Governors Island 5k Recap of the Race That Wasn’t

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August 11, 2018 – 9:00 am

I was planning to race today as I usually do but this race was not the one on my plan. I usually run the HILLY Camp Chingachgook Challenge 10K.

After I ran a HILLY 15k back at the end of June, I was planning to switch and run the Half Marathon.

However, my friend Anna from Russia saved the day.  She informed me that she was coming to the US and would be in NYC that same weekend.

You wouldn’t expect me to go to NYC and not a race, would you?  Actually, it was Anna’s idea not mine. She wanted to run a race with me again and this race was happening on Saturday.

I’ve visited Governor’s Island once and I’ve always wanted to run there.

So we both registered even though I didn’t know much about the race besides what was on the website:

THE RACE – This great midsummer’s race features a great course with world class views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Statue of Liberty, starts off with a ferry ride and features a great post-race party.

COURSE – We have an exciting new course planned that improves on the one we used last year. The 5K is one loop and the 10K is two loops.

AMENITIES – Bag check and toilets will be provided. Water and Gatorade will be available on the course, and bagels, spreads, fresh fruit and more will make up the usual great NYCRUNS post race spread to greet you at the finish line. Free finish line photos and video will be available on the results page. The giveaway for this race will be a great tech t-shirt*. *Sizes are guaranteed – if we don’t have your size at the race, email within two days of the race and we’ll ship your shirt to you a few weeks later.

RESULTS, AWARDS, FINISH LINE PHOTOS & VIDEO – Awards will be given to the top three male and female runners overall in each race. Age group awards in the 5K will be awarded to the top three in each the following age groups: 9 and under, 10-14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70 and over. Finish line photos and video will also be available on the results page.

DIRECTIONS – There’s only one way to get to the island – the Governors Island ferry, and your ferry ride is included in your race registration.  You must arrive at the Battery Maritime Building at 10 South St. no later than 7:30 AM to check in and you must have your race bib.  The 4,5, R, and 1 trains are closest to the ferry terminal.

This was the same group that organized the Brooklyn Ice Cream Social 5k that I ran back in June and that was well-organized. So I was pretty psyched for the race.

I couldn’t arrive in NYC until Friday night so Anna was supposed to pick up our race packets. Then she couldn’t get an early train so I changed my train, rushed to Paragon Sports (on the other side of the city) and made it just in time.

I then met Anna at the train station, walked to our hotel, and made plans on how to get to the ferry and to the race. Then we went out and explored the city.

We walked around Bryant Park, had drinks and dinner in Rockefeller Center and then walked around some more

Of course we went to bed too late but I hadn’t seen her in almost 2 years so lots to chat about.

rain was predicted but this was my outfit and I brought a jacket and umbrella along

After a late night and not much sleep, I was glad that we decided on an Uber to get to the ferry rather than relying on the subway schedule. I ate my usual hotel breakfast (oatmeal & coffee) in the hotel room and left later than I would have liked but arrived to the 7:30 ferry (the last one!) with plenty of time to spare.

waiting to board the ferry – no rain yet…

The ferry ride was short and sweet. The views were pretty even with the cloud cover.

As we arrived on the island, it started to rain.

pretty ominous

But just drizzling.  We hoped that it would stay that way.

But it didn’t. Shortly after we arrived, we started to hear thunder and then see lightning. Everyone ran for cover as soon as the skies opened up.

There were little houses with screened in porches. We squeezed into the first one we saw.

It was raining so hard and so windy that it was raining actually sideways.  We put our umbrella up in front of the screen to stay dry. We stayed there listening the thunder for quite awhile until we started to see runners heading back to the ferry.

They told us that it was too dangerous and to seek shelter in the ferry building.

Then we got the bad news.  THE RACE WAS CANCELLED!!!

And back on the ferry all the runners went.


Of course by that point the rain had let up but storms were predicted to come and go.

We were bummed but since the rain had now stopped, we decided to make the best of the day.

First we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge and We walked/ran over it and then back.

