I actually was a runner.
  • Being part of other runners’ first 5k in 2010 made me so proud.
  • 2011 was my FRW PR year. Maybe I’ll PR again?
  • Finishing it in 2012 (after serious ankle surgery) helped me believe that I could be a runner again.
  • I broke my foot at the beginning of the race in 2013 and still gutted out a finish under 30 minutes!
  • In 2014, I ran as part of a team to raise money for a former student who was diagnosed with breast cancer. It made the race even more meaningful.
  • In 2015 & 2016, I participated in the Freihofer Training Challenge Group. (And I will again this year.) It was fun being part of a group.
  • You run around Washington Park.
  • There is a lot of crowd support along the whole course.
  • It ends with a downhill 🙂
  • Everyone finishes with a smile.
  • They give you a free box of Freihofer chocolate chip cookies and a loaf of bread
  • Maybe I’ll make the newspapers again.. (I have several times!)

This 5k race is held on the first Saturday in June. So if you live near Albany, NY, come run it with me and 3,000 other awesome women runners!

Image result for freihofer run for women

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Happy Running!  Do you have a favorite local race?


Treasure Coast Half Marathon Recap

Image result for treasure coast half

Another race-cation to visit friends and run a race.  Unfortunately, this one was shorter than I would have liked but better than nothing.

I chose this race because of the friends that live nearby.

Image result for 2017 mets spring training

Mets vs Cardinals in Jupiter – March 5

Oh yeah, there was an expo and a race squeezed into this long weekend.

Half Marathon Training

If you read my blog, you know that my training didn’t go as planned.  It snowed a few times and I got the flu.

For the first time, I didn’t get all my long runs in and I even skipped some weekday training miles.

I was still excited to run the race but I was not expecting to have a fast time and was hoping that it wouldn’t be too painful.

I planned to enjoy the views and scenery and drag myself to the finish line.  Walking a lot would probably happen.  I was ok with it.

Check out the video from last year’s race and you’ll see why I wanted to run this race:

Pre-Race Activities and Preparations

Both Fran and I arrived on Friday (on separate flights).  I rented a car and we drove to Delray Beach where we had a very busy day with our friend, Fonda-  lunch, shopping and strolling, bird watching (at Green Cay) and walking, visiting art galleries, strolling and dinner before I dropped Fran off at a hotel and I proceeded to Fonda’s where I spent the night.

lot’s of interesting birds

On Saturday before driving an hour up to Hutchinson Island to the race expo, I walked around the beautiful golf course where Fonda lives.

there were so many swans in the lakes – they are so beautiful

Then Fonda and I went to Wakodahatchee nature preserve. I’ve been there before but enjoyed it as much as the first time. We saw alligators, iguanas, and all sorts of birds. My favorite part was that the birds were nesting. We even got to see some baby birds who had just hatched.

Then I had got to have lunch with my college roommate and a friend with whom I used to teach. Everyone got along great so in addition to the water view, the food, we had an incredibly fun time.

The expo was held at the Mariott. There was no parking at the hotel but instead of the shuttle, I parked in a lot across the street. It wasn’t very impressive so I just picked up my shirt and bib and we left.

I didn’t know anyone who had run this race nor could I find any reviews.

But according to the website and folks at the expo, runners start the Treasure Coast Half Marathon at Memorial Park in downtown Stuart before running west, turning on to the Boardwalk Run, and continuing east toward Sewall’s Point. After making a loop around Sewall’s Point and traversing the bridge across St. Lucie River, the finish line is just a few miles away, passing several residential streets before crossing the finish line.

Here is the map:

Half route Overview 12-31-2014 titled with elevation

Interactive Route Map – Half Marathon –

Florida is supposed to be flat, right?  Does this look flat to you?


Spoiler alert: it was pretty flat except for the bridge…

After the expo on Hutchinson Island, we stopped by Fran’s hotel so she could check in and then drove to Georgette and her husband’s in Hobe Sound to have dinner. I would be staying with them for the next two nights.

The dinner was delicious but NOT was I would normally eat the night before a race We had salad, spicy chicken, rice and beans, cake and ice cream.  I prefer pizza or pasta but what can you do when you friend wants to cook dinner for you.  (Spoiler alert: maybe not the best choice for a meal the night before a race.)

We watched some TV before finally Georgette offered to drive Fran back to her hotel so I could get to bed.

And yes, if it seems like this vacation was already jam packed, it was. But that’s how I roll.

