12.31.18-1.6.19 – Happy New Year!



Ultimate Coffee Date – January

It’s that time of the month…

like my new Starbucks Roastery mug?

to join up with Coco & Deborah for their ultimate coffee date.

And the first one of 2019!!

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I will not be travelling to NYC until February. I will definitely miss my scenic running routes and my NYC running friends.

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that in addition to not traveling to NYC, I will be training mostly locally in the future (I think).  That means few Enterprise miles, fewer train points, fewer free hotel rooms and airline miles, but more time for other things such as running with friends, yoga classes, movies, and tennis.

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I am enjoying knitting again and reading Deena’s book.

it will be a reversible wool beanie

Anyone else knit or have read this book?  Any other running book recommendations?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that that the Sole Sisters have expanded their run ops. In addition to Saturday long runs, they have added Tues and Thurs after work runs.  Sometimes my runs are slower and sometimes faster when I am not alone but they are definitely more enjoyable with friends.

Do you need company on your runs or are you good solo?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that my college roommate has been bugging me to visit her at her new home (on the water in RI) and run a half marathon. In 2017, her house wasn’t finished yet. I was running Montreal last year but I had no excuse for 2019.

over 40 years of friendship

Sept 8, 2019

I am weak…how about you? Can you resist temptation in signing up for new fun races?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I am getting closer to making the decision whether or not to run 2019 NYCM (I time qualified based on my Brooklyn half time).  But I still can’t wrap my head around 26.2 miles and training for such.  I have from January 14 until Feb 14 to decide.

Nov 3, 2019? Still a maybe….

Anyone else running the NYC Half? or the Brooklyn Hot Chocolate 15k? Anyone signing up for or running the NYC Marathon?

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I would normally be excited that my hubby is becoming more active. (He can be a couch potato.) He has been playing tennis more and more. Now he says he wants to go with one of his teams to the WTT National Qualifier Tournament in SC.  No problem, right? Except that it’s the same weekend as my next half marathon in Florida – the race-cation that I have been planning for almost a year.

I could have picked any weekend to race (There are 150 halfs in Florida.) Grrrrrrrrrr!

He’s excited because if the team wins, they can to go to Nationals in Palm Springs.  What weekend is that? Nov 2-4, 2019!!!!

Happy Running! Got anything to spill? Share it here!

Friday Five -Assessing 2018

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My Topic this week is: My Assessment of 2018

I’m a teacher at heart. (once a teacher, always a teacher.)

And you can’t grow in the future unless you assess the past. 

Yes, it was a good year meaning lots of bling, miles and races.  You’ve seen my pictures but do they really tell the story?

Here’s my story:

1. I ran 894.5 miles.

I didn’t have a goal of 1000 miles but it was a number than I wanted to meet and I have the past two years.

2017 – 1041.5 miles
2016 – 1046 miles
2015 – 969 miles
2014 – 911 miles

not this year

Why did my mileage drop?

I am happy to report that it was not because of an injury. Everything felt fine all year and I never stretched, taped or used a foam roller.

I did not train hard for any race. I shortened or skipped runs and long runs. Those miles add up.

I do not think any of my race times suffered. It’s just a number anyway.

2. I ran 30 races. 13 were 5k races. Ten were new races. Four of the new ones were half marathons (& one 20k).

Again fewer than previous years. I have run 40 or close to it in the past.

But it was a conscious choice not because I was injured.

I’m a social runner and racing to me is a way to run and meet up with other runners. But with the ability to run with runner friends on the weekends, I didn’t feel the need to sign up for as many races.

my BRFs

The ones I did run, I enjoyed and I always try to run different races each year. These tended to be halfs but at least 2 others were new local ones.

I ran 6 halfs in 2017, and 7 in 2016 and 2015.  If you count the Paris 20k then I was close this year (with 5), as well.