Then we had brunch at restaurant along the water at the South Street Seaport. Then we took a tram to visit Roosevelt Island where it rained on and off.

Finally it was time for dinner and to change out of our running clothes.

Since we still had not run together, we got up the next morning and walked to Central Park so we could go for a run. We bumped into runners competing in a 15 mile race and had a nice leisurely 5k run, followed by breakfast.

So there was no race and it was sad.  There is nothing you can do about the weather.

However, I was hoping for a refund. $40 for me and $50 for Anna or at least a credit.

Nope, the race is re-scheduled for September 29. (I do understand that money was already spent on this race.) Unfortunately, I doubt that I can afford to go back then and Anna lives in Moscow.  😦

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Weekly Wrap for 8.6.18-8.12.18: A Travel Week


Yup, 3 days in Liverpool for work and 2 days in NYC for fun.

  • Monday – The hot muggy weather continued. After I set up for my job in Liverpool, I decided to go for a run along Onondaga Lake. Well with the heat index at 99 and little shade, it was a sweat fest. But I got it done and returned to the hotel just seconds before the sky opened up.

Eventually the torrential rain stopped and I went back to the park for a sunset walk.

  • Tuesday – Another rainy day but not as hot as the day before. The rain had stopped by the time I finished work so I headed back to the park. It was still very humid and this run felt even harder than the day before.

Again instead of sitting in my hotel room, I took my another sunset walk. The sky was clearer and definitely a worthy of the view.

  • Wednesday – Another rainy day.  Nothing new here.  But the rain stopped so on my way home, I stopped at the same park for a quick run.  Humidity prevailed and I struggled….

  • Thursday – Rainy morning led to a sunny day. Of course, I had too much to do to run.  I declared it a “Rest Day.”
  • Friday – Another Rest Day because I had to get to NYC to meet up with my Russian friend Anna. Her train was late so I rushed to pick up our race packet then we spent the evening catching up and having fun in the city.

Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center and more

  • Saturday – Race Day. Governor’s Island 5k. The logistics were pretty complicated. We had to get up early to take an Uber to where we would catch the ferry to get to Governor’s Island. To make matters worse, A huge thunderstorm hit as soon as we got to the island and the RACE WAS CANCELLED!!! 

Initially we were bummed especially since the rain stopped but we decided to make the best of the day

Brooklyn Bridge, South Street Seaport, Roosevelt Island

and evening.

dinner overlooking the World Trade Center and a visit to the NEW Oculus

  • Sunday – We got up early and went for a 5k run in Central Park, had lunch there and then I had to bid Anna farewell. Rushed for time, I ran back to the hotel and then walked back to Grand Central to take the train home.

ran right in the middle of a 15 mile race LOL

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  train BACK to NYC for work, 4 miles
  • Tuesday   3 miles
  • Wednesday – 3 miles, blogger meet up with Cari
  • Thursday 3 miles
  • Friday – rest day, train home
  • Saturday –  5k Race + more miles or Long Run
  • Sunday -rest day, Boating

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Silks and Satins 5K Race Recap

July 21, 2018 – 8:00 am

When I first started running, this race was one of my favorite 5ks. I ran it in 2008, 2009, 2010.

in 2008 – my first year of running

in 2010, this is where I met AJH for the first time (I was wearing shorts back then.)

It’s funny how things have changed. AJH was trying to convince me to run a longer race. Since then I have completed 31 half marathons.

My 5k time back in 2010 was 29:34.

After 5 years off (from this race), I ran it again in 2015. And my time was 28:41. So things hadn’t changed that much (but I started to wear running skirts instead of shorts).

I enjoyed this race so much that I re-added to my summer racing list and ran it again in 2016 and 2017, lowering my finish time each year. (28:27, 27:37)

WouldI again this year???

Here is the map for the course that I ran the past 3 years:

15 turns in this course!!

Due to construction, it was changed slightly this year: The finish line was changed to 80 yards west on George St. so the start was re-located to 80 yards south on East Ave.

The race started at 8 am. That meant that I had to get up at 5:30. (And I was out late with friends the previous evening.)