Race Day

So 4 am came early on Sunday morning. I brought my breakfast from home (oatmeal and tea) so I was content.

I got dressed in my half marathon uniform (skirt, tank, cap, compression socks),  grabbed some GU and my new Garmin.

Yes, my 205 died (or at least only lasts for a few miles) so I bought a cheap Garmin.  Of course, it came the day before I left and I didn’t have time to try it or even figure out how to use it. (Spoiler alert: should have tried to use before the race.)

I left around 4:45 am and I had no problems finding the race location which was less than a half hour from where I was staying.  I even found a parking spot on the street just a few blocks from the start.

It was pretty early so I just walked around the park. I met so many friendly runners who were eager to chat about racing.  (I met some runners who told me Wineglass which I am running in October is their favorite all-time race!!)

those DIY arm sleeves came off right away.

There were bathrooms in addition to port-a-potties which is always a plus and the lines were not long yet.

Eventually I checked my bag with a jacket for later (that I didn’t need) and my car keys. It was starting to get warm – probably close to 70 by start time. But the wind was crazy bad. Everyone was worried about how hard it would to run in. But there was nothing we could do about it. The only good thing about the wind and that it kept you cool.

Soon it was time to head to the start to line up. There were about 1200 runners total for both the half and the full marathon.  There were pacers for both distances so I lined up between 2:15 and 2:30.

The race is a blur as usual but here’s how I remember it:

Miles 1-4:

9:26, 9:40, 10:06, 9:59

The race started through downtown, onto Ocean Blvd (a main street) and made a loop so that we passed through the start again around mile 2. I tried to run conservatively and keep my pace close to 10. It’s wasn’t hard since we were running into the wind at the the beginning (and most of the race.) Plus I started h aving stomach cramps.  UGH! Around mile 2.5, there was the first water stop and I took advantage and did some walking. I considered stopping to use the port-a-potty but my stomach felt better though not great. I was getting thirsty too and was glad that the water stops got more frequent as the race went on. We ran through downtown again and turned onto the boardwalk where we ran along the water. (Gorgeous views except for the water blowing and making it slippery.)

Miles 5-8:

10:20, 11:00, 11:07, 10:47

Another water stop and I decided to also take my first GU.  My stomach was feeling better 🙂 but now my lower back started aching.  It’s always something.  It usually hurts by the end of a half marathon but never this early.  It didn’t affect my running but it was annoying. Around mile 6, we separated from the marathoners and approached the bridge.  Right as I was going to cross the street to run over the bridge, they stopped the runners to let the traffic pass.  Seriously??? It seemed like we stood there for a long time but it probably wasn’t that long but certainly a nuisance.  While I was waiting, I must have hit something on my (new) watch and it stopped displaying the time run and started at zero.  I don’t run by pace.  I like to know how much time has passed so I can gauge at what time I will cross the finish line.  Rats!

I had lost the 2:15 pacer early on so I knew my time was slow and I never saw the 2:30 pacer.  That’s all I could tell until I crossed the finish line.

So we started to run over the bridge which was UPHILL for what seemed like forever.  The wind was the worst here.  Everyone was struggling.  Most runners were walking.  It was hard to move forward but I managed to run, walk, run walk and finally get to the downhill portion. After the bridge, we entered a park and then Sewalle’s Point where there were some beautiful neighborhoods.  There were water views at all times.  My back continued to hurt and of course, as usual, my feet started to hurt.  Both were painful but not as in an injury so I was able to easily run through it.

Miles 9-12:

10:40, 11:24, 10:48, 11:02

We looped around Sewall’s Point and through the neighborhoods with water views.  There were water stops very frequently now…more than one during each mile.  I walked at each and every one and took another Gu during mile 9 right before we headed back over that huge bridge. Yes, it was still uphill but at least we were not running into the wind.

Miles 10-11 were the worst part of the race.  We were running on a main road with no shade and of course, at this point, the sun came out.  It was warm!!

Eventually we turned off that road and ran through another part of town.  I remember running by a church and the priest was handing out small bottles of water.

Mile 13- 13.14:

10:43, 8:50

We ended the race running through downtown again and crossing the finish line at the park, right where we began.

As I approached the finish line, I finally saw a clock…for the first time since mile 6.  It said 1:18:xx.  Of course I was initially disappointed but after a while, I realized that it wasn’t so bad considering the wind, the pain and my lackluster training.  So I proudly put on my medal and wore it with a smile!

