Albany Last Run Race Recap

The Albany Last Run is a very popular local race. In fact, it always sells out (at 1500). The race starts with fireworks and then you run uphill, around the lights in the park and it ends with a downhill. I have run it every year since 2010 and it is one of my favorite races.

The course map:

Here are some pics from a previous year:

One year, I ran this race in the rain. Another year, in a blizzard.  Last year, this was how I finished the race.

snowy, icy and very slippery!!

I was hoping for better weather this year.  Could it be any worse??

Before the race

They used to give out windbreakers for this race and I have them in many colors

As usual I picked up my bib & shirt beforehand to save time on race night. (I also picked up shirts and bibs for NINE of my running friends.)

Of course, I debated about what to wear… I like to look festive. But it was COLD.  I hate to overdress but how to stay warm, dry and also be comfortable???

I wore several layers but ended up being a little warm because although it was in the 20s, there was no wind.

I carpooled with Barbara and decided to leave my car where I use to take yoga classes.  (I hate that crowded parking garage) and walk the mile or so to the race start. I wore an extra coat (that I would ditch before the race) and I was still a little cold. At least we got to wait inside.

As I mentioned, it is a popular race and I bumped into all sorts of people that I knew– runners from my turkey trot training group, runners from work, runners from tennis and FB friends, etc.

So excited to see my tennis pal who got me started on this running thing. She has recently finished chemo and this was her first 5k this year.

We chatted until it was time to head out. It was fun to see all costumes and how everyone creatively got into the holiday spirit.

Most of my “Sole Sisters”

Finally we left our warm home to go watch the pre-race fireworks.

The fireworks were awesome but we were COLD and anxious for the race to begin.

the senior (over 60) members of the group

About 20 minutes later, the race finally did.

Not worried about our times for this race, we waited until the fireworks were over before we headed the start line. Then we just pushed our way into the crowd and waited to cross the start line. The race was only gun-timed so if you were serious, you had to watch the fireworks from the front of the crowd in line to start the race.

This may have been the best weather we’ve ever had for this race and it was insanely crowded, especially when you were starting toward the back with the slower runners and walkers.

Mile 1: 10:26

The race started with an uphill, went through the city before we entered the park. It was very very crowded at first and usually the crowd thinned out but it never did. I unsuccessfully tried to run but just was weaving in and out, say “Excuse me, excuse me.”

I think this mile was much slower than my Garmin says because when I crossed the Mile 1 clock, it read over 12 minutes.

courtesy of the Times Union (last year)

Once in the park, we were running under the festive holiday lights.  Though the road was filled with ruts and cracks, it was much lighter than on the streets.  We hit our second hill and I would have normally been tempted to walk up the steep hill but I didn’t need to and actually picked up the pace. (After Pelham, these hills seemed flat.)

Mile 2: 9:40

It was still very crowded and I was passing everyone but since I felt like I was running slow due to the crowds. I was able to enjoy the lights and the crazy costumes worn by the runners.  I got positive remarks from spectators about my outfit, as well.

Image result for albany last run

from the TU (last year)

During this mile, I was really having fun!!


I took these pics the other day when I ran through the park


The whole time I was running, I kept looking at the ground trying to avoid cracks and uneven pavement and keeping an eye out for potholes and NOT FALL!! So far so good.  It was so nice that the roads were dry.

from my friend’s FB page

Mile 3: 8:53

Finally around mile 3, my hands had warmed up so I took off my gloves and there was enough space to actually RUN.


Eventually we left the park, the road was dark but it was DOWNHILL so I carefully sprinted to the finish.

Officially I crossed at 30:44 I guess.

On my Garmin, it was about 30:08 but not sure if I started or stopped at the right time.

Yes, my slowest 5k this year but one of my most enjoyable. Afterwards, I chatted with some of my friends but it got cold so I went inside to wait for my Sole Sisters, check the results and get some refreshments.

They gave awards to 10 age year groups so I was 6th. but would have won if it were 5 year increments. No big deal.  Some races are just run for fun. And this was one!!!

The food was nothing to speak of – apples and bananas and some bars. Once everyone had finished, we all headed to one of the Sole Sister’s house for a pot luck dinner (and knitting lesson).  It was a blast.  I am so lucky to call those women my friends.

The Last Run is a standard on my racing list each year.  It did not disappoint this year.

