Polar Cap Race Report

Feb. 3, 2018 – 10 am – Lake George, NY

You all know how much I love Lake George (at least in the summertime).  Well, this race gets me up to the lake in the winter.  Ex-blogger AJH (now runner friend) and I have run this race together many times.

Polar Cap - 2nd place in AG

Here we are winning AG awards in 2011

I was injured in 2012 and couldn’t run but AJH did snag another award.

AJH got 2nd place...we won a lunch bag which matches the race shirt

AG awards again in 2013

I ran with her in 2014 but only she got an award.


AJH’s award in 2014

Then in 2015, we both got awards and for the first time, I beat her.


another hat for AJH but my first.

I was away in 2016 but we ran it together last year.  AJH did not get an award (but she is such a great sport) and I won my AG and surprisingly got a PR!!!

AJH was running it, of course, again this year and I was looking forward to seeing her.  We hadn’t seen each other since August at the Race the Train race.

The thing with this race, you never know where it’s going to start and what the course will be (besides hilly.)  Last year, they changed the course for the third time.


during the snowy 2014 race


during the cold 2015 race

getting my PR last year

I have not been doing any speed work at all or running on any hills. (Um …do I ever? lol) My runs on the weekend have been longish. So as usual I went into this race with no expectations other than to have a good time.

But it was so COLD!!! In the single digits. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

So I bundled up in my usual running layers (2 shirts, jacket, skirt, tights, gaiter, beanie, mittens with hand warmers) and drove the hour ride up to Lake George.

not today but the same outfit

Well, obviously my age is rearing its ugly head. In other words, I’m having more senior moments. Because I went to bed very late (mah jongg hostessing), I was tired the next morning and rushed out the door without my Apple Watch and my Garmin. Ugh! I could have gone back to get it but I didn’t want to be late for the race.

As I drove north, I watched the car thermometer drop from 8 to 2 degrees.

I arrived around 8ish and got a great parking spot but was surprised that no one had yet arrived.


Because the race started at 10 am. Duh! I was 2 hours early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And yes, I could have returned home to get my watch!!!)

Packet pick-up was again at the parish hall of the church in Lake George.  This newer location was warm and had restrooms which is always a plus.

my friend Sue and speedy Kim, now in my AG

Eventually runners did arrive and I chatted with some whom I knew until AJH arrived. (She is hard core – drove over 2 hours from VT. and is injured so had to walk the whole race.)

We waited until the last minute to go out into the cold. We had to walk quite a ways as the race started in town by the lake. (Since the race repeated its course, I will re-post some of my pics from last year.)


There was no real starting line and the race was not chip timed. Even though I ran the race last year, I didn’t really remember what the course was like so here is a map that I found online.


I am directionally challenged anyway so it wouldn’t have meant much to me even if I looked at the map before the race.

waiting to begin (pic from D. Olden)

Luckily we didn’t have to wait long in the cold before the race started. There seemed to be only a little over 100 runners which is much fewer than usual (probably because of the cold temps.) I knew that this race would be interesting without a watch.  Not because I was going for a PR but because I sometimes glance down at my watch to see if I am running too fast at the beginning or have slowed down too much at the end.  Nothing I could do about it now so I just decided to try not to freeze to death and enjoy the pretty scenery.

A lot of the course was a blur, as usual, but here’s what I remember.


pic from FB – cute markers at each mile

The first mile started with a slight uphill and then it flattened out. I was cold (at least my face and lips were from the wind) and my legs felt very stiff since I hadn’t warmed up. I was ok with that because I wanted to start out slow.  I also found my stomach growling since the race started at 10 am and I had eaten 3 1/2 hours ago.


Mile two started where the race used to start and than meant a steepish hill.  I told myself to be smart since I had a half marathon in 6 weeks and I never run on hills.  However this time, I pushed myself to run slowly and not walk.  It was practically a crawl and I did it. At this point, I was actually thawing out.  In fact, I felt warm.



The longest and biggest was at mile 3 and although it was only 1/2 mile, it seemed to go on forever.  This time I walked/ran it. Afterward we were rewarded with a nice downhill. I am always hesitant to go all out on the downhills so many runners passed me by but that was better than getting DOMS. Believe it or not, I was so warm that I unzipped my jacket and took off my mittens.