Post Race:

from the website

The atmosphere was so festive.  There were free massages, lots of smoothie samples, a live band, etc.  The refreshments were awesome.  The Boy Scouts were serving pancakes, bacon & sausage as well as oatmeal with apples & raisins.  There was also Starbucks.  I was a happy camper.

There was also a food tent sponsored by the Olive Garden with pasta, meatballs & garlic bread, as well as, one by Moe’s which had burritos. chips, etc. There was free Heineken beer.  What more could you ask for?  (Maybe mimosas but that’s getting greedy!)

It was only 9 am so I settled for the breakfast items and strolled around waiting for the awards.

Happily ran into some Skirt Sports ladies.

The Age Group awards were trophies and it would have been cool to win one.  But I did not.  I was 8th.

Coincidentally, the lady behind me in my AG is the sister-in-law of one of my roommates for my next Half in NYC. I wish I had known at the time that she was there.

So I walked back to my car and headed to Fran’s hotel.  I quickly took a shower and changed my clothes because we had a busy day planned.

I went to my first spring training game – NY Mets vs St Louis Cardinals. Unfortunately the Mets lost 14-10 but we had a great time.

Holly, check out my shoes.

After the game, I changed my clothes again and we went out to dinner with Georgette and her hubby in a cute restaurant on the water.

Additional race reflections:

The Good:

  • Organized packet pick-up.
  • Easy to find parking at the start
  • Real bathrooms before the race.
  • Beautiful course with water views.
  • Varied course – park, town, bridge, boardwalk, neighborhoods
  • Lots of water stops (every mile after mile 5). One even had GU.
  • No major injuries (just the usual foot & lower back issues)
  • Decent crowd support along the course.
  • Friendly atmosphere of this relatively small Florida race
  • Great post race refreshments.
  • Nice medal and great AG awards

The Bad:

  • The Wind. The Wind. The Wind.
  • Having to stop for traffic.
  • Annoying stomach cramps then back ache and painful feet issues.
  • My Garmin (totally my fault in not testing beforehand).

The Ugly:

  • This didn’t affect me but 159 runners (108 half marathoners) were not properly directed at a crucial point early in the race which caused them to miss a portion of the route totaling 8/10 of a mile. This was sad because some of the marathoners might have BQed.
  • Again this didn’t affect me neither but I guess they ran out of food for the marathoners who finished after 3:30.

Would I recommend this race?

Yes, definitely.

Final Stats:

2:18:25 (2:18:10 – Garmin time)
303 out of 625 (female: 170 out of 412

AG 60-64 – 8 out 25

  • Next Up:

April 30 – Shape Women’s Half Marathon.

Image result for shape women's half marathon

So no break in my training,  But again, though this one will be tough since it is two loops of hilly Central Park, I am looking forward to it.  A nice warm (but not too warm) day would be welcomed.

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I am NOT Irish but when I run in St. Patrick’s Day races, I love to dress up in GREEN:

Happy Running! Do you have a favorite Florida Half Marathon? Do you dress up to run St Patrick’s Day-themed races?


 Running Update: 2.27.17-3.5.17 and 3.6.17-3.12.17


So since I was on vacation last Monday, this is a TWO week update.

Two Weeks Ago:

  • Monday –  my legs were tired but rain was in the forecast for the next few days so I dragged them out for an after work run around campus

it was not a great one but as they say a bad run is better than no run & I listened to another podcast

  • Tuesday – It was supposed to rain but never did but I had scheduled  a rest day anyway. After work, I played tennis and attended  a STEM committee meeting
  • Wednesday -Warm, windy day.  I met Alyssa for a run.  We ran on the rail trail instead of our usual campus loop. It was a great run. Finally!

running with friends is the best!

  • Thursday – Winter temps returned. Snow flurries and insane winds.  I had planned to run at lunch but decided against and then had a hair appt. after work.  So resting for my big race began a day early.
  • Friday – 6 am flight to West Palm Beach.  Arrived, picked up a rental car with my friend Fran. We met Fonda (whom I would be staying with) in Delray Beach. We had a nice lunch, walked around town and then decided to walk around Green Cay to do some bird watching. We went back into town to visit the art gallerys (First Friday event in Delray) and the shops and eventually enjoyed a light dinner. I finally dropped my friend Fran off at her hotel and then drove to Fonda’s to call it a (long) day.