My time this year was the slowest of all my Last Run races (except for those years with snow, ice and injury). But there’s no way that this race could be a PR. I know in order to have those faster times again, I would have to ditch my friends and stand close to the start line at the beginning.

But this is more  important:

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Weekly Wrap for 12.3.18-12.9.18 – Races and Parties


  • Monday – The reason I was not traveling was because I might be called for jury duty. And I today I was called to report. However, the case was dismissed and so was I. Back to work for the rest of the week.  I decided for my run to preview the Last Run course. That meant running around the park which is decorated for the holidays with lights. It was raining on and off but still worth the trip.

  • Tuesday – Rest Day because I was scheduled to sub for tennis and also wanted to get some shopping done.
  • Wednesday – My running dilemma has been where to run that is light enough. I get tired of UAlbany so I ran in my town under the lights when possible. (After first picking up my bib (and 9 of my running friends’ bibs) for Saturday’s race.)

  • Thursday – I was happy to be working locally so I could run at UAlbany after work with some of the Sole Sisters. This is a biweekly thing because the paths are lit there and shoveled if it snows.

we all decided to use some some type of lights – I even used my knuckle lights

  • Friday – Rest day and hosting Mah Jongg.
  • Saturday – Race Day. But actually Race Night. The annual Last Run, a 5k through the lights in the park. Always a fun time and even more fun when it’s not icy or snowing and you’re running surrounded by all your friends.  It was my slowest 5k of the year but maybe the one I enjoyed the most.

Afterwards the Sole Sisters gathered for a potluck dinner. We ate, chatted, laughed and even knit!

  • Sunday – This morning was the first of five (free) Winter Series races. Having raced the night before, I can’t say I actually raced it but did complete the 3 miles and ate as if I raced 10.

In the evening, my holiday parties continued. This time it was my annual tennis party complete with gifts, food, entertainment and laughs.

This Coming Week –  

  • Monday -train to NYC, rest day, Warhol exhibit at Whitney
  • Tuesday  NYC, 3 miles
  • Wednesday – NYC, 3 miles (Asics Run & Holiday Party)
  • Thursday -NYC, 3 miles 
  • Friday – rest day, train home
  • Saturday Long run with my Sole Sisters, Birthday celebration with my mentee (Canvas Corks & Forks)
  • Sunday -rest day

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Weekly Wrap for 11.12.18-11.18.18 – It’s beginning to look a lot like….


New work travel location and a few cancelled running events due to an early winter.

  • Monday – Most of my running friends were off for the Veteran’s Day holiday and went for a morning run but I had to work so waited until after work. It was a slog but got it done.

at UAlbany where there are lights

  • Tuesday – Drive to LI for work. It was my first time going to this location (even though it’s where I grew up.) I had no idea where to run but it didn’t matter because it was raining. But then it stopped and it was still light so I headed to Eisenhower Park hoping to find a route to run on. And I did.

  • Wednesday – After work, I headed back to Eisenhower Park but just for a short walk. It was freezing and I had connected with two friends from high school with whom I would be having dinner. No time for a run but had a fun evening.

two of my best friends from junior high & high school – and yes, they’re twins

  • Thursday – Well almost another Rest Day. I planned to run on the treadmill before work but bailed. After work, I had to tackle the long slow drive home from LI. It was forecast to rain but it turned out to be a blizzard so I spent an extra night there. And guess what? I actually ran on the hotel treadmill. Hated every second but got it done.

  • Friday – Rest Day. Today I made the long drive home. No time to run as I had a hair appointment after work and a race the next day.
  • Saturday – Race Day. But the Girls on the Run 5k got cancelled due to the weather. I had run this race before but it was in a new location. I basically was going to do the race to support this charity and to meet up with the STEM coaches and runners. I was thinking about not running it even before it was cancelled (too tired!!!). So instead I ran a leisurely long run with my Sole Sisters followed by brunch. Love my running friends ❤

at the Crossings where they shoveled the paths 🙂

Then it was date night with the hubby. Movie (Bohemian Rhapsody) and dinner.

  • Sunday – Today I was supposed do a fun run with friends.  It was called the Raffle Run and you run for an hour completing a one mile trail loop as many times as you can. Each time around, you earn a raffle ticket which is entered into a drawing to win a prize. This was cancelled as well. So instead I did errands, cleaning, packing and picked up by race packet for Thursday’s race.

I decided to downgrade from the 10k to the 5k. And my coach agreed.