This being the opening weekend of the Saratoga Flat Track, believe it or not there was already a lot of traffic at 7 am. I was glad to have left early and found parking in a nearby lot. (I was careful this year to park in the correct lot.  Three years ago, I almost got towed.)

unisex shirt than even a XS was too big 😦 We did get free tickets to the track which I plan to use later in the summer!!!

The new pick-up area was moved to behind the barn on the corner of Case & Mitchell, not too far from the old location. I picked up my bib and shirt and then went back to my car and watched the horses work out for a bit.



There were close to 1000 runners at this race. So I bumped into quite a few familiar faces: Sue, my Shape & Brooklyn half roommate, Holly and Nancy from the Freihofer’s group and Judy, my current Sat. runny buddy., Patrick, the director for this race and coach for my running groups, to name a few.

The weather was warm … around 70 at the start and HUMID but not quite as warm as it has been in past weeks.. I just hung around and chatted until it was time to head to the start.  I continued to hang out and chat with Nancy, Holly and Judy and should have lined up closer to the start line since it wasn’t chip-timed. But I just wasn’t paying attention or cared at the time.


And so we were off.

pic from the Saratogian


Nancy is super fast and Holly is fast as well.  Nancy took off and just disappeared, I tried to keep Holly in my sight during the first mile but then I lost her.  I wasn’t sure if she was ahead or behind.  I lost track of Judy, as well, who was behind me.

It seemed like everyone was passing me by…because they were. But as usual, my first mile was too fast. My plan was to have negative splits and but that never happened.

By the second mile, I was starting to struggle with my breathing.

It was warm but I have run in higher temps.  It was the HUMIDITY.  And it was sucking the life out of me.

nothing exciting about the course…just around the neighborhood – pic from the Saratogian

I tried to run in the shade when there was shade and run the tangents (all 15 of them). I had planned to walk at the one water stop at the halfway point but I was looking ahead at the tangent and totally missed it because it was on the other side.

And as it turned out, my legs were tired, I was thirsty and I probably should have walked a little to catch my breath.  I wasn’t looking at my Garmin at all but I could tell that I was getting slower at each mile.

pic from the Daily Gazette

By mile 3, I was fading.  I think I say this during every 5k race recap.  I guess that means that I should either start out slower or do speed drills to build up my endurance.

Anyway, I tried to get up enough energy to sprint through the finish line.

I crossed at 27:XX (Gun time).

It was actually a few seconds faster than last year which was shocking.

Judy & I – sweaty but happy

Then I searched for my friends and found them on the food line.

Several years ago, the refreshments consisted of bagels & chocolate milk. This year like last year, there was only watermelon & bananas. I had several pieces of watermelon, a banana and a granola bar.  And I felt much better.

pic from the Saratogian

They posted the results pretty quickly. I was shocked that I won in my NEW age group. Unfortunately, Holly was 5th but Nancy and Judy came in 2nd in their age groups.

While waiting for the awards ceremony, I bumped into more runners that I knew (Michele, Judy) and they all got awards, as well.

I got a nice medal. It always feels great when you win an award.

All in all, this was a fun race. Besides all the turns, the race course is pretty flat. It is well-organized. Plus it raises money for a great cause (Special Olympics). So I plan to run this race again next summer.


mile 1- 8:27
mile 2 – 8:46
mile 3 – 9:12
.14 – 7:44

27:28 (Garmin time)

positive splits again!!!

I’m a sucker for swag and anything Central Park:

I get a tech shirt and an awesome medal.

So this race will count but I will do the real thing in August when I am actually in Central Park.

Since this was Saturday and I usually do my long run on Saturdays, I had planned on adding 6 more miles after the race.  But I was too hot and tired so instead I spent the day on our boat.

post race relaxing

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Happy Running! How is your running going this summer? Any recent races?

Weekly Wrap for 7.16.18-7.22.18 – Here comes the rain again….