  • Saturday – Started the day off with a walk around the golf course where Fonda lives, then headed to Wakodahatchee for more bird watching. Saw alligators, iguanas and tons of birds nesting. Even saw some newly hatched baby birds. After, I picked up Fran and we had lunch with some old friends in Delray Beach.

After lunch, Fran and I drove an hour to Hutchinson Island so I could pick up my race packet. Then we headed to Hobe Sound where we had dinner with Georgette and her husband (with whom I would be staying for the next two nights). After dinner, Georgette was nice enough to take Fran to her hotel in Stuart so I could hit the hay early.

  • Sunday – Today I ran the Treasure Coast Half Marathon. It was a beautiful course and I enjoyed it even though I felt my lack of training, it was insanely windy, I had stomach cramps the first half, and sore feet and lower back the second half. Yes. I am a crazy runner.

2:18:25 – Half Marathon #24

After the race, I drove to Fran’s hotel so I could shower and change and then off we went to a Mets vs Cardinals spring training game. The Mets lost 14-10 but we still had fun. After the game, we went out to dinner with Georgette and her husband. Another busy LONG day.

20 miles done with 3 runs and 4 rest days

Last Week:

  • Monday –  Georgette and I got up early to take her dog for a walk on the beach.

I am in my “happy place.”

Afterwards, I picked up Fran at her hotel and we drove to Stuart where we had a lovely lunch with an old friend and then we strolled through the shops in town.

Eventually we dropped of the car in West Palm Beach and prepared to fly home.  As usual, it wasn’t without hassles and delays.  I won’t go into details but I didn’t get home until 1 am. 😦

  • Tuesday – I did 2 webinars at work, rented a car and then drove to Liverpool, NY.  A rest day but not a day of “rest.”
  • Wednesday -Trained all day and drove home from Liverpool.  Another day without running and without any “rest.”
  • Thursday –  Grateful to be back home and able to run with Alyssa. It was a great run.  Wish they all could feel this good.

  • Friday – Day 4 of rest from running and an evening with my mah jongg friends.
  • Saturday – I ran the Runnin’ of the Green Race (4 miler).  Winter returned with a vengeance.  It was -9 with the wind chill…BRRRR!!! I have never been so cold.

37:48 – not fast but at least I didn’t get frost bite

I had planned to run some more miles after the race but it was just too cold.

I had a lovely evening catching up with a friend – wine, food, wine, dessert. Just what I needed after a tough week.

  • Sunday – Another rest day (without rest).  Filled the day with unpacking, laundry, cleaning, shopping and lots  of cooking (yes, you heard that right) …all the stuff that doesn’t get done when you are away

10 miles done with 2 runs and 5 rest days

This Week:

  • Monday – 6 miles with Alyssa
  • Tuesday – rest day, work training
  • Wednesday – 3 miles, dinner out with tennis ladies, travel to Liverpool, NY for work
  • Thursday – 6 miles, training, drive home from Liverpool
  • Fridayrest day, 3 miles, mah jongg
  • Saturday – proctor MPRES
  • Sunday 8 mile run

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Happy Running! How is your running going? How is your running weather?


Runnin’ of the Green Race Recap

This used to be a very popular race.  It was flat and fast with awesome swag.

Two years, they changed the location.  It is no longer flat and gone are the tech shirts, beer glasses, etc. As a result, not as many runners do the race.

I ran it that year and didn’t like the course as much but still enjoyed running it.


in 2015 – 37:27

I had just run a half marathon this past Sunday and only ran once this past week.  So as I have said about all my races, I run for fun.  I race because I enjoy it.  I don’t really train so I don’t expect a good time.  Of course, I am over the moon if I unexpectedly PR.

I did run a 4 mile race in February and I finished at 37:21 – a PR!!  I was pretty sure that with the wind and my weary legs that a PR would not happen in this race.

Plus, this is the weather I woke up to:

the coldest day of the year!!

Yes, you got that right. -9 with the wind chill.  Most runners would stay home and wait until later to run or run on the treadmill.

I did consider DNSing the race but in the end, I fished out my winter clothes (clothes that I didn’t even have to wear this winter or even last winter) and headed out.

The race began at 10 am but I left early in order to make sure I got a parking space in the school lot.