This Coming Week –  

  • Monday -train to NYC, 4 miles
  • Tuesday  3 miles (in NYC)
  • Wednesday – rest day, train home
  • ThursdayTurkey Trot 10K 5k, Thanksgiving dinner
  • Friday – rest day, drive to Pelham
  • Saturday Pelham Half Marathon
  • Sunday – rest day

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The (Re-Scheduled) Governors Island 5K Race Recap

Image result for Governors island 5k

September 29, 2018 – 9:00 am

Back in August, my Russian friend Anna was in the US and we planned to meet up in NYC.

You wouldn’t expect me to go to NYC and not run a race, would you?  Actually, it was Anna’s idea not mine. She wanted to run a race with me and this race was happening the weekend of our meetup..

I’ve visited Governor’s Island once and I’ve always wanted to run there. So we both registered even though I didn’t know much about the race besides what was on the website:

THE RACE – This great midsummer’s race features a great course with world class views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Statue of Liberty, starts off with a ferry ride and features a great post-race party.

COURSE – We have an exciting new course planned that improves on the one we used last year. The 5K is one loop and the 10K is two loops.

AMENITIES – Bag check and toilets will be provided. Water and Gatorade will be available on the course, and bagels, spreads, fresh fruit and more will make up the usual great NYCRUNS post race spread to greet you at the finish line. Free finish line photos and video will be available on the results page. The giveaway for this race will be a great tech t-shirt*. *Sizes are guaranteed – if we don’t have your size at the race, email within two days of the race and we’ll ship your shirt to you a few weeks later.

RESULTS, AWARDS, FINISH LINE PHOTOS & VIDEO – Awards will be given to the top three male and female runners overall in each race. Age group awards in the 5K will be awarded to the top three in each the following age groups: 9 and under, 10-14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70 and over. Finish line photos and video will also be available on the results page.

DIRECTIONS – There’s only one way to get to the island – the Governors Island ferry, and your ferry ride is included in your race registration.  You must arrive at the Battery Maritime Building at 10 South St. no later than 7:30 AM to check in and you must have your race bib.  The 4,5, R, and 1 trains are closest to the ferry terminal.

This was the same group that organized the Brooklyn Ice Cream Social 5k that I ran back in June and that was well-organized. So I was pretty psyched for the race.

waiting to board the ferry – no rain yet…

We boarded the ferry, got to the island….and…


Then we got the bad news.  THE RACE WAS CANCELLED!!!

And back on the ferry all the runners went.


So the race was re-scheduled for Sept 29 and NO REFUNDS!!!

I emailed them that I lived almost 3 hours away and would have to pay for a train and hotel room plus my friend lived in Russia!!

Their response was: No refunds!

So I wavered back and forth but signed up for the Sept 29 race.

As race time approached, I was thinking of skipping the race.

I had been in Montreal the weekend before and would be in France the following two weekends. Plus work travel during the week. Ugh!!

But I had paid for the race, had enough points for free hotel room (near the ferry) so I took the (cheap) Megabus to the city Friday night after work.

Luckily I had saved my bib from August and did not have to pick up a new one.  There was NO day of race pick-up.

So what to wear?

Last weekend, it was chilly.  So I packed my gloves, throw away shirt, jacket, arm warmers to be prepared.

Nope. I woke up to temps in the 60s already.

Still I thought that it wold be chilly on the ferry so I brought a bag to check my jacket but left my throw away at the hotel.

passed these on the way 🙂

sunrise on the East River

Getting to the ferry was no problem — just an easy 15 minute walk. I got there around 7ish and while waiting inside chatted with a runner doing her FIRST 5k.  So exciting!

The ride to the island was very short.  I wound up chatting with a Music teacher preparing to run a half in Disney and who had been at the cancelled race (he recognized my crinkled bib).

I arrived around 8 am and had an hour to stroll around the island.

It was relaxing not to rush to the start and I could check out the course — scenic with water views and pretty flat!!

tempting… but the line was long!

so many of the runners were wearing the race shirt

Eventually it was time to check my bag,…

use the bathrooms (there were real restrooms and tons of port-a-potties and then head to the start.

I lined up close to the front but not too close.

But as soon as we started, it seemed that for the first mile, EVERYONE was passing me by.

I had decided that I would enjoy the race as I did during my recent 5k in Montreal and especially since I had just run a half marathon less than a week before.

The course was one loop around the island so you had gorgeous views throughout. The biggest problem was that there was NO shade and it was very sunny.  I have run in warmer weather but for some reason, I was very warm. Even my legs were sweating in my compression socks.

