West Palm Beach Pre-Race Report

I left the frigid Northeast and hoped for smooth flights to West Palm Beach on Friday.

And the weather cooperated.  I left Albany at 6 am for Baltimore and then took another flight which arrived in West Palm at around 11 am.

I packed very light for this trip and only had a carry on and a back pack.  (My hubby couldn’t believe it.)

As soon as I arrived, I found a shuttle to my hotel.  On the shuttle was a couple who was also running the same race.

I checked into my room and unpacked a little.


view from my room but it wasn’t warm enough to go swimming

It was still too early to head to packet pick up so I decided to go into town to have lunch.

florida jan 2015 (110)

There was a free shuttle from the hotel to City Place.  I debated on whether or not to eat or do an Aqua Duck tour of the city. I decided on lunch at Panera’s. Maybe a bad decision since the next tour was cancelled.

florida jan 2015 (112)

Oh well, instead I took the free trolley ride around the town and then got off at Waterfront park.

I sat in the sun looking at the water and the boats and it was heaven.


Hard to believe that that morning, I was in a place with temps of 10 degrees.

florida jan 2015 (116)

Soon, it was time to walk over to the Meyer Amphitheatre to pick up my race packet. I guessed this this would be a small race since there was only a small tent and hardly anyone was there.

You had 2 color choices.

I got my bib and my shirt (with no bag to carry it.)


the shirt was unisex but at least they had extra small

Then I walked back to catch the trolley with a stop at a French pastry shop.


how could I not?

When I got back to City Place, I walked around a few shops before calling for a shuttle back to the hotel.

I thought that I may go back out for dinner but I decided to eat in the hotel and then catch up on some TV on my iPad and try to go to sleep early.

Well, I never sleep well before a race and I didn’t this time either.

Spolier alert…

I HAD A GREAT RACE!!!!!!!!!! Big PR!!! and FIRST PLACE IN MY AG!!!

Recap tomorrow.

Happy Running!



6 thoughts on “West Palm Beach Pre-Race Report

  1. So excited to read your race report after your spoiler alert. And congratulations on a big PR and winning your AG. Hope you got an awesome prize! The photos are beautiful and as I get ready to leave for FL tomorrow I am more excited than ever!


  2. Reminds me of our much longer trip to Kauai – arriving & eating sushi to the sound of waves crashing on the beach that evening! Cute shirt – nice to be able to pick a color!


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