Monday Running Update

spring 2015 monday
Last Week: 

  • Monday– I squeezed in a walk at work and then after work, went to my first Troy Turkey Trot training group run. I loved it. Holly & I chatted the whole run.  I even ran up the hills.

Love this park’s flowers


hilly but great run


view on my way home

  • Tuesday – Just a work day, a lunch time walk and 1 1/2 hours of tennis after work.

flowers are here but slowly dying

  • Wednesday – I squeezing in a run on the track during work. I wasn’t sure if I would make it to the STEM group run/walk on time after work.  It’s a Couch25k program for survivors of domestic violence.


With all the traffic,  I missed the STEM run so on my way home I stopped to run some more and discovered that the Rail Trail was completed (from Delmar to Albany.) Since I had already run that afternoon, I only did 2 miles.


  • Thursday – A busy work day but managed a walk in the park at lunch and then a run after work on the same rail trail as yesterday.

flowers are still in bloom


finished just as it got dark – the days are getting shorter 😦

  • Friday -I took the day off and headed up to my friend’s house on Schroon River. (And yes, there is water there now.) I stopped off at the outlets (and bought stuff I needed and stuff I didn’t need) and then picked up my race packet.  I ate dinner in Chestertown and called it a night.
  • Saturday -It was nice to finally have only a 5 minute ride to the start of the race.  It was colder than I hoped (like 38 degrees.) The 10k was hilly as I expected but I won an age group award which is always nice.



1:00:10 – not a PR but 2nd in my AG

After the race, I drove back to my friend’s house to run some more miles (though my legs protested.)


only got in 2.8 miles


But my run was interrupted when my hubby called to say that he was waiting at the marina. I hurried there and we spent a wonderful day picnicking with some friends on one of the islands of Lake George.



We ended the day with a very late dinner out with more friends.

  • Sunday – We had hoped to spend another day on out boat but a party was planned for my MIL’s 90 the birthday. At least, I was able to squeeze in an easy mile run in the morning. (So my 12 mile weekend long run was in 3 parts over 2 days…)


me the hubby


the family

24 miles for the week with only 3 rest days and 4 days of running. Half Marathon is 2 weeks away!!! Taper time!

This Week:  (Week #11 of HM training)

  • Monday-  3 mile run (with the Turkey Trot Training group)
  • Tuesday – rest
  • Wednesday – 3 mile run before work,volunteer walk/run with STEM group,  dinner  with the tennis ladies
  • Thursday –  4 mile run after work
  • Friday – rest, mah jongg
  • Saturday – 5k race + more miles
  • Sunday rest, day in NYC (walking, eating, Broadway show)
I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?



10 thoughts on “Monday Running Update

  1. It just always amazes me how you pack everything in.

    Congrats on the AG award! I was looking back at the stats for Maddie’s Mark and the first year I ran it I was actually 5th in my AG — of course no award, but I didn’t even know. I usually don’t even think to look. Unfortunately I’ve been slower since.


  2. That is a great picture of you and hubby 🙂 I love that dress.
    You were diligent and got it done this week! Congrats on AG! That’s a great 10K time, I am trying to get back to that myself but it didn’t happen last week…
    I wish we had a paved rail to trail, the one that is an hour from me is just trail. It looks like a great spot to run!


  3. What a busy weekend. Congrats on the AG award and yay for taper. I had a tough 16 mile run yesterday so today has been alot of resting a recovery. Three more weeks of increased mileage and then I taper for NYC Marathon. Can’t wait!


  4. I ditched a makeup run for the lake. It was beautiful and glassy but also cool. I doubt we’ll go back this year. Boo. You’ve had a great week and training leading up to this half. You’ll be fantastic. Enjoy your taper and good luck. Thanks for linking up with us.


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