Sweating at home this week until the rain ended the week.
  • Monday – It was a scorcher and my goal was to find a shady route and get in some miles while sweating. And I did.

at the Crossings

Afterwards, my cool down was a walk around the mall with some retail therapy. I said “Yes’ to the dress – my MOTG dress for next March.  A long ways away but the bridemaids, bride and MIL all have their dresses. It was just me left.

then found it online in a smaller size (so no alternations) and cheaper

  • Tuesday – A rainy day and a rest day. Hoped that the rain would end and the courts would be dry so I could play tennis. The rain did stop but the courts were too wet. I went home and decided not to waste the cooled down temps and went for a run. The humidity was as high as ever but I took a new route and bumped into a very old friend and some wildlife.

  • Wednesday – I had originally planned a run before meeting a friend at the neighborhood free gym (yes you heard that right – just a few minutes on the arm machines) but decided not to run 3 days in a row. Probably should have since we went out for dinner and I overindulged. I did convince her to also go for a walk before dinner.
  • Thursday – Another local run (actually calling it a run is a stretch – just wasn’t feeling it) and a mall walk to catch up with my BFF.

around the UAlbany campus

  • Friday – A scheduled rest day because my tennis friends and I signed up for a Garden Tour.

8 different historic homes and their gardens/art work

Afterwards we went out to dinner at a restaurant along the Mohawk R..  Always a fun time with these ladies.

  • Saturday – Silks and Satins 5k Race. Hated getting up so early but it is one of my favorite races and many running friends run it. It was not easy but again lots of fun.  Had a slight course PR and won my age group

The original plan was to add 6 more miles after the race but looking ahead to the forecast, I decided to go on our boat instead (and yes, it was a hard decision but life is not all about running.) And no it never gets old on this “Queen” of American Lakes.

  • SundayBoating Sunday was canceled due to rain in the forecast. But then it stopped raining so I decided to try and squeeze in a long run. By myself. In the humidity.  It didn’t go that well. It started to rain and then it stopped and was stifling. There was a lot of walking but I enjoyed the scenery and got to the end of the newly paved rail trail (even saw a train go by.)

This Coming Week – (if it doesn’t rain all week)

  • Monday –  rest day, get ready to work at the bar exam
  • Tuesday   4 miles
  • Wednesday – rest day, hair appt
  • Thursday4 miles
  • Friday – rest day, drive to CT.
  • Saturday4 miles, tennis in CT
  • Sunday – rest day, tennis, drive home

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Ultimate Coffee Date – July and Friday Five

It’s that time of the month…

It’s COFFEE ice cream, of course!!

to join up with Coco & Deborah for their ultimate coffee date.

1. Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I am always training for some long race.  This summer is no different.  But I am thinking that I am a much better short distance runner.

I am more successful and there’s less stress in running 3 miles vs 13.

But then there’s the medal and the pride. Not sure I can give that up…

Ever think of sticking to the shorter races?

2. Over coffee…

I’d tell you that all of a sudden it is summer.  I’ve been waiting so long for these temps.  They are great for boating

but for running…not so much.

And I refuse to run on the treadmill!!

planned on 4 and this was all I could muster…

Do you struggle to run when the temps are over 80? Do you ever give in and run on the mill?

3. Over coffee…

I’d tell that I complained about never being home but I kinda miss my NYC traveling.  Mainly because of the places to run there. There’s nothing like NYC for running.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I’d love to run on Governor’s Island, Roosevelt Island, over all the bridges, etc.

Ever run in NYC and understand what I mean?

4. Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I still haven’t made my decision for a winter Florida race.

I thought I would go to Florida, as usual, to visit my friends and family and of course, run a half marathon. Maybe this one???

Image result for melbourne half marathon 2019

But some local runner friends are tempting me with this race.  It’s been on my bucket list and it would be more fun to run it with people that I know…

Image result for key west half marathon 2019

unfortunately I think the expense (flights/hotel) is leading me to save this one for another year

Ever have a hard time choosing a race or is it just me?

5. Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I enjoyed my summer mid-week races a lot.  It allowed me to not have to choose between long runs/boating and racing on the weekend.