Finally for mile 4, we ran along the lake and back into town.  At this point, I wanted to be done and picked up the pace. Luckily the hills were finally over. I didn’t care about a PR but I secretly want to win an AG award.  But I had no idea where the other runners in my AG were in at this time in the course.


I saw that the clock ahead read 38:xx.  I sprinted as fast as I could and crossed at 38:48.

Initially I was disappointed.  My time was slower than last year and even slower than 3 years ago. It’s tough when you run without a watch because you have no idea what your pace is.  Could I have finished faster if I had known?  Definitely!!  I’m pretty competitive. I would have pushed myself more. But it’s not the end of the world.  There will be other races.

AJH was walking so I decided to wait for her.  But it was too cold to stand still so I headed back onto the course and ran it in reverse until I met up with her.

A soon  as she finished, we walked back to the church together.

There was chicken noodle soup, bread, chocolate milk, fruit and baked goods – I am a sucker for home-made stuff and ate quite a few cookies and brownies. I also had the soup.

We waited around for the age group awards. surprisingly, I did win one – second.

won a headband/gaiter/cap thingie

After AJH left, I was debating on changing my clothes and leaving or running more.

With 8 miles on my “training” schedule for the day, I decided to stick around and try to find somewhere to run. I had already run about 2 miles while waiting for AJH so I ran around the lake a bit and then to the Winter Carnival in town to get 2 more miles in.


This was the first day of the event which is held every weekend in February.


they had a chili cook-off. I just donated my money because the line was too long and I was freezing!

I visited with friends who were volunteering and took some pics.

Eventually it seemed to be getting colder so I headed back to my car (that I had left at the church).

freezing my butt off (literally)

As usual, I loved doing the race (even if it was cold). Small local races are the best and running one with friends is just icing on the cake.

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Happy Running! Have you raced yet this year?



Weekly Wrap for 1.29.18-2.4.18: Let the training begin


When I first started running half marathons, I used to start “training” 12 weeks before the race. My next one is my 30th half marathon and it is in 6 weeks (I think – check out my Ultimate Coffee Date post for an update on my situation) so I guess I need to start increasing my long run distance. (That is what I now call “training.”)

Last week – 

  • Monday –  Another day in the high 30s with no snow or rain. I decided to check out my favorite path to see if the ice had melted and I was very excited that it had. I even had enough time before it got dark to squeeze in a run.

love the extra hour of daylight

  • Tuesday – Since I was not travelling, I was able to play in my tennis group.  As in previous weeks, I took advantage of the fact that there is a treadmill there and ran struggled through a few miles on it.

only 2 miles but I did sweat…why do they keep these rooms so hot?

  • Wednesday – We can’t get a break with the weather … cold and windy again but I did get in a run before meeting my BFF for a walk around the mall.

campus + pond loop

  • Thursday – Finally a deserved rest day. Instead did some errands after work and then went out to dinner with a friend.
  • Friday – Rest day #2 and mah jongg at my house.
  • Saturday – Today my third race of 2018 (and my first serious one), the Polar Cap Run, a 4-miler. And a cold one it was.  Though it was not a fast one for me, I still managed to snag 2nd in my age group.  (Recap will be coming soon…)

Afterward I ran 4 more miles (2 while waiting for AJH to finish and 2 around town).

  • Sunday –  Another rest day and my first visit to Hot Yoga.  I have been meaning to start back at yoga and with these cold temps, hot yoga seemed perfect.

Afterward, we went out to lunch to celebrate my stepson’s engagement!!

an April wedding is planned 🙂

I’m not a big football fan but wasn’t that a great game?

This Coming Week

  • Monday 4 miles
  • Tuesday drive to Buffalo, rest day
  • Wednesday –  3-4 miles?
  • Thursday 3-4 miles?
  • Friday – rest day, drive home
  • Saturday9 mile run
  • Sunday – rest day

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you? How are dealing with winter? Please share.


Winter Series #4 Race Recap

Once again the Hudson Mohawk Runners Club sponsored a FREE race for its members and this weekend, they offered distances of 3M, 15K and 30K.