3. I continued to win my age group in most of the races I entered.

This happens when you are in an old lady’s age group. But still, it makes me happy.  I am most proud of winning in longer races such as RnR Montreal Half, Brew 2 Brew Half, Pelham Half and in NYC races (Brooklyn Speed Series 5ks, Ice Cream Social 5k, Governor’s Is 5k and Poland Spring 5m)

very surprised to do well on this hard course

4. Although I did have THREE PRs (5k. 5m, 15k), more important were the COURSE PRs.

I know I am slowing down.  I’m not sure how much or how often.  It just feels harder every time I go out there.

But I had many course PRs at races that I have run multiple times – Cherry Blossom 5k, Freihofers 5k, Stockade-athon 15k, Bacon Hill 5k, Summer Smith 5k, Delmar Dash, Shamrock Shuffle, among others.

5. My Finish times were for the most part consistent (at least for the shorter distances).

Considering my lack of training, (I run but don’t follow a plan per se nor do I do any speed drills), I did ok.

I didn’t break any speed records. But I finished 9 of my 5ks under 28 minutes. That elusive sub 27 still stands (and may stand forever.)

My half times were:

Brew 2 Brew -2:19:56
Brooklyn -2:11:23
Montreal -2:11:48
Pelham -2:20:09

Not close to my PR (2:06:52) but the important time (under 2:12:00) was Brooklyn which qualified me for NYC Half and NYC Marathon.

13.1 miles in Brooklyn

So my assessment for 2018 is:


Healthy Miles, Quality and Successful Racing, Consistency


Goals, Strength Training, Speed, Leaving my Comfort Zone

Stay turned for next week when I’ll look ahead to 2019.

Happy Running!  Do you assess your year of running? If so, how did you do?

Reliving 2018

Are you tired of my 2018 recaps yet?  I hope not.

One of my most favorite things to do is look back at my photos.

They remind me why I love running and racing.

Here are the highlights month by month:


a bunch of free local races and runs with friends 

Winter Series #4

Winter Series #2


some cold temps and then some unseasonably warm temps, lots of work travel runs and two races

Polar Cap Run

Winter Series #5


A race-cation in Florida helps get me through this long winter. Then it is back home and two local races.

Brew 2 Brew Half Marathon

Shamrock Shuffle


Spring racing has begun with three races

Delmar Dash

a rainy Cherry Blossom race


my birthday month, an annual tennis vacation in Florida and of course races, like FIVE of them

Tropicool 5k

Workforce Challenge

Brooklyn Half Marathon

Prospect Park Track Club Summer Speed Series #1


the racing season continues with four races as boating on the lake begins

Freihofer Run for Women

Brooklyn Ice Cream Social

Adirondack Race to the Lakes


warmer temps mean less racing (just one race) and more boating and tennis

Silks and Satins 5k


A few races cancelled and only one mid-week race

Hump Day 5k

our race got cancelled but we did get to run over the Brooklyn Bridge


Finally one of the race-cations I’d been looking forward to and the re-scheduled NYC race in addition to lots of work travel to NYC

Governor’s Island 5k

RnR Montreal ( I ran the 5k and the half)

Skirt Sports Sister meet-up in NYC

another meeting with fellow blogger Cari


the long awaited trip to France and another NYC race

run in Paris with Karen

Poland Spring Marathon Kick Off


The racing season winds down with a 15k and my last (and hardest) half marathon of the year


Pelham Half Marathon


and so it ends with a holiday 5k and a free local race

Albany Last Run

Winter Series #1

I realized that after picking those pictures above that they had nothing to do with age group awards or finish times.

In fact, many of them were not stellar running/racing efforts yet they were memorable for many other reasons.

I ran a lot of races in 2018 and each was special in a different way.  Some were new experiences and some were races that I’ve run over and over again. Many were with friends but many were solo attempts. Very few were PRs and I’m sure a few were PWs.

But I think I had a smile on my face during each and every one.

This week I am joining up with Running on Happy, Suzlyfe, Crazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs each week for the Coaches’ Corner linkup


Happy Running!  What is memorable for you in your running?  Does it show up in your photos?


The Worst of 2018

Last week, I wrote about the BEST of 2018.  As you know with running, everything is not “wine and roses.”

Here are some of the not so stellar moments of 2018.