Image result for nyc runs

They sponsor 7 races (5k) on Weds in Prospect Park, Brooklyn and Ice Cream Social 5k on Jun 12.

If only locally, we had some mid-week races.

I did find one and of course, I signed up!!

Would you like to run evening races in the summer during the week or would you prefer races on the weekend?

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Adirondack Race to the Lakes 15k Recap

The race begins at SUNY Adirondack, works its way to the Warren County Bikepath and ends at Battle Field Park in Lake George. Rolling course with a long down hill finish. 

This is the first year for this 15k race.  It replaces one of my favorite races – Adirondack Distance Run (10 miler).  That was the one that starts in Lake George Village and ends in a park on the lake next to the marina where we keep our boat.

I was very disappointed that they cancelled this race. (After 40 years, they decided that it was dangerous to run on the road.)

My friend Sue and I have had many running adventures together:

Since Sue was the organizer of this new race, I felt that I should at least run it the first year.

In preparation for this race, I actually got in some long weekend runs.

The biggest challenge probably would be the hills. I knew that it would be hilly but I wasn’t sure how hilly. And we all know that I do not train on hills or do hill repeats. (Hopefully, there would be some muscle memory from those Prospect Park hills a few weeks ago.)

We have had some perfect racing weather but for this race, the forecast was for HOT. I mean, real hot!

and oppressively humid

Anyway, I had no goals besides finishing unhurt.  I haven’t run many 15ks and my PR is from 2015 (1:31:25) but with the hot weather, I planned to be cautious.

There were four water stops along the route: one at mile 2 (which served runners on the way in and out) and then along the bike path at approximately miles 4.2, 6.2  and 8. I would be stopping at each one and hoped that this would be enough.

Due to work, rain and other factors, I had not run since Tuesday.  Fresh legs is always good, right?

So what to wear?  As little as possible. I even skipped my usual compression socks.

the shirt was in honor of the Distance Run that this race replaced,

My new running shoes went on their maiden voyage (because they matched lol)

The race started at 8 am which seemed fine until this heat wave arrived. I left around 6:15 am since I had over an hour drive. The race began at a college so there were real bathrooms and comfortable places to hang out before the race.

In lieu of a medal, each runner received a car magnet and a tech shirt (blue must be the color of the year).

None of my close running friends were running the race but I was surprised at how many runners I did know.  I hung out with them until the race began.

Yes, that was the start line. No chip timing for this race.

I lined up with some friends but unfortunately not as close to the start as I should have.

So here’s how the race went: (The photos are courtesy D. Yeaton)

Miles 1-3: 9:30, 9:38, 9:56

I had no idea what the course was like.  There was no elevation chart and that was probably a good thing. As I mentioned, I expected hills. I mean, it’s the Adirondacks so it is hilly everywhere.

One of the volunteers we passed said “Enjoy the roller coaster!”  Yup, huge hills…up and down.  Just past the water stop at mile 2, you turned around and repeated those crazy hills.

I started slowly and tried to run up them.  After two hills, I realized that that was a mistake, I just walked up them.  No sense killing my legs. I ran most of the race around the same women.  Piggybacking with them. They ran slowly and passed me on the hills and I got closer to them on the downhill and sometimes even passed them.

Miles 4-6: 10:00, 9:59,11:29

After the first 5K, we headed to the bike path. The steep hills disappeared but it was a steady incline.  I kept hoping for a downhill but it never happened (until mile 7). At least, most of the path was shady.

At the next water stop, I decided to take a GU.  Well, see my time for that mile, this was a GU disaster. It was so warm that the gel had melted and when I opened the package, it dripped all over my hands, down my leg and onto my shoe.  And it was chocolate!! You get the picture.  I had to pour several cups of water on myself to wash it off and I, of course, wasted some time. Plus, I was now still a sticky mess.

The hills on miles 1-3, definitely tired me out.  My plan changed from just walking at the water stops to walking up the hills to finally just walking whenever my legs were too tired to run.  That seemed to be very often.  Still I was keeping up with the same ladies.  Perhaps I was running fast when I was actually running.