Since I have a half marathon in 7 weeks, I probably should have chosen to run the 15K but I ran 7 miles the day before so I decided to run the 3 Miler as a recovery run instead.

during the 15k in 2015

and again

in 2017

These Winter Series races start at 10 am so you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn. Barbara decided at the last minute to run the race with me so we drove together. I always leave early to get parking since these races are often crowded and there may be other events going on at UAlbany at the same time. Well, I guess I didn’t leave early enough since the lot was already full when we arrived.  So I dropped Barbara off to register and I parked in another lot and walked over.

The weather was perfect for racing. It was in the 40s and less windy than the day before. I wore something similiar to what I wore the day before but wound up taking off my jacket, vest and gloves.

What I love about this local race is that you get to see a lot of people that you know. And since the weather was so nice (and warmer than the last race), the numbers were significantly higher.


2015 meet up with Judy & Barbara (I ran the 15k that year too.)

And I immediately bumped into many different running friends. We chatted. Some were running the 3 miler and others the 15k.  I even spotted Patrick, my coach from the Turkey Trot & Freihofer running groups.

Anyway we hung indoors until the last minute and then made our way outside.


the start (pic from Winter Series #1)

All three distances started at the same location this week. As usual, I started not too far away from the front (since it is not chip timed) and let the speedy runners pass me by.

Right away, the 3 milers split from the 15kers and 30kers but the speedy longer distance runners eventually will pass you by midway.

not that it matters ’cause I just follow the other runners but the 3 miler is basically a loop

For most of the race, I felt perfectly dressed (for a change). I unzipped my shirt and pushed up my sleeves (many runners were even in shorts!) when the wind was at my back but then it got chilly when you were running into the wind.

This time, I was familiar with the course since I just ran it in December.  I remembered the hill at the beginning and then some rolling hills in the middle, ending with a slight hill.  Nothing too challenging.

I am usually pretty bored by this course because it is just a road and office buildings.  But I ran and chatted with different friends throughout the race.  First Nancy, then Anne, then Mona, etc.  Each one after a short period ran ahead and left me behind.

running with Nancy.

It didn’t bother me at all. I tried to run at my own relaxed pace. Of course, I’m not sure what exactly that is (since I don’t look at my Garmin until I’m done).

I was very happy that my legs didn’t feel tired at all and I couldn’t even tell that I had run the day before.

Eventually as we neared the finish line, I took off and tried to cross under 27 minutes.

Nope, I did not – 27:02 (slower than the last time which was at 26:49).

After Barbara finished, we went inside had some refreshments. There was pumpkin apple chili, bread, fruit, cookies and hot cocoa.  Free race..free good food. Win-win.


The awards were for 10 year age groups and just top 2.

Although my finish time was slower than the last time, obviously the speedy runners in my age group ran the 15k so I won my age group (as did Nancy.)

I was very happy with how I ran this race as a recovery run – I pushed myself just enough but not too much. It wasn’t a PR and not even a course PR. But I am pretty thrilled to have a pace of under 9 mm for each mile.  Maybe a 5k PR is in my future….

Race splits:

mile 1 – 8:50
mile 2 – 8:57
mile 3 – 8:54

Finish Time – 27:02

Next Saturday, I signed up for a 4 mile race in Lake George. Fingers crossed for no ice or snow.


AJH (from VT) & I at this race in 2015. We try to do this one together every year.

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Happy Running! How you are enduring the winter? Did you run or race this past weekend?


 Running Update: 2.27.17-3.5.17 and 3.6.17-3.12.17


So since I was on vacation last Monday, this is a TWO week update.

Two Weeks Ago:

  • Monday –  my legs were tired but rain was in the forecast for the next few days so I dragged them out for an after work run around campus

it was not a great one but as they say a bad run is better than no run & I listened to another podcast

  • Tuesday – It was supposed to rain but never did but I had scheduled  a rest day anyway. After work, I played tennis and attended  a STEM committee meeting
  • Wednesday -Warm, windy day.  I met Alyssa for a run.  We ran on the rail trail instead of our usual campus loop. It was a great run. Finally!

running with friends is the best!