We received a cotton tee shirt which I will send to my running buddy. Then I debated about how many layers I would wear. I ditched one shirt and a fleece vest and decided to only wear one layer and a down jacket (I have never run in it before.) I even wore my heavier tights for the first time in years.

all dressed in Green for “Runnin of the Green”

I bumped into the usual folks that I see at all the HMRRC races.  I also saw the lady that I will be rooming with in NYC for the Shape Half Marathon. We chatted until it was time to go outside.

In fact we waited until the very last second.  It was FREEZING!!!!!!! The wind was blowing and I was wondering why I was running in this weather. As was everyone else.

I normally start near the front but I wasn’t paying attention and we were standing somewhere in the middle when all of a sudden, the race started.. .Oh well!

At least I was prepared that there would be hills and mostly at the end of the race when you were tired.



So we left the school parking lot, turned left onto a main road and we ran INTO the wind. Similar to Florida except it wasn’t 70 degrees, it was 7 degrees.

My face was freezing.  I couldn’t feel my lips.  My hands were numb as well as were my feet.  Plus it was so hard to breathe. So I just trudged along.

Eventually we turned in a residential neighborhood and the wind wasn’t so bad.  In fact, I almost felt a little warm in my down jacket.

That didn’t last because the hills came and we, of course, were again running to the wind.

I managed to run without walking until mile 3 and then the wind and hills were getting to me.

Finally we were back on the main road that lead to the high school and I got a second wind as the wind was finally as our backs.

I crossed at 37:48.  Not a PR or even a course PR but I was surprised that it was under 38 minutes.

I quickly ran inside to thaw out.

The refreshments, as usual, were decent – soup, pizza, fruit, cookies, hot chocolate.  I ate everything while waiting for the awards.

I hung out with the same ladies as before the race. The awards were for 10 year age groups. I didn’t win anything.  I think I was 6th. (It was only a medal anyway!)

Considering that I have done no speed work and just ran a half marathon, I was pleased with my time.


mile 1 – 9:17
mile 2 – 9:01
mile 3 – 9:53
mile 4 – 9:09
.04 – 6:43

Garmin time – 37:36 (I used my old 205 since the battery does last for 4 miles.)

I had planned to run 3 more miles as I am supposedly training for my next half marathon on April 30 but it was just TOO COLD.

Maybe I’ll have better luck next weekend and be able to run 8 miles in warmer, less windy temps.

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 Happy Running! Do you run a St. Patty’s Day-themed race?


TOLT: Weather, Training, Racing, etc.

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thinking out loud

Here’s what I’m thinking about today:


Ok, the weather lately has been crazy!!

Not because I was just in Florida.  In the NE, it has been warm enough to run in a tank top several times.

So look at the forecast for the next few days:

with the wind chill, it’s supposed to be below zero 😦

Last year at this time, it hit 80 degrees!!


It’s just hard to fit in.  Work will be getting in the way…more and more.  I’m trying not to be a whiner but I’m going to run whenever I can.  I am not that dedicated to get up at crazy hours or run late at night when I am exhausted.  My health and my happiness are more important than running.

So this week, it may only be just once.  And that’s ok.

And if that’s the way it’s going to be, I will re-adjust my expectations for my races.  I love racing and I plan to continue racing even if I don’t have time to train. I know that if I don’t train, my finish times will suffer.  As long as I stay healthy and can run, I’m happy.

Well, of course, I’d be happier if I could do all my runs during the week and improve my times.  But we can’t always do what we want.

This is so much better than being injured, right?

happy to run with my buddy once a week


I didn’t expect to run well.  I didn’t train well.

I expected to love the race and the course and I did!!

I didn’t have an awful finish time but it was slower than the last 5 out 7 of my half marathons.

It was insanely windy but unfortunately it wasn’t only the wind.

My stomach cramped, then my back and feet ached.  No injuries and I am grateful for that.  I didn’t give up and pushed through the pain.  I am proud of how tough I am!

enjoyed meeting other Skirt Sports ambassadors


I have a frigid four mile race this Saturday and races almost every weekend.

this same race two years ago.

I am also starting my training for my next half marathon which is in hilly Central Park, NYC on April 30.

Image result for shape women's half marathon
That means that I will need to add extra miles onto my races.  This weekend, I have 7 miles on the schedule.

This is not an optimal way to do your long runs but it makes me happy to race.  Plus, I don’t have PR goals for any of my half marathons.

Happy Running! What’s on your mind today?  How are you dealing with the crazy temps?  How do you cope when life prevents you from running?  Do you do your long runs in-interrupted?