Miles 7-9.410:29,  9:58, 9:42 (.4 – 8:15)

The rest of the race on the bike path and the part of the path that went downhill right into Lake George Village (opposite the lake).  Finally running downhill!! Though, it seemed too little, too late to make up for the slow middle miles.

I did the best I could to sprint on my blistered feet (yes, of course, I got blisters.)

The path to the finish line was on grass – soft but difficult to run fast on.

This is the only finish line pic – guess I was running too fast for the photographer LOL

I crossed officially at 1:33:54  (1:33:15 Garmin Time) and I was happy.  I expected worse from this course and the weather.

Refreshments included watermelon, bananas, home made cake, ice cream provided by Ben & Jerry’s, water and Gatorade.

I headed right for the watermelon and then the ice cream.

There was no formal Awards Ceremony. Instead there was an Awards table next to the Finish Line where 5 year age graded award winners could pick up their medals.

My friend Maureen won in my former age group and I came in (a distant ) second in mine.

We then all headed to lake to soak our feet in the cold water  (I wished I had used the bag check and had my towel and flip flops). It was heavenly!!!

I was cursing at those hills as I was running the race. Now that’s it’s over, I am thinking about a repeat next year.

Since this was a point-to-point course, you had to board the school bus to get back to your car. It seemed to be a really long ride but a fun one as I got to know even more runners.

The Good:

  • Easy organized packet pick-up.
  • Lots of parking
  • Real Bathrooms at the start and near the finish
  • Nice Swag – tech shirt, bag, car magnet
  • Adequate water stops (5)
  • Excellent post race food – bananas, watermelon, cake, ice cream
  • Bag check and bags transported to the finish
  • Ended at the Lake
  • Photographer at the finish line

The Bad:

  • Not chip-timed
  • No port-a-potties along the course
  • The hilly looped portion of the course
  • Would have preferred a medal for everyone who finished and the car magnet for the AG winners.
  • Heat, humidity and blisters (and lack of hill training)

There are always glitches with a first annual race but there really weren’t any big ones.

Next Up:

I thought I might run a 5k on the next two weekends but instead, I think I am going to just run for fun with my friends. So my next scheduled race is a 5k on July 21.

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Happy Running! Any exciting plans for July 4th?  Do you enjoy running new races or do you prefer ones that you have already run before?

Weekly Wrap for 6.25.18-7.1.18: Rain, Heat and a New Race


Back on the road for work and the new 15K that I have sorta been training for.
  • Monday – I ran after work today at UAlbany since I hadn’t run the perimeter and the pond loop in a while.

the weather was perfect

  • Tuesday – In Rochester for work and after the long drive and set up, I headed to the Erie Canal trail for a run. It was a little warm but nothing like the weather which will be coming this weekend.

I also met up with a fellow Skirt Sports ambassador which is always fun.

  • Wednesday – After work, although I had a long drive home, I planned to stop for my ice cream and a short run. Unfortunately it was pouring so I had to settle for just ice cream.

got a milkshake – so yummy

  • Thursday –  A rest day because after work, I had plans to get together with my tennis friends.  We try to do this once a month. It was another rainy day as well.
  • Friday – Another rest day (third rest day in a row) in preparation for my race the next day.
  • Saturday – Adirondack Race to the Lakes 15k. It was a new race on the hottest day of the summer so far. I didn’t know what to expect and the hills were the worst (or maybe it was the humidity).  But I just walked a lot and survived. The ice cream at the end as well as the cold lake to soak your feet helped. And I placed 2nd in my AG.

  • SundayBoating Sunday. 100 degree day and so happy to be able to spend it on the lake.

all I needed was some shade, cool water and a good book

This Coming Week

  • Monday –  3 miles or rest due to the heat wave
  • Tuesday    2-3 miles, tennis (maybe  more rest due to the heat)
  • Wednesday – DAY OFF rest day or 3 miles in the am, Boating
  • Thursday4 miles
  • Friday – rest day, mah jongg
  • Saturday8 miles
  • Sunday – rest day, boating

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