  • Thursday – Winter temps returned. Snow flurries and insane winds.  I had planned to run at lunch but decided against and then had a hair appt. after work.  So resting for my big race began a day early.
  • Friday – 6 am flight to West Palm Beach.  Arrived, picked up a rental car with my friend Fran. We met Fonda (whom I would be staying with) in Delray Beach. We had a nice lunch, walked around town and then decided to walk around Green Cay to do some bird watching. We went back into town to visit the art gallerys (First Friday event in Delray) and the shops and eventually enjoyed a light dinner. I finally dropped my friend Fran off at her hotel and then drove to Fonda’s to call it a (long) day.

  • Saturday – Started the day off with a walk around the golf course where Fonda lives, then headed to Wakodahatchee for more bird watching. Saw alligators, iguanas and tons of birds nesting. Even saw some newly hatched baby birds. After, I picked up Fran and we had lunch with some old friends in Delray Beach.

After lunch, Fran and I drove an hour to Hutchinson Island so I could pick up my race packet. Then we headed to Hobe Sound where we had dinner with Georgette and her husband (with whom I would be staying for the next two nights). After dinner, Georgette was nice enough to take Fran to her hotel in Stuart so I could hit the hay early.

  • Sunday – Today I ran the Treasure Coast Half Marathon. It was a beautiful course and I enjoyed it even though I felt my lack of training, it was insanely windy, I had stomach cramps the first half, and sore feet and lower back the second half. Yes. I am a crazy runner.

2:18:25 – Half Marathon #24

After the race, I drove to Fran’s hotel so I could shower and change and then off we went to a Mets vs Cardinals spring training game. The Mets lost 14-10 but we still had fun. After the game, we went out to dinner with Georgette and her husband. Another busy LONG day.

20 miles done with 3 runs and 4 rest days

Last Week:

  • Monday –  Georgette and I got up early to take her dog for a walk on the beach.

I am in my “happy place.”

Afterwards, I picked up Fran at her hotel and we drove to Stuart where we had a lovely lunch with an old friend and then we strolled through the shops in town.

Eventually we dropped of the car in West Palm Beach and prepared to fly home.  As usual, it wasn’t without hassles and delays.  I won’t go into details but I didn’t get home until 1 am. 😦

  • Tuesday – I did 2 webinars at work, rented a car and then drove to Liverpool, NY.  A rest day but not a day of “rest.”
  • Wednesday -Trained all day and drove home from Liverpool.  Another day without running and without any “rest.”
  • Thursday –  Grateful to be back home and able to run with Alyssa. It was a great run.  Wish they all could feel this good.

  • Friday – Day 4 of rest from running and an evening with my mah jongg friends.
  • Saturday – I ran the Runnin’ of the Green Race (4 miler).  Winter returned with a vengeance.  It was -9 with the wind chill…BRRRR!!! I have never been so cold.

37:48 – not fast but at least I didn’t get frost bite

I had planned to run some more miles after the race but it was just too cold.

I had a lovely evening catching up with a friend – wine, food, wine, dessert. Just what I needed after a tough week.

  • Sunday – Another rest day (without rest).  Filled the day with unpacking, laundry, cleaning, shopping and lots  of cooking (yes, you heard that right) …all the stuff that doesn’t get done when you are away

10 miles done with 2 runs and 5 rest days

This Week:

  • Monday – 6 miles with Alyssa
  • Tuesday – rest day, work training
  • Wednesday – 3 miles, dinner out with tennis ladies, travel to Liverpool, NY for work
  • Thursday – 6 miles, training, drive home from Liverpool
  • Fridayrest day, 3 miles, mah jongg
  • Saturday – proctor MPRES
  • Sunday 8 mile run

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Happy Running! How is your running going? How is your running weather?


Runnin’ of the Green Race Recap

This used to be a very popular race.  It was flat and fast with awesome swag.

Two years, they changed the location.  It is no longer flat and gone are the tech shirts, beer glasses, etc. As a result, not as many runners do the race.