The only water stop was around mile 2.  I supposed that it was placed there for the 10k because it was too late for this warm 5k. I instinctively grabbed a cup but just took a quick sip and tossed it.

As usual, I ran out of steam during mile 3. I was surprised because I didn’t think I was putting it all out there but maybe, it was because my legs were tired and/or I was very warm.

Still I was shocked when I approached the finish line and saw that I could have PRed.  But it was too late. (Watch me cross the finish line HERE)

checking my watch LOL

And happy with my time!!

I immediately ran into the runner running her first 5K and we congratulated each other.

Then I got some food.

a welcome surprise after the Montreal races.

There was an interesting outdoor art exhibit:

The first ferry back was not for another hour so I decided to re-do the course walking but in the opposite direction and cheer on the 10k runners who were still on the course (They had to run 2 loops).

Soon it was time to head back to Manhattan on the ferry.

After a quick walk to my hotel, a change of clothes, I hopped on the subway and spent a few hours meandering around the Village with fellow runner/blogger Cari before heading home It was a beautiful day and she was great company.

Back to my race:

I loved the course.  The weather was perfect.  I can’t believe that I hesitated coming to NYC for this race (yes, most people would think I’m crazy. But I’m a crazy runner!)

It didn’t hurt that I got an email telling me my finish time and that I won my age group.

NYCRuns personally engraves your award and mails it to you later.

I also realized that my finish time for this race tied my PR.  My 5K PR was gun time and this was chip timed. My chip time 5K PR was 27:01 (but I don’t know if that counts?)

Yes, part of me wishes that I had pushed more and gotten that PR.  At the time, it never crossed my mind for this race.  But I’m not getting any younger. Someone please tell me to do speed drills and get that 5k time lower before it’s too late.

Mile Splits:

mile 1 – 8:54
mile 2 – 8:52
mile 3 – 9:03
.14 – 9:03

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Happy Running! How is your running going this fall? Any recent races? Ever had a race cancelled due to weather? Do you train for a 5K PR or do you just race for fun?

Rock n Roll Montreal 5k Race Report

Image result for rock n roll montreal

5K – September 22, 2018

I signed up to run the Half Marathon ages ago and then convinced some friends to join me.  Then on a whim, I signed up to run this 5k the day before. I figured why not?  Instead of one medal, I could get three!!

reward for racing two races

However, that meant that I had to spend two nights in Montreal but my friends were agreeable and we all stayed in the same hotel (and even had adjoining rooms.)

Things worked out even better when my roomie got injured and switched to the 10k.  We both would be racing on Saturday and could go to the start together.

Pre-Race Activities and Preparations:

So on Friday, we all drove to Montreal (two others would be joining us on Saturday). A 3 hour drive that took 5 LOL. We checked into our hotel and though we were hungry, we instead headed straight to the expo.

(I’m going to more details about the whole RnR Montreal experience in my half marathon recap.)

We picked up our bibs and wandered around the expo.

Since it was too late to have lunch, we went back to hotel to drop off our stuff and change for dinner.  We walked to the Old City and had a delicious dinner (at Jardin Nelson). I ate as if I was running 13 miles the next instead of 3!! (But it was worth every calorie!)

Back at the hotel, I set out my racing outfit and tried to get to sleep early.

Race Day:

Alarm set for 6:00 am. After much debate, we decided to leave for the race at 7:00 am. (The 5k race started at 8:00 am and the 10K at 8:30 am.) I had originally picked our hotel because it was close to the subway.  They changed the course from past years and it now started about a 10 minute walk from our hotel!! 🙂

I brought my usual race breakfast of oatmeal and coffee with me and ate in the hotel room.

I debated about what to wear due to the chilly predicted temps and wind and eventually changed from the cute tank (in the above pic) to a short-sleeved shirt, added DIY arm warmers, and a throw away long sleeved shirt.

We made plans with the others on where to meet after the race (The Family Meet-up section by the letter S).

Jeri & I posing at the finish line

Then we wandered down to the start line. I tossed my long-sleeved shirt but Jeri decided to take it since she didn’t have anything to keep warm. (My DIY arm warmers worked great – just $1 knee socks cut down).

We also noticed that there didn’t seem to be any meet up area.  The only letters we could see were in the starting area  and they spelled M O N T R E A L.  Jeri texted the others a new spot to meet-up (not far from our hotel & the finish line).

