My Running Favorites and a Spring Run

Talented Darlin’ Rae tagged me to answer some questions about running:

1) Location: Trail, Road, or Indoors?

Definitely roads.  That’s what I run on most often.  I particularly like to run in parks and on bike paths where there is no traffic. I think trails are scenic but I am clumsy so I have to run slow.  And I really do not enjoy the treadmill AT ALL.


2) Time of Day: Morning, Noon, or Evening?

If I didn’t work, it would be morning.  I run better in the morning because I have more energy. When it’s warm, I sometimes drag myself out of bed and run before work. But I do work and it’s cold and dark in the morning and so it’s in the evening that I choose to run.


3) Weather: Sunshine, Mild or Hot?

I love sunshine. I prefer hot to cold but MILD is ideal with no humidity and no wind.


4) Fuel: Before, After, and sometimes during?

Before a run, if it is morning,  I usually have oatmeal. After work, I eat a protein bar. If I am running long, I bring GU with me. Afterwards, I love to have chocolate milk.

5) Accessories: Music, Watch & More?

Sometimes I run with music but lately, it’s been just my thoughts. I always bring my iPhone and use the Nike+ app for distance. In a race, I use my Garmin 205 for time & pace.

the phone in my future

6) Rewards: Food, Wine, or …?

It depends on the time of day. But I often use a Starbucks frappuccino or soft ice cream as a reward.


7) Type of run: Long, tempo, intervals, hill repeats, progression, or recovery/easy?

I love easy runs. That’s what I do usually. When I am training, I do long runs on the weekend.  Occasionally I run intervals and then I use the track.

running on the track at work

I’m supposed to tag 7 people to answer these questions, so here you go Masters Bloggers:

Today spring finally arrived. (Too bad it wasn’t here yesterday for my race.)

As I mentioned yesterday, I bailed on my post-race run because it was just too damn cold and windy.

Today the weather was perfect so I invited myself on the last 5 miles of my friend Judy’s long run.


We agreed on the Corning Bike path for a change of pace.


There were lots of bikers and runners but still a very peaceful place to run.


We have a different style but it seems to work.  She runs at a steady slower pace so when I want to speed up, I stop and take pictures and then run to catch up.

I ran about 5.5 miles and felt great.  I could  have run more but then again, I need to have my legs fresh for my half marathon in 6 days.  And I have my running group tomorrow night.


After we were done, we walked back to a scenic part of the trail so Judy could take pics of me wearing my new SkirtSports skirt.  As an Ambassador, I needed one wearing their clothes.

I think Judy did great.  I am undecided.  I still may use one of my older race ones.

Happy Running! If you’re not tagged, pick a question to answer in the comments! Which pic of me would you choose?



7 thoughts on “My Running Favorites and a Spring Run

  1. You and I are alot alike on our running choices! Your SkirtSports photos came out great. That is so fun that you are on of their ambassadors. Finally our weather has turned nice (permanently) and the warmer temps are making it so much easier to run. I am watching the weather like a hawk hoping that we have perfect conditions next Monday in Boston!


  2. Thanks for tagging me!!
    I love the look of the bike/running path – what a great spot. I have very few spots like that, I have to run in the neighborhood.
    I love your skirt, it is really cute 🙂
    I like those healthy pre- and post run choices ! Good fuel. It may take me a few days but I will do the tag 🙂


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