I ran it that year and didn’t like the course as much but still enjoyed running it.


in 2015 – 37:27

I had just run a half marathon this past Sunday and only ran once this past week.  So as I have said about all my races, I run for fun.  I race because I enjoy it.  I don’t really train so I don’t expect a good time.  Of course, I am over the moon if I unexpectedly PR.

I did run a 4 mile race in February and I finished at 37:21 – a PR!!  I was pretty sure that with the wind and my weary legs that a PR would not happen in this race.

Plus, this is the weather I woke up to:

the coldest day of the year!!

Yes, you got that right. -9 with the wind chill.  Most runners would stay home and wait until later to run or run on the treadmill.

I did consider DNSing the race but in the end, I fished out my winter clothes (clothes that I didn’t even have to wear this winter or even last winter) and headed out.

The race began at 10 am but I left early in order to make sure I got a parking space in the school lot.

We received a cotton tee shirt which I will send to my running buddy. Then I debated about how many layers I would wear. I ditched one shirt and a fleece vest and decided to only wear one layer and a down jacket (I have never run in it before.) I even wore my heavier tights for the first time in years.

all dressed in Green for “Runnin of the Green”

I bumped into the usual folks that I see at all the HMRRC races.  I also saw the lady that I will be rooming with in NYC for the Shape Half Marathon. We chatted until it was time to go outside.

In fact we waited until the very last second.  It was FREEZING!!!!!!! The wind was blowing and I was wondering why I was running in this weather. As was everyone else.

I normally start near the front but I wasn’t paying attention and we were standing somewhere in the middle when all of a sudden, the race started.. .Oh well!

At least I was prepared that there would be hills and mostly at the end of the race when you were tired.



So we left the school parking lot, turned left onto a main road and we ran INTO the wind. Similar to Florida except it wasn’t 70 degrees, it was 7 degrees.

My face was freezing.  I couldn’t feel my lips.  My hands were numb as well as were my feet.  Plus it was so hard to breathe. So I just trudged along.

Eventually we turned in a residential neighborhood and the wind wasn’t so bad.  In fact, I almost felt a little warm in my down jacket.

That didn’t last because the hills came and we, of course, were again running to the wind.

I managed to run without walking until mile 3 and then the wind and hills were getting to me.

Finally we were back on the main road that lead to the high school and I got a second wind as the wind was finally as our backs.

I crossed at 37:48.  Not a PR or even a course PR but I was surprised that it was under 38 minutes.

I quickly ran inside to thaw out.

The refreshments, as usual, were decent – soup, pizza, fruit, cookies, hot chocolate.  I ate everything while waiting for the awards.

I hung out with the same ladies as before the race. The awards were for 10 year age groups. I didn’t win anything.  I think I was 6th. (It was only a medal anyway!)

Considering that I have done no speed work and just ran a half marathon, I was pleased with my time.


mile 1 – 9:17
mile 2 – 9:01
mile 3 – 9:53
mile 4 – 9:09
.04 – 6:43

Garmin time – 37:36 (I used my old 205 since the battery does last for 4 miles.)

I had planned to run 3 more miles as I am supposedly training for my next half marathon on April 30 but it was just TOO COLD.

Maybe I’ll have better luck next weekend and be able to run 8 miles in warmer, less windy temps.

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TOLT: Weather, Training, Racing, etc.

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thinking out loud

Here’s what I’m thinking about today:


Ok, the weather lately has been crazy!!

Not because I was just in Florida.  In the NE, it has been warm enough to run in a tank top several times.

So look at the forecast for the next few days:

with the wind chill, it’s supposed to be below zero 😦

Last year at this time, it hit 80 degrees!!


It’s just hard to fit in.  Work will be getting in the way…more and more.  I’m trying not to be a whiner but I’m going to run whenever I can.  I am not that dedicated to get up at crazy hours or run late at night when I am exhausted.  My health and my happiness are more important than running.

So this week, it may only be just once.  And that’s ok.

And if that’s the way it’s going to be, I will re-adjust my expectations for my races.  I love racing and I plan to continue racing even if I don’t have time to train. I know that if I don’t train, my finish times will suffer.  As long as I stay healthy and can run, I’m happy.

Well, of course, I’d be happier if I could do all my runs during the week and improve my times.  But we can’t always do what we want.