Then all of a sudden, I looked up and saw a runner (Tina) that I knew from home. She said that she just looked for a skirt (I may have been the only one LOL). We hung out until almost start time. She drove all the way to Montreal just for the 5k.

I was actually listed to be in Corral 1 (who knows why?) but I decided since I was planning to walk to move back a coral or two.

Below is the course map:

My plan for this race was just get a medal.  I didn’t wear a watch — on purpose!  I wanted to not know my time/pace and actually enjoy the race and look at the scenery.

Mile 1

So I waited in the crowd until my Corral actually moved.  It was very crowded (about 2000 runners) which was great.  I started to run slowly weaving in and out  so that I could get some space to walk.  Well, as you may have guessed, I never walked.  But I did run slowly.

I looked at EVERYTHING on the course!!! The first mile was through the theatre district on a street that was unfamiliar to me. The sun came out and I pulled down my arm warmers but just shoved them under my skirt rather than tossing them.

You could hear music the entire time.

Mile 2

Unfortunately I don’t remember a lot of the course.  We did take several turns during mile 2 and I do remember seeing the Bio Dome in the distance. The view was pretty.

There was a water stop during this mile but I didn’t even stop. Music continued for this mile as well.

water stop for the 5k

Miles 3

The last mile was down Ste Catherine Street,  It was decorated with pink balls strewn across the street.  I wish I had taken a picture (found the one below so you get the idea).

Related image

Finally I approached the finish line. It was kinda anti-climactic since I was running so slowly.  I crossed in a sprint, of course.  I had no idea what my time was and didn’t care.

I felt like it was my best race ever because I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I was wishing that I could run every race that way.  But I knew that I could not. I am too competitive.

You were ushered through the crowd and eventually were handed your medal and then eventually, I found a cup of water.  No big deal since I wasn’t thirsty or drown in sweat.  I was cold.

I wandered around the finish area looking for food.  I found a line to get free socks so waited on it. Then I found a  Kind bar sample and the Kind reps gave everyone a flower.

with my medal, flower and free socks

I finally left the area in search of my friends so we could watch my roomie finish her 10K.  I walked to our chosen meet up and they weren’t there but I bumped into my friend Tina again. I texted my friends to see where they were and it turned out they were on the other side of the street.  Eventually they got daring enough to run across the race course LOL.

They completely missed me approaching the finish line but then again, I told them around 45 minutes in because I would be walking. My fault.

Soon we saw Jeri pass on her way to finish the 10k.

I laughed when I saw her since she was wearing my throw away shirt.

I won’t go into all the details but after many texts, we located Jeri and we all went back to the hotel together to plan the rest of our day.

FOOD, of course…

The next day was the big race.

Additional Race Reflections:

I was glad that I did this 5K race.  I am also happy that I didn’t race it. Of course when I saw that I was 4th, I did regret it..a teeny bit.

The course was flat and you ran down parts of the city that were different from the half or full. You got a medal for a 5k (that is rare where I live) and it enabled me to get a third medal for running the half as well as the 5k.

Music played for the whole 3 miles and a different band for each mile. That made the miles more enjoyable.

No food at the finish but I did get free socks and a flower.  ‘ll reserve all my critique for the organization of the race series and the post-finish experience for my half marathon race recap.

Final Stats:

official results now say 31:26 overall: 622/1916 and gender: 285/1198

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Happy Running!  Have you ever run two races in one weekend?  Ever run a race JUST FOR FUN?

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the Rock ‘N Roll Montreal 5k as part of being a Rock n Blogger.

Weekly Wrap for 9.24.18-9.30.18 – Recovery Week


Post Race depression with a trip to Liverpool for work and another trip to NYC for a re-scheduled 5k.

  • Monday – I was surprised that my legs were not tired but my back was real achy.  Took a slow run after arriving in Liverpool.

the sun was nice but boy was it windy

  • Tuesday – It rained all  day but stopped by the time I was done with work.  My lingering cold made me want to skip my run but again rain was predicted the next day too so I decided to seek out a new route.  I entered Onondaga Lake State Park at a different entrance and ran from the opposite direction.

saw a red-tailed hawk and Christmas decorations but didn’t have enough energy to get my my planned 4 miles in (even with walking)

  • Wednesday – I decided on a rest day because it was raining but then it stopped so I decided to finish yesterday’s run and then drive home…in the rain (it started to rain again once I finished my short run.)