  • Worst Race(s)

So what determines a “bad” race? Slowest?? Hardest? Ugliest course? Most unorganized?

Any of the above.

Les 20 km de Paris

Due to the heat and lack of water, this was a very tough race.

Brew 2 Brew Half Marathon

This course was awful – around a parking lot and then on a main road with traffic.

Brooklyn Half Marathon

This was bad only because of the weather – freezing and wet for all 13.1 miles,

RnR Montreal Half Marathon

A very poorly organized race with an ugly course route and no food at the end.

Pelham Half Marathon

The hilliest course I’ve ever seen.

  • Worst Run(s)

Any run done on a treadmill, of course.

And probably one that I did in sub-zero temps.

There also was the time that I tripped over a dog on the streets of Manhattan.  No photo of my injuries, however.

  • Worst Picture(s) from a Run or Race

This is hard because I usually fake smile when I see a photographer or delete the photo if it is ugly. But I found a few not so flattering ones:

  • Race Experience(s) you would never repeat:

The only one would be Brew 2 Brew because there are so many other half marathons in Florida in the winter. (And yes, the medal was that small.)

You can’t control the weather or the hills.  I am sure with all the negative reviews, RnR Montreal will be greatly improved next year.


Weekly Wrap for 12.24.18-12.30.18 – Running with Friends


Friday Five – Runfessions for December

It’s that time again. Time to get things off my chest for the last time in 2018 with Marcia’s Runfessions at Marcia’s Healthy Slice

1. I runfess…

My 2019 Racing Calendar is filling up. It is fuller than my social calendar.

01-01-19 –Winter Series #2 (3.5m)
01-13-19 – Winter Series #3 (10K or 3m)
01-27-19 – Winter Series #4 (15k or 3m)
02-02-19 – Polar Cap 4m
02-10-19 – Publix Florida Half Marathon
02-17-19 -Winter Series #5 (4.5m) volunteer
03-09-19 – Runnin’ of the Green (4m)
03-17-19 – NYC Half Marathon
3-22-19 – MY STEPSON’S WEDDING!!!!!
03-31-19 – Shamrock Shuffle (5m)
04-07-19 – Delmar Dash (5m)
04-13-19 – Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon
04-20-19 -Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k
04-27-19 – Hot Chocolate 15k (in Brooklyn)
05-05-19 – Tropicool 5k (in FL)
05-11-19 – Summer Smith Memorial 5k
05-16-19 – Workforce Challenge (3.5 m)
05-19-19 – Great Sacandaga Half Marathon
06-01-19 – Freihofer Run for Women
06-29-19 – Adirondack 15K Race to the Lakes

2. I runfess…

I planned to run a Florida Half as I always do just to stay motivated to run during those frigid winter temps.  Then I qualified for the NYC Half so, of course, I had to sign up for that one.  I needed one to seriously train for and I picked a NEW local one in May.  Then a new half was announced for April. It’s very nearby and is DOWNHILL.

April 13, 2019

And now I have FOUR half marathons scheduled in FOUR months. Oy!

3. I runfess…

I went to a medical appointment recently and they made me get on the scale.  (I don’t have a scale at home.) I was wearing a coat and boots… My first thought was that they must have added ten extra lbs.

My second thought was about that 4P Mother-of-the Groom dress that I bought last summer…will it still fit?

My third thought: Maybe I should cut back on my desserts and post run rewards?

My fourth thought: Maybe I should put batteries in my home scale.

What do you think?

4. I runfess…

I am part of a FB group for the NYC Half Marathon.  I think all 25,000 runners are posting in it daily. Anyway, the only reason I joined the group was to sign up for the bus from Manhattan to the start in Brooklyn. I did  (good thing since the first bus filled up in 4 hours).

It would be rude to leave the group now, right?

5. I runfess…

I won the book Couch to Active in a recent blog giveaway. Well, I am pretty active, as you know. I entered the giveaway because I’d like to give it to someone else who has expressed interest in running.


Would you be insulted if someone gave this book to you?

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Happy Running! Anything to runfess this month? Please share.


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