This is so much better than being injured, right?

happy to run with my buddy once a week


I didn’t expect to run well.  I didn’t train well.

I expected to love the race and the course and I did!!

I didn’t have an awful finish time but it was slower than the last 5 out 7 of my half marathons.

It was insanely windy but unfortunately it wasn’t only the wind.

My stomach cramped, then my back and feet ached.  No injuries and I am grateful for that.  I didn’t give up and pushed through the pain.  I am proud of how tough I am!

enjoyed meeting other Skirt Sports ambassadors


I have a frigid four mile race this Saturday and races almost every weekend.

this same race two years ago.

I am also starting my training for my next half marathon which is in hilly Central Park, NYC on April 30.

Image result for shape women's half marathon
That means that I will need to add extra miles onto my races.  This weekend, I have 7 miles on the schedule.

This is not an optimal way to do your long runs but it makes me happy to race.  Plus, I don’t have PR goals for any of my half marathons.

Happy Running! What’s on your mind today?  How are you dealing with the crazy temps?  How do you cope when life prevents you from running?  Do you do your long runs in-interrupted?

TOTR: Spring Race Plans

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Today I am going to share with you my Spring Race Plans.

I mean spring will be here soon.  Although we have actually had spring temps this winter LOL

enjoying the run

I’ve already run in a skirt several times!!

I hope that you don’t expect me to discuss ALL my spring racing plans…

  • 3-05-17 – Treasure Coast Half Marathon (in FL) – this past weekend
  • 3-11-17 – Runnin’ of the Green (4m)
  • 3-26-17 – Shamrock Shuffle (5m)
  • 4-02-17 – Delmar Dash (5m)
  • 4-08-17 – Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k
  • 4-15-17 – Code Blue 8k
  • 4-23-17 – Lake George 5k
  • 4-30-17 – Shape Women’s Half Marathon (in NYC)

Tennis vacation in Naples, FL 5-03-17 to 5-10-17

  • 5-13-17 – Summer Smith Memorial 5k
  • 5-14-17 – Mother’s Day 5K
  • 5-18-17 – Workforce Challenge (3.5)
  • 5-21-17 – Steel Rail Half Marathon (in Adams, MA)
  • 6-03-17 – Freihofer’s Run 5k
  • 6-11-17 – Betar Byway 5k/Moreau Mile
  • 6-17-17 – Run for the Ages 5k

Here are the highlights:

Treasure Coast Half Marathon – a Race-cation in Stuart, FL – 13.1 miles, visiting with 4 non-running friends who live nearby, my first Mets spring training game (recap coming soon!)

Image result for treasure coast half

Delmar Dash – a local 5 miler (closest race to my house) and a popular one with the local runners

Image result for delmar dash

Bacon Hill Bonanza – a very scenic and well-run 5k or 10k in the country (great post-race food).

Image result for Bacon Hill bonanza

Shape Women’s Half Marathon – a girls weekend (so far there are 3 of us plus some STEM runners) in NYC and my first race in Central Park.

Image result for shape women's half marathon

Steel Rail Half Marathon – in Mass and on the same course as the Ramblefest Half that I ran last October. It’s flat and scenic.

Image result for steel rail half marathon mass

Freihofer Run for Women – I’ll join the training group again.  This is my only racing streak.  It’ll by the 10th year running this 5k race with 4,000 of my closest friends (ha ha).

Freihofer's Run for Women 5K

Betar By-way 5k/Moreau Mile – another scenic 5k and 1 mile race.

Image result for betar by-way 5k moreau mile

So the scheduled topic is how do you create your race schedule.

I do race a lot and I am fortunate to have many to choose from between March and November. My only problem is that work and finances get in my way of running many destination races 😦

Here are some of the factors that I take into consideration when I make up my schedule:

  • Choose races that I’ve run before and have enjoyed
  • Choose new races that have been recommended to me
  • Choose races that are within an hour’s drive
  • Choose races that other friends are running
  • Choose destination races where I can stay with a friend (or share a hotel room)
  • Run at least 3 half marathons a year
  • In the summer, choose races that are on the way to our marina (so north)

Happy Running! What races are you looking forward to this spring? How do you create your racing schedule?