  • Thursday – Today was a rest day. Still hadn’t had time to unpack from trip to Montreal or my trip to Liverpool and then I had to re-pack for my short trip to NYC the following day…. Oy!
  • Friday – Rest day again since I had to hop the bus after work to get to NYC.  I headed right to my hotel (I still had my bib from when the race was cancelled.)
  • Saturday – Race Day.  Governors Island 5K –This time thunderstorms were not predicted and my hotel was close enough to walk to the ferry. It turned out to be a beautiful day to run and the race was so much fun. I got to spend a lot time in the island (in the sunshine) and even place FIRST in my age group.

might have had a 5K PR if I tried – tied my Gun time one with this Chip timed one – a big surprise!!!!

After the race, I headed back to Manhattan, checked out of my hotel and met Cari to stroll around the Village. We spent a few hours together and it was so nice to have the company.

met at Union Sq, walked around Washington Sq, visited Jefferson Market Library, AIDS Memorial and more…

Still had a few hours to kill before my bus home so I took in a movie (Crazy Rich Asians 🙂 )

  • Sunday – Still needed a long run for the weekend (another big race in 2 weeks!) so three of my running friends agreed to meet me.

Only had enough time for 7.. .it was nice catching up with Barbara & running part of the miles with Sherry. First time in capris – 40s at the start!! Is Fall here to stay?

Of course, It was also Boating Sunday.  Sadly, since I am away the next two weekends, this was our LAST time on the lake.  We went for a ride and then had lunch with friends.

By Bye Lake George. See you next May!

This Coming Week –

  • Monday – rest day (probably skipping my Training Group run)
  • Tuesday   drive to Liverpool for work, 4 miles
  • Wednesday – 2 miles (in Liverpool), drive home
  • Thursday -rest day, hair appt
  • Friday –  3 miles, PACK
  • Saturday 8 miles, drive to JFK and fly to Paris
  • Sunday – rest day, arrive in Paris, recover from jet lag

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Weekly Wrap for 9.17.18-9.23.18: Race Time!!


An exciting week because I did not have to travel except for going to Montreal for my big race(s).

  • Monday – FOMO had me signing up for the Troy Turkey Trot Training Challenge. I cannot go every Monday (due to work) and will probably never go to the Saturday runs but I enjoy the drills when I do go and love my running pals. Last night was the first night and though it was humid and the run hilly. I loved it!!

  • Tuesday – I got scheduled to sub on my former tennis contract. I was hoping to also get in a short run in before (if the rain stopped.) Holy heat and humidity but I did get in a short one at the town park but I was as wet as if it rained (from sweat.)

  • Wednesday – Rest day due to my monthly tennis ladies meet up (of course, the weather was perfect for running.) This month we went to the movies followed by dinner. As usual, lots of laughs.  Love these ladies!!

  • Thursday – Last run before my mini race-cation to Montreal and then rushed home to pack.

the uAlbany loop

  • Friday – Drive with 3 of my running buds to Montreal. No major problems besides the torrendous rain and getting lost LOL. We checked into the hotel, visited the expo and walked to Old City to have dinner. More rain so we ubered back to the hotel.
  • Saturday – I signed up for the 5k today and my roomie signed up for the 10k. Mine started at 8 am and hers at 8:30. But we walked to the start together.  The weather was cool and absolutely perfect.  I had planned to walk the 5k but instead I ran it slowly and took in the sights.  The best way to run a race in a new city. I need to do this more often,

After I was done, we all got to cheer my roomie in.  The rest of the day was spend having lunch, walking around town and then carb-loading in the evening with the whole group to get ready for big one.

  • SundayRace Day!! Another perfect weather day.  We were all so excited to run this race.  Unfortunately, the weather and friends were the only good things I could say about this race. But Half Marathon #32 is done.  I actually won 2nd in my age group but was too tired to pick up my award.

Afterward, we had a delicious lunch in the Old City and then drove home. Another short race-cation has come to an end. And it was a fun one (even though the race experience was not what we hoped.)

This Coming Week – 

  • Monday –  drive to Liverpool for work, 3 recovery miles. 
  • Tuesday   3 miles, Liverpool
  • Wednesday – rest day, drive home
  • Thursday4 miles
  • Friday – rest day, bus to NYC
  • SaturdayGovernors Island 5k, bus home
  • Sunday – Boating Sunday

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Happy Running! How is your running going? What’s new with you?  Any big races on the horizon? Please share.